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  1. A new 2D action awesome game for Sega Genesis in all glory! [Hidden Content]
  2. This "Special" version of Eternal Champions 2 is more balanced with easy moves and fair AI , plus all caracters unlocked
  3. Darkeholy

    Resident Evil 1.5 beta MDZ

    Sorry updated
  4. A game shop simulator in 1989, a free game for everyone. The game is a beta but full story playable https://huguesjohnson.com/rc89/
  5. Darkeholy

    humour Crazy brazilian

    https://youtube.com/channel/UCzS5huae-HyWOIKuTBK6ArQ Here is a link for my personal chanel where i try to make vídeos in PTBR and english at same time and fail in it
  6. The legendary cartoon game is complete and with a end without 30 years of wait, i put the Zvitor website because all his work in OpenBor is legendary, visit is site, download and donate http://zvitor.com/
  7. The main goal of this project is to increase robot fight level to insanity, every update a new gundam or texture making the game better and translated for everyone Dowload link on Project in ModDB https://www.moddb.com/mods/gundam-vs-gundam-infinite-plus
  8. Darkeholy

    DBZ Fighter Z Mod

    In PS2 the DBZ Budokai séries was good with easy gameplay and a lot of possibilities. Now that gameplay returns with this mod uptade with all chars from Fighter Z [Hidden Content]
  9. Darkeholy

    DBZ Xenoverse TT

    Multiverse is all around in every média (Marvel - Kingdom Hearts- Marvel vs Capcom...) even Dragon Ball. But what happen when a group of moders make a multiverse game based in Xenoverse ,anime and mangá? This awesome mod still updating even now...this is actual uptade with a lot of awesome caracters, efects and scenarios inside [Hidden Content]
  10. Here is a link for a rom with updated gameplay, manual pdf and more [Hidden Content]
  11. Sprite updates - hit restauration and stuff [Hidden Content]
  12. The Best arcade conversion of SF2, new sprites, efects, gameplay smooth [Hidden Content]
  13. Darkeholy

    SF2 Remix

    A Sprite update of this Classicv [Hidden Content]
  14. Darkeholy


    Updated roster [Hidden Content]
  15. Updated roster [Hidden Content]
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