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Found 17 results

  1. stevo2kay

    Citadel 2 (Unreleased) (c64)

    Citadel 2 is a rather old project that came to light during the making of "Berzerk Redux" recently, Martin Piper’s C64 conversion of the arcade game. When Martin needed some music to add to the game, he found a piece written by Alan Peters back in 1992 for the unfinished Citadel II. We approached Martin and asked if there was anything left of the project. Martin spoke about the game and said about the music, "The music was originally composed by Alan (back in 1992) for a top down scrolling city type of game (a lot like Citadel ) we were working on, the working title was actually "Citadel II" *ahem*. So the music was composed to fit with the rushing around corridors with robots chasing you, so I thought it would fit this game too." [Hidden Content]
  2. stevo2kay

    Vega (c64)

    Vega is a horizontal shooter that has its origins in a popular 2017 scene demo. Utilising the original impressive PETSCII style graphics, Atwoods Studios brings the demo into a full gaming experience. The great looking Limited Edition collectors box contains: the game on cartridge a small glossy handbook a tiny custom made space ship and, of course, the original demo disk with the demo Vega/Delysid Added The vega scenedemo vid for eyecandy [Hidden Content]
  3. stevo2kay

    The Coffee Break Shootout (c64)

    Take control of Chris, a down-on-his-luck bartender who is trying to impress his new boss by looking after the thirsty patrons of the Knocker's bar. It's a bit of juggling act as you refill your pitcher, keep your customers glasses topped-up and change the barrel when needed - but it's all in a day's work as you keep your customers happy when they demand a TOTAL REFILL! ** FEATURES ** · Large animated sprites · Madcap glass-filling fun · Scrolling bar backdrop · Funky soundtracks · PAL & NTSC compatible [Hidden Content]
  4. Star Wars Battlefront II Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tested and working: Mod-chipped Xbox v1.6 Scan: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file: I was a little surprised that no one had upload any of the star wars games yet soo i'm going to do that meow .... well try, no dote someone will be able to upload these faster then me
  5. stevo2kay

    Hunters Moon Remastered (c64)

    Originally released in 1987, Hunter's Moon is a strategic shoot 'em up set in deep space. Beautifully presented and thoughtfully designed, the game became an instant classic thanks to its measured balance of strategic planning and psychotic blasting. Boasting one of the earliest uses of procedurally-generated content in a computer game, Hunter's Moon pushed the boundaries of the genre and helped redefine what a shoot 'em up could be. Hunter’s Moon Remastered is a fully remastered, overhauled, and updated version of the seminal C64 shoot ‘em up. The game has been remastered for C64 cartridge and boasts a host of amazing new features including over 50 new levels, 5 new star systems, new level types, new music, new playing modes, stunning intro and outro sequences, built-in level editor, and enhanced presentation including foreign language support. Over 180 levels spread across 21 Star Systems New level types including Jumpgates and Blackouts Trainer Version designed for novice players All-new Random Mode to test seasoned veterans Automatically save your game progress as you play Stunning new intro and outro sequences New in-game music and enhanced parallax starfield Built-in Level Editor to craft your own cunning creations Multi-language support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish Bonus: Original 1987 version also included in the game Full PAL & NTSC compatibility (Remastered Version only) Bonus: Now includes a C64 Mini version of the game! [Hidden Content]
  6. stevo2kay

    Zap Fight Trilogy (c64)

    Alf Yngve blasts back onto the C64 with another fantastic compilation of action-packed shoot 'em ups! Jump into your trusty Zap Fighter and blast your way through THREE exciting games packed with zapping action, power-ups and plenty of air and ground-based targets to obliterate! Richard Bayliss has also contributed to this release by adding specially coded front-ends to each game, in-game enhancements and has supplied thumping soundtracks as well! ** FEATURES ** · 3 Zap Fight games for the price of one! · Additional bonus game included! · Enhancements, front-ends & music by Richard Bayliss! · Compatible with PAL C64 systems ONLY · C64 Mini + Maxi compatible [Hidden Content]
  7. stevo2kay

    Sheepoid (c64)

