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Found 24 results

  1. This is a Dirty Partial English translation of the game to help you play the game without understanding Japanese so you could play the game without problems about menus. I’ve made an uncensor/Lewd mod of the game a few months ago and decided to expand my mod to make it a partial English patch. And… maybe spark interest to the game since the English mod is half done now and not far from a full English patch The game is not that complicated that you can finish it without knowing the story. There are Walkthroughs out there that will give the gist of what’s happening. What’s translated: ※
  2. Well even with Marvelous's decision a few days ago to bring an English version of the game to the PS4 and PC, we we still went out on completing the patch seeing as how we were already knees deep and almost finished. The RAR file contains the patch with instructions on how to install it, written by @happydance. You require the NoNpDRM version of the game, which you can get from NPS. This is the full translation and has been tested out thoroughly. However, we'd still like some user input on any errors, if they exist. ^Best dialogue, 10/10. Oh yeah, and a huge thanks
  3. After many days of trial and errors and testing finally got all bra to be invisible when character is on uniform, so here's V2 of my attempt to uncensored the game. I've tested the game and finished it, but not 100% so not really tested all the uniform clothes and alternate color for uniforms. So Let me know if the game freezes during a certain uniform or character wearing a specific clothes. What's included in the uncensor patch: • Removed Light censor • Removed Bar on "Creative Finisher: Windows Glass" • Removed Scroll on "Creative Finisher: Scroll Shelf" • Removed Lamp on
  4. Original translation patch v1.1 for MaiDump ported to PSVita by EvilGoku : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-the-legend-of-heroes-zero-no-kiseki-evolution-psvita.499883/ Mai patch for eboot.bin v1.00 ported by Kleyon to NoNpDrm/FAGDec eboot : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-the-legend-of-heroes-zero-no-kiseki-evolution-psvita.499883/page-9#post-8244113 Previous links will lead you to xDelta patches in case you prefer to patch files yourself. Link to xDelta patch for PFS decrypted NoNpDrm eboot.bin v1.00 have been updated! Changelog: - 1 hexadecimal value was still correspo
  5. What's done in the lewd mod patch: • Removed Light censor • Removed Soap Bubbles censor for pixies on the bath scene • Removed Underwear of playable characters • Fixed underwear outlines • Repealed 512x512 Body texture with 1024x1024 • Replaced Body texture to with much better nipples and privates Fake DLC unlock: 早期解禁女神パス (early levels unlocks. character unlocks like Neptune/Noir and other stuffs) • アマヨ・ヘルメット (Amayo helmet) • ミナミ・ヘルメット (Minami Helmet) • キラ・ヘルメット (Kira helmet) • ミサ・ヘルメット (Masa helmet) • エリ・ヘルメット(Eli helmet
  6. What's included in the uncensor patch: Change log: V3 Fixed some folder issue for repatch Fixed some characters that still has light censors Removed all panties Change log: V2 Removed 1st censor (Light beam) Removed 2nd censor (Flower) Removed 3rd censor (another Light beam) Replaced Body texture to include nipples and privates All DLC (fake DLC) aside the MUSIC DLC (get it from NPS) Video: Images: Links: [With pubic hair] https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wXmMD7Xk0aQCxAMTl5sBlqcce1zSwh7K [Shaved] https://drive.google.com/open?id=12Bw_mpphbww
  7. I am sharing codes that I found for this game on the internet (Credits to "Roah" for working on the codes) NOTE: Most of the codes are blank. The other codes work and have been tested by me. # PCSE00293 Final Fantasy X HD (nonpdrm) _V0 Infinite Gil $0200 8262A5E8 05F5E0FF _V0 Max Battle Fought $0000 00000000 00000000 _V0 Max Game Play Time $0000 00000000 00000000 _V0 All Monsters Captured $0000 00000000 00000000 _V0 All Airship Destinations Unlocked $0000 00000000 00000000 _V0 All Luca Theatre Spheres Unlocked $0000 00000000 00
  8. Please upload this game in 1 link thx.
  9. For this codes to work you need the cheat plugin Vitacheat/Finalcheat. https://gbatemp.net/threads/vitacheat-finalcheat-database.485343/ NOTE: -The codes maybe different between PSTV and PSVita I think? -This is a NoNpDRM dump ------------------------------------------- CODE UPDATE: 10/21/2017 ADDED: -HUNGER METER -*ATTACK MAX -*DEFENSE MAX *For the Attack and Defense code to work and take effect: 1.Turn the Codes ON 2.Go to your Equipment and equip or remove the weapons and armor you're using. 3.Then just turn
  10. Can anyone find the same codes as the USA mai dump version 1.05 listed here,https://github.com/r0ah/vitacheat/blob/master/db/PCSE00507.psv for the EU mai or nonpdrm version 1.05?
  11. Hello. Can any find cheats for this game? It would be class if someone can find some of these possible codes below.I do not kknow what can or cant be found so i have listed the cheats that i can think of off the top of my head. 1.A cheat for all and max materials 2.A cheat for max gold 3.A cheat for max character level 4. A cheat for infinite unit health 5. A cheat for max unit charge time Anything else that can be found as well.
  12. For this codes to work you need the cheat plugin Vitacheat/Finalcheat. you can get it here now because the main one got taken down. https://gbatemp.net/threads/vitacheat-finalcheat-database.485343/ The cheat plugin also works on NoNPDRM dump games. Note: -This is a NoNpDRM dump -The version of the game is 1.30 -The code both works on psvita and pstv -------------------------------------------------- Code Update 11/13/2017 -Added GAP code * Just Edited the Value of the HP, OP, and ST to 9999 # PCSE00789 _V0 MONEY 9999999 $0200 8892A
  13. NoNpDRM Information What is NoNpDRM?: In a nutshell, this plugin allows you to bypass DRM protection on any PS Vita content. (More Info found Here) What's the advantage of NoNpDRM over MaiDump or Vitamin?: NoNpDRM is a application free, "Drag and Drop" type of tool. Meaning you simply drag files on to your Vita, refresh the live area, and then you can play right away! Is it dangerous to go online/Possible to update NoNpDRM games?: Not at all! You can play online with people/parties with no worries. (No Ban Reports that have been backed with source. Only thing to really be concer
  14. This is an English port of the same name on the PC. While the PC version is R18+ the Vita version is family friendly or whatever you call them. So that means some lines are removed or changed between the two versions. Nothing Groundbreaking or heavy story, just your run in the mill light-hearted Visual Novel. What's translated: All Images that contain text used in menu's and such All Regular Text Known bugs that exist even on the base unmodified game: - Navigating the BGM on music mode seems buggy using the D-pad and you'll not able to select some BGM. Us
  15. It is necessary to update for the codes to work, the links are at the end of the topic, I tested and even after restarting the console the codes work normally Cheats will work as long as there are no changes in Digimon status (lvl, evolution, etc ...) They work in the first digimon of the group, to work in others use the option "Move Digimon" in DigiBank This is the first version of cheat, I'll be posting the updates here in this topic If it does not work, close the game and reopen, activate the cheats until they work Updates 19/03/2018 - Max Stats/Cam/ABI for
  16. anyone have cheat.db for this game?
  17. NOTE: -This is a Nonpdrm dump -If the codes does not work for the first time, close the game and restart it again -Try updating the game to its latest update # PCSE00951 _V0 bARM 99999999 $0200 8417C908 0098967F _V0 EXP 99999999 $0200 8417C90C 05F5E0FF _V0 RAJ SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417C998 000003E7 _V0 MAGNA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417CD18 000003E7 _V0 HASAHA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417D098 000003E7 _V0 AMER SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417D418 000003E7 _V0 KYLE SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417D798 000003E7 _V0 ATY SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417DB18 000003E7 _V0 LUVAID SKILL POINT
  18. Some people already knew about it since I heavily teased it on discord servers and twitter, but now latest rePatch update and rePatch AIDS have been released! https://github.com/dots-tb/rePatch-reDux0/releases/latest There are 3 DLC modes: -Encrypted only - in this mode you use only nonpdrm/retail DLCs -Decrypted only - in this mode you use only mai/vitamin/decrypted DLCs and no nonpdrm/retail dlcs -Mixed - in this mode you can use both decrypted and encrypted dlcs at the same time, for example: I installed 2 DLCs from NoPayStation and 160 mai DLCs and all 162 DLCs work at the same
  19. sogekingu

