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  4. Hey bro I'll send a list soon of New nes games to port over to Dreamcast
  5. Are these 2 links represent each disc? By each at size 6.5 gb? Or 6.5 gb already consist of 2 disc?
  6. Can it be reuploaded?
  7. beast420

    The Neverending Story

    Great to see This running on dreamcast that being said since ROM so rare for Nes
  8. GatorCountry

    The Neverending Story

    A top down shooter. You play as Falkor and shoot all sorts of creatures. Tested on ReDream I did not watch the video, I'm just assuming it's good enough [Hidden Content]
  9. Oh Snap, I was about to make a thread. Cheers Beast. If you're wanting some ports send me a message bud, I'm ready for requests again.
  10. GatorCountry

    [REQ] Magic Pockets - Dreamcast

    EDIT- I see what's happened. I ported an Amiga or DOS version, not the Gen. Here's the gen version CDI. [Hidden Content] Same stuff as psobb's SDcard reader just from a disc. Can be burned and played on Dreamcast, or emu on Demul, but no Redream for this one.
  11. makinita7545

    (Request) Dreamcast "Tough Guy"

  12. makinita7545

    mediafire Captain Tomaday (JoshProd)

    like this cuttie game! thx
  13. makinita7545

    Micro Mages

    beautiful thx!!
  14. makinita7545

    mega.nz Xenocider

    superb thx
  15. makinita7545


  16. makinita7545

    google drive Rocketron

  17. Wow thank you so much I wanted to try this game on a dreamcast
  18. nk57

    (Request) Dreamcast "Tough Guy"

  19. Seriously this is incredible. THANK YOU SO FRIGGIN MUCH
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