    A nightmare has just begun! The Neon Vortex is under attack from strange and bizarre psychedelic experiences from outer space! We have transported two micro sheep to fight against the Neon Vortex invaders. Your sheep are also armed with a deadly SMART BOMB that will destroy everthing on the screen. Use these wisely as your sheep can only carry one smart bomb per level. You must also rescue baby sheep trapped in the vortex, if you shoot them you will lose 1000 points from your score. Be careful when using the SMART BOMB as this will also destroy any baby sheep on the screen! The budget disk version is presented in a glossy disk sleeve with full colour label. The game also includes a printed instruction sheet. The tape version is presented in a clear cassette case featuring full-colour cover artwork. ** GAME FEATURES ** • Control two SHEEPOID units at the same time! • SMART BOMB for ultra-destruction! • Multi-level action in the NEON VORTEX! • Save the baby sheepies trapped in the Vortex! • Strobo-fx that will MELT YOUR BRAIN* • Psychedelic aliens will attack you from OUTER SPACE! • Based on LAZER ZONE by Yak the Hairy! [Hidden Content]
  8. stevo2kay

    Super Goatron (c64)

    Misfit is certainly no stranger creating great games such as Cheese And Onion and Pilot Attack to name but a few. But now with the RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Dev Compo in nearly everyones minds, he's gone and created a game called ' Super Goatron '. A brilliant little C64 game presented by The Future Was 8 Bit in which you need to destroy moving enemies as you traverse around the edge of a rather uniqly designed level. Yes indeed Misfit is back with another great game! And unlike his previous developments you must traverse around the edge of a screen, blasting enemies while avoiding being blasted into tiny pieces yourself! Use the level to your advantage, shoot bonus items and hopefully progress onto an ever more challenging level of fun! [Hidden Content]
  9. stevo2kay

    Relentless (c64)

    Similar to the original, Relentless 64 is a high speed, non-stop score-chasing shmup with some neat score chaining mechanics. The enemy waves come at you thick and fast, and taking out an entire wave rewards you with an increasing score multiplier, resetting back to 1x should you miss a ship or crash. Level progression is akin to Konami's Scramble - no pause to catch your breath, no 'level complete' text, just a scenery/enemy change and onwards you go, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. The gameplay, aside from the scoring, is pure - no power-ups or bosses, just classic horizontal shooting action at a breathtaking speed. It's fantastic stuff, with multiple difficulty settings (changing the rate of fire of the scenery mounted turrets and player autofire), options for music, sfx or both (with the soundtrack provided by the awesome Cyborgjeff) and proper high score entry (which even remembers your initials between rounds). [Hidden Content]
  10. For those who haven't played Comanche, a short description. The player controls an aircraft (instead of a helicopter, it's a futuristic drone which has the ability to hover as well as fly forward and backwards) equipped with a weapon arsenal (choosable for each mission) which is sent out to fulfill military missions. Usually, they're about committing some sort of attack, like blasting other aircrafts out of the sky or ambushing a stationary camp. While the first few missions are easy, the difficulty is increasing gradually, making open attacks less and less worthwhile. Instead, the right strategy, like from where to attack, whom to hit first and so on, gets more important. The plane (for the lack of a better word) is controlled by a combination of mouse and keyboard. The former gives the direction and fires the weapons, the latter is used to control height, velocity and set all other things (radar range, target locking,...). Not quite up to the comparison with an analogue joystick, but working very well. 68030/50 (32 MB Fast RAM) plays it very smoothly. Of course, you need at least AGA (graphics cards are supported as well)...Great on emulation [Hidden Content]
  11. Driv3r Driver 3 Tested and Working: Mod-chipped Xbox v1.6 Info: This game has been MIX region patched by kami knows what (probably DVD2XBOX) so I am unsure of it's original origin (I'm guessing NTSC-U though) but it should work on all original xboxs. The game ID is 49470038 if you know what to do with that. Scans: Video preview: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file:
  12. stevo2kay

    Galencia (c64)

    EARTH, 2017. We didn't listen to the warnings. We decided to ignore the decline of our bee population, and now their guardians have arrived. You must pilot the 1981 Galencia Fighter and restore order. Before its too late! Galencia is a Galaga inspired action game from Jason Aldred. Minimum system requirements: C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy, Joystick. Also compatible with: 1541 Ultimate This game is PAL and NTSC compatible. [Hidden Content]
  13. stevo2kay

    Bad Moon Rising (c64)

