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Found 20 results

  1. **all Mirror links are mine hosted on Mega.nz PSP - ISO/CSO to CSO/ISO Some useful compression tools i've had the pleasure of using as time has gone on. my personal favorite is UMDGen. There are 2 other notable conversion tools that i don't have experience using, but if you are interested can be found on an external site. NitroBlog called Ciso Multi-Compressor & YACC all Mirror links are mine & hosted on Mega.nz www.iso2cso.com Screens: www.isocompressor.com Screens: www.emutopia.com Screens: www.romhacking.net/UMDGen Screens: **all Mirror links are mine hosted on Mega.nz
  2. Suikoden: Woven Web of the Centuries (100% complete translation by Twisted Phoenix Game Translation) "Suikoden Woven Web of Centuries" or "Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki (幻想水滸伝 紡がれし百年の時)" is a RPG video game published by Konami released on February 7th, 2013 for the PlayStation Portable. [Hidden Content]
  3. Update 2020-06-21: Fixed the voice clips! Title ID: ULES00277 [Hidden Content] Replaced the FMV audio tracks, intro & credits, a single audio bank and edited a couple of file/sound tables inside the executable. Requested by @koken Also check out TenchuMissions.com custom missions archive, thanks to @NefariousCunt for the tip!
  4. Update 2019-11-28: Fixed the cutscene where Silverneil breaks down crying. Title ID: ULUS10593 [Hidden Content] An addendum to the undub/restoration job by somebody special. The only thing that undub lacked is the FMV subtitles – this is an attempt at fixing that. Thanks to @HMG for requesting to sub this game. As it was the case with Hexyz Force, these subtitles are based on the English videos' script, while the translated opening was snatched from cj iwakura. The second opening along with the credits roll song were both left not subtitled. If you're curious how the subs are styled:
  5. Update 2022-05-21: Repetitive music fix for Vile Mode. Title ID: ULUS10068 [Hidden Content] Everything's undubbed, hardsubbed FMVs (yes, that includes the OVA). Keep in mind that no de-localisation work has been done here. Additionally, Vile's Central Highway BGM now plays only in that stage instead of throughout all the stages up to Sigma's Palace. An optional patch to keep the vanilla game's borked Vile's campaign BGMs is available.
  6. Update 2021-11-25: Corrected the broken sound banks. Title ID: ULUS10410 [Hidden Content] Since I had no access to the data's main ToC, some compromises had to be made: ※ All the dialogue voice clips have been compressed... furthermore, 23 of which were marginally truncated, 7 have silence and pauses trimmed nearly completely, and 3 are cutting out a bit too short. ※ 51 miscellaneous and SFX-type sound banks have been slightly downsampled. ※ One JP-exclusive voice clip wasn't carried over.
  7. Title ID: UCUS98700 [Hidden Content] An excellent undub by @AlternativeZero and @Canzah lacked only the undubbed character sfx voice clips, this small and simple addendum amends that oversight.
  8. Update 2022-05-21: Auto-skip the problematic Capcom logo FMV by default. Title ID: ULUS10091 [Hidden Content] A couple of things to note: ※ Time Man's "hmpf" during the Elec Man vs Time Man banter sounds stuttery. ※ The Japanese version of the game has higher bitrate event voice clips but if imported as they are, the localised version skips about half of them. Those had to be slightly compressed. The Capcom logo FMV is auto-skipped to work around a compatibility issue concerning its playback on certain PPSSPP setups. An optional patch to retain the FMV is here.
  9. Update 2021-09-05: Added a Korean undub variant, fixed the stutter occurring on PSP/Vita whenever the missing voice clips couldn't be played back. Title ID: ULUS10400 [Hidden Content] The combat audio and OP&ED are undubbed, the NA-exclusive voice acting in all major story events has been made mute. The voiced narration intro and reaction voice clips in some story events (to my knowledge, there are only five of them) weren't carried over, as the North American version never had counterparts for those.
  10. Update 2022-07-25: Major FMV subtitles touch-up, cleaner base undub. Title ID: ULUS10506 [Hidden Content] This undub was originally a simple hardsubbed FMVs addendum to the incomplete unauthored undub that's been floating around since circa 2010. Since then, the base audio part of the undub was remade properly with replaced voice clips referenced within the SFH, and with the FMV subtitles receiving a major overhaul along the way.
  11. Title ID: UCES00421 [Hidden Content] On a side note, the game is compatible with the 60 FPS code (the only issue it has is the shortened status effects duration) and GePatch.
  12. Update 2020-12-26: Fixed the FMV playback on PSP/Vita + corrected a couple of typos. Title ID: ULUS10492 [Hidden Content] An addendum to another undub made by somebody special, adding the hardsubbed FMVs and resolving several stray English voice clips to complete the package. If you're curious about the subs:
  13. Update 2020-09-11: Fixed the crashes and undubbed the miscellaneous voice clips. Title ID: UCES00045 [Hidden Content] 98% file swaps, 1% file edits & 1% eboot edits = 100% undubbed, bby! North American version has one extra voice clip + it also has the 60 FPS code available, while the European version is multi-language and has Casi's Data – a pointless small collection of quotes, etc.
  14. Update 2019-12-27: Fixed the title screen audio. Title ID: ULUS10470 [Hidden Content] Tested all the way through, works without an issue. Might help some poor soul who's just finished the undubbed SC to cope with SC2 being forever cancelled.
  15. I'd like to request a direct iso/cso download for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix PSP Game. The one that is posted here requires ISO converter. I've tried several times but still managed to fail on converting the game. I hope someone will look into this. Thanks!
  16. [hide]Phantasy Star Portable 2 .cso (1.36 GB) [Hidden Content]]
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