    nonpdrm Mods/Patches with NoNpDrm

    is it possible to mod or patch NoNpDrm games or will be possible in the future? (like the trails in the sky evolution english patch) Thanks.
  20. What is NoPayStation and everything about it is already explained at main NPS thread <<< HERE >>>. This tutorial will cover: -Bringing back downloading from PlayStation store AND/OR Activating your 3.60 VITA, -Creating zRIF (converting nonpdrm/nopsmdrm licenses to NoPayStation format), -Obtaining PKG links from your PlayStation account. Bringing back downloading from PlayStation Store and/or Activating your console on 3.60: 1. Download both ReNpDRM plugins: << ReNpDRM.skprx >> << restore.suprx >> 2. Transfer both plugins to your
  21. Requesting vitacheat for Sine Mora US NoNPDRM/NoPayststion Dead Nation US NoNPDRM/NoPayststion Thanks!
  22. Was able to find 2 Codes finally. Money Code apparently is a Floating Point Value. The Crashes Counter required me to increase the Search Size of the Addresses (0x81000000 -> 0x90000000) . Now to see if I can find the 2 Clock Timers. Thanks goes to Borderlinez at CodeMasters for the Money Code Help and Seven Sword at Speedfly for suggesting the Memory Size Increase. Urban Trial Freestyle (EU) NoNpDRM
  23. For this codes to work you need the cheat plugin Vitacheat/Finalcheat. you can get it here now because the main one got taken down. https://gbatemp.net/threads/vitacheat-finalcheat-database.485343/ The cheat plugin also works on NoNPDRM dump games. NOTE: -This is a NoNpDRM Dump -The code both works on PSVita and PSTV # PCSE00023 _V0 P1 INFINITE HEALTH $0200 8A835934 3F800000 _V0 P1 NO HEALTH $0200 8A835934 00000000 _V0 P2/PARTNER INFINITE HEALTH $0200 8A898B94 3F800000 _V0 P2/PARTNER NO HEALTH $0200 8A898B94 00000000 _V0 P3 INFINITE HEALTH $0200 8A
  24. Dumped: Nonpdrm # PCSE00209 _V0 Inf Ammo $A100 810E1058 00003800 $A100 810E10CA 00003800 _V0 All weapons $4001 823872C0 00000001 $01DD 00000001 00000000 $4001 8238754C 00000001 $0153 00000001 00000000 _V0 All Mission $4001 823877D4 00000001 $01DD 00000001 00000000 $4001 823879C8 00000001 $0153 00000001 00000001 _V0 Inf Life $3201 8239F6CC 00000240 $3300 8239F6CC 461C3C00 $3201 8239F6CC 00000244 $3300 00000000 461C3C00 _V0 Inf Flying Booster Power $A100 810E0A86 0000BF00 _V0 0 Game Play Time $0200 82387FB0 00000000 _V0 Unlock Secret Chracter [Wing] $0100 82387FCA 00000101 This
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