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About Me

  1. Sprite updates - hit restauration and stuff [Hidden Content]
  2. Updated roster of 2021 season [Hidden Content]
  3. Updated roster [Hidden Content]
  4. A Sprite update of this Classicv [Hidden Content]
  5. Download: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content]
  6. psobb2009


    Download: [Hidden Content]
  7. Updated roster [Hidden Content]
  8. The Best arcade conversion of SF2, new sprites, efects, gameplay smooth [Hidden Content]
  9. Genre: Third Person / Rail Shooter Size (compressed): 601 MB Size (uncompressed): 776 MB Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
  10. dexocube

    mediafire Vatlva (NTSC-JP)

    [Hidden Content] Cool top-down vehicular arena fighting game, great for multiplayer. Cue/bin format 438.23Mb zipped with 7-zip Tested on japanese model 2 Saturn utilising Pseudo Saturn Kai
  11. VANDAL HEARTS - with English Patch version 1.4 Applied [Hidden Content] File size: 405.59MB Manually patched 01/2021 Tested using Mednafen SS Emulator
  12. 1-download the game with pkgj ONLY THE GAME AND NOTHING ELSE. 2- if you already had the game installed in advance. They are going to have to delete the DLC so go to ux0 / addcont inside look for the folder with the game code PCSH00250 and delete it. IF YOU ARE NEWLY INSTALLING THE GAME SKIP THIS STEP. 3-now that you have the game installed and downloaded clean with pkgj, you must start the game to create your game, let it start normally and then close it. IF YOU ALREADY HAD IT INSTALLED IN ADVANCE, SKIP THIS STEP. 4-now you must go to pkgj and select ‘’ show dlcs ’’ and download the following DLC, do not download anything outside this step or the nude does not work. Xtreme Sexy F - Ayane Xtreme Sexy F - Helena Xtreme Sexy F - Hitomi Xtreme Sexy F - Honoka Xtreme Sexy F - Kasumi Xtreme Sexy F - Kokoro Xtreme Sexy F - Marie Xtreme Sexy F - Momiji Xtreme Sexy F - Nyotengo 5- Now you must go to the following link and download the mod, unzip it and you should have a folder with the same game code Download link: https://mega.nz/file/B0UA2RzS#obuVXKC7N1phUok1O2zHAkzvoB0FcZu4WP38vh4lMX8 6-The folder PCSH00250 that you have just decompressed, you pass the psvita to ux0 / and you leave it inside the folder called ‘’ readdcont ’’ (if you don't have it, you must create it) 7-now start the game, go and change your favorite girl's clothes, when choosing the clothes, the outfit ‘’ Xtreme Sexy F ’’ should appear, symbolized by a blank mannequin without any clothes, you select it and enjoy. 8-Once all this is done you can now return to pkgj and install the other DLC that you are missing with ease. NOTE: I think this is other than explaining that you must have the psvita hacked with plugins repatch, refood, nompdrm if you come here to look, I recommend that you start from below and parts informing you first of how to install hack on your console and necessary plugins and then you come back Sorry for my English but my native language is Spanish, I just wanted to share with you.
  13. In the screen of Unibios 1.3 press the buttons X + A + B, configure as in Video. Na tela da Unibios 1.3 acione os botoes X+A+B, configure como no Video. Download (GDEMU) : [Hidden Content]
  14. Download: [Hidden Content] Lucasarts Selfboot CD for DC and Windows! ......................................... Made by godeater using the great ScummVM ......................................... Burn the cdi-file with DiscjJggler or Alcohol 120% It contains the following games: Mamiac Mansion Day of the Tentacle Monkey Island 1 Monkey Island 2 Indiana Jones 3 Indiana Jones 4 Sam & Max All games are playable on the Dramcast and savegames can be saved to the VMU. Sound doesn't work in some games. A keyboard is needed to enter names for the savegames. The games can be played with a controller, but I suggest you use the dreamcast mouse. .................................................... This CD contains also the windows-version of ScummVM. Just put it in your windows computer and the menu should come up automatically. If it doesn't just run SCUMMWIN.BAT from the CD. Savegames will be saved under C:\saves\. Some useful keys for the Windows-version: ALT-ENTER toggle fullscreen F5 load-save menu ESC skip cutscene
