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About Me

  1. Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Nipples Exist mod has been updated and improved thanks to the anonymous person who contacted me on reddit. Features: -Removed any form of censorship - fog, godrays, chibi faces etc -Replaced all models - now they all have nipples & vaginas -Replaced most of 2D sprites - now you can see nipples/nip slips or nipples under their clothes. -1K textures -works on EU/US dumps. Screenshots: Changelog: Credits: [Hidden Content]
  2. Well even with Marvelous's decision a few days ago to bring an English version of the game to the PS4 and PC, we we still went out on completing the patch seeing as how we were already knees deep and almost finished. The RAR file contains the patch with instructions on how to install it, written by @happydance. You require the NoNpDRM version of the game, which you can get from NPS. This is the full translation and has been tested out thoroughly. However, we'd still like some user input on any errors, if they exist. ^Best dialogue, 10/10. Oh yeah, and a huge thanks for @TheQuietOne for putting the project together. Edit: personal thanks to the YouTubers that streamed the game, DRAGKUDOƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ and fei CHANNEL. Watching someone play the part I'm translating helps a lot. Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
  3. Update 2021-09-05: Added a Korean undub variant, fixed the stutter occurring on PSP/Vita whenever the missing voice clips couldn't be played back. Title ID: ULUS10400 [Hidden Content] The combat audio and OP&ED are undubbed, the NA-exclusive voice acting in all major story events has been made mute. The voiced narration intro and reaction voice clips in some story events (to my knowledge, there are only five of them) weren't carried over, as the North American version never had counterparts for those.
  4. Title ID: SLUS-20893 [Hidden Content] Everything's undubbed. The line length parameters in the cutscene scripts have been adjusted to match their Japanese counterparts, so no voice clips are cutting out. However, the lip-sync data wasn't carried over. I also took the liberty to un-invert the y-axis camera controls. Apply this patch in case you'd like to revert that change. If you're playing in widescreen and/or using no-interlacing codes or cheats on PCSX2, be sure to rename your pnaches to reflect the modified executable's new checksum: 1B3EDC36.pnach -> 158FA006.pnach or if you have reverted the camera controls change: 1B3EDC36.pnach -> 5D0E3957.pnach
  5. All credits go to the anon guy from reddit who PMed me with files and asked me to release them for him Features: -Removed godrays & chibi faces, -Replaced body textures with 4K (4096x4096) uncensored textures (with no pubic hair), -"perfect" dessert bonus is untouched, -works on EU/US dumps. Known Issues(will be fixed in next version): -Crash at free mode Screens: [Hidden Content]
  6. Update 2019-12-26: Restored the title screen song and squashed the remaining English sfx voice clips. Title ID: SCUS-97501 [Hidden Content] 100% undubbed. The videos are soft subbed.
  7. Title ID: SLUS-20015 [Hidden Content] The voice acting has been made mute to match the Japanese version of the game. Other than that, the opening and ending narration FMVs were undubbed, while the scant sfx voice clips are the same between the versions.
  8. Title ID: SLUS-21165 [Hidden Content] There wasn't much to undub here besides the grating sfx voice clips. On a side note, the game used a JP ISO of Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits as padding data, so the image without it is now less than third of it's original size.
  9. Update 2020-12-01: Resolved the audio issues in the psi/image cutscenes. Title ID: MK-51050 [Hidden Content] Another simple file swap & the audio table switcheroo. Confirmed to be working on an actual hardware.
  10. Title ID: SLUS-20016 [Hidden Content] Two voice clips had to be left mute. Seven JP-exclusive voice clips weren't carried over, though they appear to be unused in the Japanese version as well. Also, the subtitles aren't too accurate at times.
  11. After many days of trial and errors and testing finally got all bra to be invisible when character is on uniform, so here's V2 of my attempt to uncensored the game. I've tested the game and finished it, but not 100% so not really tested all the uniform clothes and alternate color for uniforms. So Let me know if the game freezes during a certain uniform or character wearing a specific clothes. What's included in the uncensor patch: • Removed Light censor • Removed Bar on "Creative Finisher: Windows Glass" • Removed Scroll on "Creative Finisher: Scroll Shelf" • Removed Lamp on "Creative Finisher: Tombstone" • Replaced Body texture to include nipples and privates (no hair) • Make Bra's invisible (Uniform only, so bra is invisible when uniform gets rips off or when wearing a lingerie) Bugs: • not really sure how to prevent nipple protrusion from sticking out off the clothes on Clothing break lv. 1 • small breast has no nipple protrusion??? Patch only: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YsBqe6d4jO3bhLth2-XX1UgGPPsooREF
  12. Title ID: SLUS-20249 [Hidden Content] Unlike the audio language toggle code discovered by AceKombat / XMikexSonicX, this undub also addresses the briefing audio, thus making it complete.
  13. Title ID: SLUS-20014 [Hidden Content] Undubbed completely.
  14. Title ID: SLUS-21344 [Hidden Content] Made from scratch, 100% undubbed. Unfortunately, the Japanese lip-sync data wasn't restored. There's no other action-adventure game quite like this one, give it a try if you haven't yet. ❗ Please redownload if you've grabbed the undub sometime between 2021-04-19 and 2021-06-06.
