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  1. @OldClassicGamer I don't know. Licensed anime games are the weirdest thing. I don't know the normal budget for these things. I know there is 0 PR for them here, but in Japan, an anime based game's advertisements are everywhere, only during the first week of release and that's it. They also tend to give them to decent developers (if you act like Crash Boom Bang doesn't exist), and a lot of the games surprisingly turn out good.
  2. モンスター・コレクション~仮面の魔道士~ Genre: Card Battle / Action RPG Size (compressed): 73 MB Size (uncompressed): 144 MB Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
  3. ナルト- 忍の里の陣取り合戦 Because when you think Naruto, you think fucking board games. Genre: Strategy Board Game Size (compressed): 73 MB Size (uncompressed): 310 MB Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
  4. RyouBakura

    bin cue [REQUEST] Faussete Amour (BIN/CUE format) for PC Engine CD

    Have you tried mounting the ISO as a virtual drive then creating a BIN image from it? (with something like Imgburn)
  5. RyouBakura

    PowerSlave (NTSC-U)

  6. Genre: First Person Shooter Size (compressed): 346 MB Size (uncompressed): 544 MB Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
  7. RyouBakura

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Halloumi cheese sandwich.
  8. RyouBakura

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Nestle Fitness Cereal. Tastes like nothingness.
  9. Just FYI, you can now access the rest of the forum since your post count exceeds 5. Enjoy~
  10. RyouBakura

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Listening to the radio while thinking what the hell am I supposed to do with my life.
  11. RyouBakura

    humour WHO considers gaming a mental disorder

    At least that means we have an excuse to use the disabled parking.
  12. If it's not an ISO, just say it's HDD image and put it in the ISO section. Even if it's controversial, it still would make more sense than uploading it in the requests section. I'm not familiar with the XBox scene, @MobCat any input? If we need to create another subforum within the XBox forum? Whether it's uploaded by request, or just because it winds up in the same place. You have to keep in mind that the person who requested the game isn't the only one in the world who wants the game. The request section is for people who want to request something, gets it out in the ope
  13. Hey mate, I'm thankful for filling out requests. Just want to point out a couple of things: 1. Put the topic in the ISOs section https://www.nextgenroms.com/forum/40-xbox-microsoft-xbox-isos/ , not the request section 2. Make the topic name just the name of the game. (and preferably the region) 3. Hide the links. Hiding links has proven to protect files from being taken down, or at least postpone it. I've already altered your previous posts.
  14. RyouBakura

    mega Persona 4 UNDUB

    @ihavetubes I merged it because it's the same game. I thought it seemed appropriate.
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