  15. Download: [Hidden Content]
  16. A new 2D action awesome game for Sega Genesis in all glory! [Hidden Content]
  17. Hello, Unknown Master here (aka Master X). Long time ago, I created these patches for some translated Dreamcast games. Some of them already were released by translators in a GDI format, but the most of them didn't have a patch for GDI versions in any place (only for CDI). So, I decided to share all my GDI patches, created using translation patches released in RHDN. So, here are the GDI transation patchs for the following games, released only in Japan (all my patches are in *.xdelta format): Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream (Patch Version: 1.0) Patch (612.95 MB): [Hidden Content] Frame Gride (Patch Version: 1.0 (Final)) Patch (252.80 MB): [Hidden Content] Karous (Patch Version: 1.0) Patch (108.21 MB): [Hidden Content] Nanatsu no Hikan: Senritsu no Bishou (Patch Version: 1.3 (December 2020)) Patch (839.56 MB): [Hidden Content] L.O.L. - Lack of Love (Patch Version: 1.0) Patch (286.37 MB): [Hidden Content] Fire Pro Wrestling D (Patch Version: 1.0) Patch (11.73 MB): [Hidden Content] Ao no 6-gou - Saigetsu Hito o Matazu - Time and Tide (aka Blue Submarine No. 6 - Time and Tide) (Patch Version: 1.0) Patch (457.98 MB): [Hidden Content] Shinseiki Evangelion - Typing E Keikaku (aka Neo Genesis Evangelion - Typing E) (Patch Version: 2.0 (Final)) Patch (34.20 MB): [Hidden Content] Taxi 2 - Le Jeu (Patch Version: 1.0) Patch (87.25 MB): [Hidden Content] Golem no Maigo (aka The Lost Golem) (Patch Version: 1.0) Patch (167.87 MB): [Hidden Content] Space Channel 5 Part 2 (Patch Version: 1.0 (Final Version)) Patch (509.89 MB): [Hidden Content] Propeller Arena - Aviation Battle Championship (GDI) Size (397.99 MB): [Hidden Content] Half-Life (May 23 Prototype) (GDI): Size (253.68 MB): [Hidden Content] To apply any xdelta patch, you can use a tool named "Delta Patcher" or "Delta Patcher Lite". I used this tool to create the patches. You can download it here: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/704/ IMPORTANT NOTES: * Just to be clear: I'm NOT the author of any translation and I'm NOT make part of any translation group. I'm just someone that made a GDI patch using the translated files from a patched CDI or using the zipped patch files released by the translators. The credit for each translation goes to original translators. * All my patches comes with two "Readme" files, one file was written by me, other is an original Readme file released by translators with translation patches, except when I'm unable to get the original patch and notes. * I'll NOT fix any grammar errors, typo and something like that if you find them in a translation. Please, report the errors/issues/bugs like that to original translators, so they can make an update patch to fix them. * Only the edited/patched files used in the translations were replaced in GDI. All other files remains untouched, preserving the maximum original files. * Not even a single byte of any translation was changed. The translation is exactly the same provided by the original translators. * Propeller Arena and Half-Life aren't patches, but the full GDI game, converted from CDI source from scratch to GDI format, because these games were relesed only in CDI before. Please see the readme files that comes with the patches to know how to apply the patches correctly! SPECIAL THANKS: Special thanks to Seta from RHDN, his request motived me to make the GDI patches. Special thanks to translators of Napple Tale, Frame Gride, Nanatsu no Hikan: Senritsu no Bishou, L.O.L - Lack of Love, Fire Pro Wrestling D, Blue Submarine No.6 - Time and Tide, Shinseiki Evangelion - Typing E, Taxi 2 - Le Jeu, Golem no Maigo, Space Channel 5 - Part 2. Enjoy!
  18. A all in one game with remake feels, new and old stages for everyone Download link: [Hidden Content]
  19. Download iso Dreamshell_sd: [Hidden Content] Download cdi: [Hidden Content]
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