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Introducing NGR VIP membership.


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:KannaWave: Hi everyone!

 What is it?

You might have noticed that Nextgenroms doesn't serve ads anymore. Ads never made a profit for NGR but it did help a lot to pay for the Nextgenroms server.  Now that our ad income is gone we had to figure out a way to move forward without harming the user experience that NGR strives to provide.

So we came up with a way for you to support NGR.

What does it give me?

For donations below 5$  -

  • Bronze VIP Rank
  • Hidden links are not hidden.
  • Sparkling effect on your username.
  • Bronze VIP Rank on our discord server/ other game servers.
  • 1000 NGR Points


For donations of 5$ and above :

  • Silver VIP Rank
  • Hidden links do not require you to reply or react to reveal them. (i.e. Hidden links are not hidden)
  • Access to Movies/Music.
  • VIP Rank + Sparkling effect on username.
  • Ability to upload a cover picture on your profile. 
  • VIP Rank on our discord server/ other game servers. (Such as the NGR Minecraft server run by @Djdragon44)
  • 2000 NGR Points
  • Access to exclusive VIP only premium NGR themes. (An eg. is pictured below)



Why should I donate to Nextgenroms?


NGR has been around since 2016 and we have largely been self-funded. Many of you have been with us since the inception of NGR (Back from when we were Vitapiracy.) and you might have noticed that we try our best to maintain our content quality by limiting the file hosts that are allowed and banning any ad, virus or spam supported links. If we were to take a liberal approach to adfly and other such spam link websites and hosts, we'd have many more uploaders and revenue. But we chose not to do that as it hurts user experience and tbh we hate that ourselves.

In order for Nextgenroms to continue growing and surviving, we need your help to pay for NGR servers. All of us admins chip in to the best of our abilities.

Any additional revenue that we may get from this will be put towards giveaways for NGR members. (This is a stretch goal for us).


How do I support Nextgenroms and become a VIP member?

We use Patreon. After becoming a Patron, kindly PM one of the admins @ckv1212 @Djdragon44 @Lord Valarion @Yukiko @RyouBakura and we will upgrade you.


This is the hidden content, please




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