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  1. Darkeholy

    mega.nz Pier Solar HD

    Retroarch... Using Pocophone X3 Pro the load on Sega Screen was about 2 minutes, maybe Works only on high devices
  2. Darkeholy

    mega.nz Pier Solar HD

    Here is it a (test) version compatible with Retroarch , boot the game and wait some 1 or 8 minutes for boot (bug) and is it
  3. This mod make the games looks like the Remake, a Dark and New fells await
  4. Darkeholy

    discussion TMNT vs JL Turbo

    The game is the same of famous mugen crossover but now with ikemen engine with online features
  5. Darkeholy

    request Pier Solar HD please

    Someone broke the Pier Solar protection ? I want play on emulators
  6. Here is the final version of a mod for the classic game with new feel. Download of the ISO inside
  7. If you are impressed with this upgrade here a link for the MSU áudio songs to use with emulator Rom link - MSU songs pack
  8. A new 2D action awesome game for Sega Genesis in all glory! [Hidden Content]
  9. This "Special" version of Eternal Champions 2 is more balanced with easy moves and fair AI , plus all caracters unlocked
  10. Darkeholy

    Resident Evil 1.5 beta MDZ

    Sorry updated
  11. A game shop simulator in 1989, a free game for everyone. The game is a beta but full story playable https://huguesjohnson.com/rc89/
  12. Darkeholy

    humour Crazy brazilian

    https://youtube.com/channel/UCzS5huae-HyWOIKuTBK6ArQ Here is a link for my personal chanel where i try to make vídeos in PTBR and english at same time and fail in it
  13. The legendary cartoon game is complete and with a end without 30 years of wait, i put the Zvitor website because all his work in OpenBor is legendary, visit is site, download and donate http://zvitor.com/
  14. The main goal of this project is to increase robot fight level to insanity, every update a new gundam or texture making the game better and translated for everyone Dowload link on Project in ModDB https://www.moddb.com/mods/gundam-vs-gundam-infinite-plus
  15. Darkeholy

    DBZ Fighter Z Mod

    In PS2 the DBZ Budokai séries was good with easy gameplay and a lot of possibilities. Now that gameplay returns with this mod uptade with all chars from Fighter Z [Hidden Content]
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