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  1. RyouBakura

    mega.nz Princess Crown [NTSC-J]

    Got me curious, so I went and checked. But I didn't find any info connecting the two. Could be just a wild coincidence, or the La Pucelle artist being influenced by Princess Crown artist.
  2. RyouBakura

    Hello - New here

    Welcome aboard~
  3. RyouBakura

    mega.nz WTF: Work Time Fun [ULUS10172]

    This game looks painful to play.
  4. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Trying to finish it as fast as possible. Yet I end up wasting time on grinding.
  5. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for not coming back.
  6. RyouBakura


    I've watched the first one from beginning to end when I was a kid, and loved the living shit out of it. But I'm not into these kinds of shows anymore.
  7. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for making a permanent account!
  8. RyouBakura

    mediafire Super Galdelic Hour [NTSC-J]

    Teletubbies got a porno game spinoff? Edit: Guys, just google image this game. I have no words for it.
  9. RyouBakura

    Hi from hell

    Hello from above the grave! I hear the flames of eternal damnation make a nice tourist site this time of season.
  10. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for shitting shit.
  11. RyouBakura

    humour Famous NGR quotes

    Kink shaming.
  12. RyouBakura

    mega.nz Road Writer (USA)(Redump)

    I can't even picture the joy on their faces when the publishers heard this game sold more than 5 copies.
  13. I see even the news has become copyrighted.
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