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  3. Hello Yukiko the game file link is dead could you please re-upload it thanks.
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  5. Gamerone

    yandex Astérix The Gallic War

    @leopard1791 Your Welcome! I notice that also. That some games run into a compatibility issues when converting them.
  6. CrayonMechant

    yandex Panzer Front Ausf.B (Europe)

    Thanks mate!
  7. CrayonMechant

    Panzer Front ausf.b

    Thanks a lot!
  8. leopard1791

    yandex Astérix The Gallic War

    Hello Gamerone, I just downloaded this EBOOT and tried it on my PSP but sadly it has the same issue that I was facing before. the issue is that there is no soundtrack music during gameplay. there is only sound of EFX. Thank you.
  9. Gamerone

    Panzer Front ausf.b

    @CrayonMechant I found the Pal Version, I will upload that one
  10. CrayonMechant

    Panzer Front ausf.b

    Hello! I searched the internet far and wide and I can't find this one... It's a tank simulation for the PS2 that takes place in north Africa during WWII. I'd be happy if someone could upload the NTSC-J version of this game, but the PAL release would be great too. Thank you.
  11. romrc(GnGeo): https://github.com/ymartel06/GnGeo-Pi/blob/master/gngeo/romrc Roms NeoRAGEx 5.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lhnn15sd0u9q525/ROMs.rar/file kit AES4ALL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ikqb1gz48u102r4/Neo4All%252BAES-Starter-Kit-2020.rar/file
  12. seems mega took this one down. Ah well, thanks for all your other contributions!
  13. cactush

    mega.nz No-Intro 2018

    Great, thanks!
  14. Gamerone

    yandex Brave Prove (English Patched)

    @Benjamin Lasure Request Filled!
  15. Last week
  16. Mike82

    mega.nz Parasite Eve (USA)(Redump)

    Thanks for this love this game
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