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  1. RyouBakura


    We didn't let the DreamCast live, but we're not gonna let it die either.
  2. RyouBakura

    Intrepid Izzy

    I've split @GatorCountry's post into its own thread that can be accessed here:
  3. RyouBakura

    mediafire Cotton Rainbow (NTSC-J)

    @filevans NGL no idea. The file has been on my HDD unlabeled for almost 10 years.
  4. RyouBakura

    humour Crazy brazilian

    So your target audience are Portuguese-English bilinguals. We have a whole 1 person here that fills the description. Would recommend to write down what you're gonna say before recording if it's not a letsplay. Like the video you talk about your MK mod. Doesn't have to be a script, pointers would do.
  5. RyouBakura

    yandex Aki Hoshino: Milk & Voice [FSCU-6007]

    "Milk and Voice" These titles get straight to the point.
  6. RyouBakura

    humour Famous NGR quotes

    Just your typical pet/owner life.
  7. RyouBakura


    Welcome aboard! Always nice to see people that are old in the scene. and probably are old themselves
  8. RyouBakura

    yandex 50 Cent: The Massacre (Special Edition)

    This asshole was everywhere during the 2000s.
  9. Holy fucking shit, you're right. (but in dead links) Why in the damn hell was this there. I am generally confused. In the case someone comes across a working link in graveyard or Dead Links, please inform the staff. I moved it back to XBox: Thanks for the heads up.
  10. What shmups do you own/have played?
  11. RyouBakura

    zippyshare GGAleste 3 (2020)

    I love the fact that to this day retro SEGA consoles still get new games so frequently.
  12. RyouBakura

    humour Famous NGR quotes

    Just another day in the life of a blue collar worker.
  13. RyouBakura

    mega FX Unit Yuki - The Henshin Engine (USA)

    @AlanH Or you can just upvote the post mate.
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