  15. Update 2021-09-28: Fixed the Shirasagi boss battle crash. Title ID: SLES-53481 (En, Fr, De, Es, It) [Hidden Content] Albeit on a short side, this game has one of the most ballin' soundtracks and the gameplay really starts to shine a couple of chapters in, check it out. Has 60 Hz support. All of the JP-exclusive voice clips were restored. I also took the liberty to un-invert the camera controls. Apply this patch in case you'd like to revert that change or if you're having trouble applying the codes via ps2rd/OPL. Things to note: ※ The FMV subtitles are often grossly inaccurate. ※ The VN-style dialogues are as poorly formatted as ever. If you're playing in widescreen and/or using no-interlacing codes or cheats on PCSX2, be sure to rename your pnaches to reflect the modified executable's new checksum: 1B3EDC36.pnach -> A8F69B6F.pnach or if you have reverted the camera controls change: 1B3EDC36.pnach -> EFBFD8AF.pnach Another massive thanks to aluigi for fulfilling a request to make a quickbms script for the game, which made the initial version of the undub possible!
  16. DL (480 MB): [Hidden Content] ...Yeah. Anyway, it's a simple and perfect copy-and-paste undub.
  17. Update 2021-09-24: Fixed the Day of Sigma OVA playback on PSP/Vita. //2021-10-08: Minor FMV subs touch up. Title ID: ULUS10068 [Hidden Content] Everything's undubbed, hardsubbed FMVs (yes, including the OVA). Keep in mind that no de-localisation work has been done here.
  18. Update 2021-05-24: Improved FMV quality + now compatible with PS3. Title ID: SLUS-21779 [Hidden Content] Everything's undubbed, hardsubbed FMVs.
  19. Update 2021-09-23: Resolved the crash occurring during the Guts Man's stage intro. Title ID: ULUS10091 [Hidden Content] A couple of things to note: ※ Time Man's "hmpf" during the Elec Man vs Time Man banter sounds stuttery. ※ The Japanese version of the game has higher bitrate event voice clips but if imported as they are, the localised version skips about half of them. Those had to be slightly compressed. ※ I'm not too sure about some of the imported sound banks but they seem to be functioning correctly. Please reach out to me in case you'll spot any oddities regarding the sfx audio for the extra characters.
  20. Title ID: SLUS-20694 [Hidden Content] Undubbed completely. In comparison with another undub out there in the wild, this one features fully restored Japanese voice clips, subtitled intro FMV, adjusted cutscene audio length to prevent crashes after some cutscenes, a full-length "bike key" FMV + its "costumed" variations are now undubbed. Notes: ※ The Japanese version uses more sfx voice clips in several audio banks, so those extras didn't make it into this undub. ※ A handful of the non-cutscene voice clips had to be either slightly downsampled or had their silent parts at the end trimmed. There's also a complete undub for the PC version available here:
  21. Title ID: SLUS-21245 [Hidden Content] Everything's undubbed. To my surprise, the old undub by asmodean turned out to be solely a quick and dirty copy-and-paste job, leaving the English sfx voice clips intact. Requested by @Try. If you're playing in widescreen and/or using cheats on PCSX2, be sure to rename your pnaches to reflect the modified executable's new checksum: 1CC39DBD.pnach -> 22C185BD.pnach
  22. This is a Dirty Partial English translation of the game to help you play the game without understanding Japanese so you could play the game without problems about menus. I’ve made an uncensor/Lewd mod of the game a few months ago and decided to expand my mod to make it a partial English patch. And… maybe spark interest to the game since the English mod is half done now and not far from a full English patch The game is not that complicated that you can finish it without knowing the story. There are Walkthroughs out there that will give the gist of what’s happening. What’s translated: ※ All Images that contain text used in menu’s and such ※ All Regular Menu/Navigation Text What’s NOT translated: ※ All dialog Text and Choices in-between dialogs ※ Messages that appear when you found an underwear on a room Known bugs that exist even on the base unmodified game: ※ Do not MAX out your Picon’s (Money) to 9,999,999. The Game will crash at the end of the mission when the games awarded you with money you got from the level. 8,999,999 should be fine. ※ Sometimes the game will crash on when you continuously and quickly scroll and select the resident’s costume on “Customize Maiden” (unlocked after finishing the game). Like for example after continuously scrolling and selecting costume for 5 characters on the 6th character you scroll and select costume there is a chance to crash the game. This also happens on the base game without any mods. Requirements: ※ Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore) ※ Repatch plugin installed on the Vita ※ NoNpDrm plugin installed on the Vita How to install: 1. Install the Base Game + Game update 2. Copy both readdcont and repatch folder to ux0: via vitashell and refresh live area. 3. Play the game. Additional Notes: ※ Be sure to install a rePatch compatibility pack in your Vita is on 3.60 ※ The game does not like VSH Menu, normal overclock clock plugins, framecounter. Disable them or add an exception on your tai config file. Or better use a real overclock plugin like LOLIcon overclock plugin since it loads the game fine when enabled. ※ On my 3.60/3.65 Vita TV the DLC sometimes is not detected and will only be detected randomly after a few exiting and running the game. Dunno why but my 3.68 vita fat and slim always detects it. So think for a bit if you want DLC on you Vita TV since the game won’t load your save if the DLC is not detected. ※ If there are major bug’s and you want it to be fixed, contact me and send a screenshot of it or the text before or after the text bug. Links: [Hidden Content] [Video]
  23. Title IDs: SLUS-01030 & SLUS-01081 [Hidden Content] Undubbed completely. Some of the XA-type voice clips can be cutting off a touch too soon, I'll try to address those in the next update.
  24. Title ID: SLUS-00670 [Hidden Content] Undubbed completely. Some of the XA-type voice clips can be cutting off a touch too soon, I'll try to address those in the next update.
  25. Title ID: SLUS-01323 [Hidden Content] Everything's undubbed, hardsubbed FMVs, no English leftovers. Some of the XA-type voice clips can be cutting off a touch too soon, I'll try to address those in the next update.
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