    You must survive interrogation, negotiate the German factory in your captured ship, blast your way through an Operation Wolf inspired level, escape through a shaft leading to the moons surface, battle over the surface of the moon in a beautifully parallaxed scrolling shoot 'em up level, reunite with your crew member in a sideways scrolling level and then punch and kick your way through the final beat'em up level. ** FEATURES ** · 7 separate game styles · Atmospheric soundtracks · Detailed hi-res overlaid player and enemy sprites · Superb animated movie-style intro · SD2IEC compatible · PAL and NTSC compatible · Cartridge version included! · C64 Mini + Maxi compatible [Hidden Content]
  14. stevo2kay

    Virocop (CD32)

    You start off in the sports world which is filled with American football gridirons, pool tables, baseball parks and bouncing footballs. You then move into a platform world called the urban jungle, where you have to climb terraces, speed around the roofs of houses and cross platforms. The next level is the gods level, where everything is in miniature, except the viruses and DAVE. Here tiny troops attempt to stop you, but inevitably end up dying horribly in Cannon Fodder style. The Adventure world, known as Crusader is filled with swamps, castles, ghouls and knights while the final world, Silicon Valley is right in the depths of the computer that controls GameDisk and the surroundings are circuit board, chip and transistor orientated. The type of enemy varies widely throughout these levels, from pool balls, American footballers. Scalextrix F1 cars and kids on space hoppers in the sports world to microchips and guided missile turrets in Silicon Valley. As mentioned earlier some of the levels and creatures pay homage to the past: there are whirlwinds which turn into demons (like Ghouls 'N' Ghosts) and the adventure level has swamps filled with frogs reminiscent of Chaos Engine. ViroCop has been produced by Graftgold, with the magic hands of Andy Braybrook, Ian Wellington and Steve Turner at the keyboard and this pedigree and quality shows Everything is smooth, from near perfect sprite detection to a fast, economic and intelligent loading routine which means that it's a pleasure to play from disk. But just in case, it's hard disk installable. (Praise be! A platform game that's hard disk installable. There is a god.) Also, just in case you've any doubts as to who is responsible for the game there are plenty of hints, logos and famous characters from past ventures on the background scenery. [Hidden Content]
  15. This is a Dirty Partial English translation of the game to help you play the game without understanding Japanese so you could play the game without problems about menus. I’ve made an uncensor/Lewd mod of the game a few months ago and decided to expand my mod to make it a partial English patch. And… maybe spark interest to the game since the English mod is half done now and not far from a full English patch The game is not that complicated that you can finish it without knowing the story. There are Walkthroughs out there that will give the gist of what’s happening. What’s translated: ※ All Images that contain text used in menu’s and such ※ All Regular Menu/Navigation Text What’s NOT translated: ※ All dialog Text and Choices in-between dialogs ※ Messages that appear when you found an underwear on a room Known bugs that exist even on the base unmodified game: ※ Do not MAX out your Picon’s (Money) to 9,999,999. The Game will crash at the end of the mission when the games awarded you with money you got from the level. 8,999,999 should be fine. ※ Sometimes the game will crash on when you continuously and quickly scroll and select the resident’s costume on “Customize Maiden” (unlocked after finishing the game). Like for example after continuously scrolling and selecting costume for 5 characters on the 6th character you scroll and select costume there is a chance to crash the game. This also happens on the base game without any mods. Requirements: ※ Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore) ※ Repatch plugin installed on the Vita ※ NoNpDrm plugin installed on the Vita How to install: 1. Install the Base Game + Game update 2. Copy both readdcont and repatch folder to ux0: via vitashell and refresh live area. 3. Play the game. Additional Notes: ※ Be sure to install a rePatch compatibility pack in your Vita is on 3.60 ※ The game does not like VSH Menu, normal overclock clock plugins, framecounter. Disable them or add an exception on your tai config file. Or better use a real overclock plugin like LOLIcon overclock plugin since it loads the game fine when enabled. ※ On my 3.60/3.65 Vita TV the DLC sometimes is not detected and will only be detected randomly after a few exiting and running the game. Dunno why but my 3.68 vita fat and slim always detects it. So think for a bit if you want DLC on you Vita TV since the game won’t load your save if the DLC is not detected. ※ If there are major bug’s and you want it to be fixed, contact me and send a screenshot of it or the text before or after the text bug. Links: [Hidden Content] [Video]
  16. Dept. Heaven Episode IV Genre: Strategy/Shooter/RPG Format: ISO Compressed Size: 233.3 MB Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar Description Differences in the PSP version compare to the original NDS version Download Link
  17. Red Dead Revolver Cover scan: Download: Password:
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