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  1. This is a Dirty Partial English translation of the game to help you play the game without understanding Japanese so you could play the game without problems about menus. I’ve made an uncensor/Lewd mod of the game a few months ago and decided to expand my mod to make it a partial English patch. And… maybe spark interest to the game since the English mod is half done now and not far from a full English patch The game is not that complicated that you can finish it without knowing the story. There are Walkthroughs out there that will give the gist of what’s happening. What’s translated: ※ All Images that contain text used in menu’s and such ※ All Regular Menu/Navigation Text What’s NOT translated: ※ All dialog Text and Choices in-between dialogs ※ Messages that appear when you found an underwear on a room Known bugs that exist even on the base unmodified game: ※ Do not MAX out your Picon’s (Money) to 9,999,999. The Game will crash at the end of the mission when the games awarded you with money you got from the level. 8,999,999 should be fine. ※ Sometimes the game will crash on when you continuously and quickly scroll and select the resident’s costume on “Customize Maiden” (unlocked after finishing the game). Like for example after continuously scrolling and selecting costume for 5 characters on the 6th character you scroll and select costume there is a chance to crash the game. This also happens on the base game without any mods. Requirements: ※ Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore) ※ Repatch plugin installed on the Vita ※ NoNpDrm plugin installed on the Vita How to install: 1. Install the Base Game + Game update 2. Copy both readdcont and repatch folder to ux0: via vitashell and refresh live area. 3. Play the game. Additional Notes: ※ Be sure to install a rePatch compatibility pack in your Vita is on 3.60 ※ The game does not like VSH Menu, normal overclock clock plugins, framecounter. Disable them or add an exception on your tai config file. Or better use a real overclock plugin like LOLIcon overclock plugin since it loads the game fine when enabled. ※ On my 3.60/3.65 Vita TV the DLC sometimes is not detected and will only be detected randomly after a few exiting and running the game. Dunno why but my 3.68 vita fat and slim always detects it. So think for a bit if you want DLC on you Vita TV since the game won’t load your save if the DLC is not detected. ※ If there are major bug’s and you want it to be fixed, contact me and send a screenshot of it or the text before or after the text bug. Links: [Hidden Content] [Video]
  2. So far, a lot of Likes for the one who Posted this, but no Comments of any Issues, Improvements, or any Confirmation that it works great on 3.65 From the Post: z05 released!http://finalcheat.github.ioChange log: Support for 3.65 Added feature to view eBoot segment data in Memory Viewer. Right stick up to show/hide Added $B200 code type Other minor adjustments Installation:Same as z04beta. Copy vitacheat.suprx to the ux0:vitacheat directory, and copy vitacheat.skprx to the ur0:vitacheat directory. Add config.txt:*KERNELur0:vitacheat/vitacheat.skprx$B200 code type is used to account for different offsets between Vitamin, MaiDump and NoNpDRM games. Code: $B200 0000000X 00000000 X = 0 or 1. 0 for eBoot seg0 and 1 for eBoot seg1. The following code types become relative offsets instead of absolute offsets. Here's some examples: Code: MaiDump code: (eBoot segment is at Seg0:81000000-811F9188) _V0 MAX MONEY $A100 810C6872 0000BF00 Vitamin code: (eBoot segment is at Seg0:81000060-811F91E8) _V0 MAX MONEY $A100 810C68D2 0000BF00 Instead of two different codes, you can use the new $B200 cheat to account for the 0x60 difference in offset: _V0 MAX MONEY $B200 00000000 00000000 // Gets seg0 address (81000000 for MaiDump, 81000060 for Vitamin) $A100 000C6872 0000BF00 // Sets offset to seg0 + 0x000C6872 (810C6872 for MaiDump, 810C68D2 for Vitamin) Files are attached on bottom of post. See the site linked above for more details. VitaCheat_ver.365.z05Beta.rar
  3. This is an English port of the same name on the PC. While the PC version is R18+ the Vita version is family friendly or whatever you call them. So that means some lines are removed or changed between the two versions. Nothing Groundbreaking or heavy story, just your run in the mill light-hearted Visual Novel. What's translated: All Images that contain text used in menu's and such All Regular Text Known bugs that exist even on the base unmodified game: - Navigating the BGM on music mode seems buggy using the D-pad and you'll not able to select some BGM. Use the touch screen to select the BGM's - Fonts seem to close to each other Requirements: - Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore) - Repatch plugin installed on the Vita - NoNpDrm plugin installed on the Vita Links: Re-patched game (1.38GB) Xdelta Patch only: GDRIVE (8.53 MB) How to install: Copy both app and repatch folder to ux0: via vitashell and refresh live area. Play the game. Video (old): Notes: - Be sure to install a rePatch compatibility pack in your Vita is on 3.60 enso. - If you are on 3.65 enso, delete the eboot.bin, self_auth.bin and sce_module folder inside ux0:repatch/PCSG01084/ - If you are having a hard time getting on a specific route, there are a lot of walkthroughs out there or head to fuwanovel - If there are major text bug's or untranslated text and you want it to be fixed, contact me and send a screenshot of it or the text before or after the text bug.
  4. UPDATE 1 Sorry if i'm a bit late on the news, have been busy with college assignments. • Flow has released Enso 3.65 to the public after confirming no errors at all with beta testers. • Note that only Vitas at 3.60 can install this. • Be sure to update plugins for 3.65. • Dont worry 3.67 users, Flow says you'll be able to install a CFW at some point but only with Henkanku and not Enso. Links Read the ReadMe here for installation instructions and information on the hack, then click on the "release" tag/tab to get to the download page: https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/update365 Remember to update your plugins: https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW ----- Flow has been confirmed to have hacked the 3.67 FW via a kernal exploit. http://wololo.net/2018/02/18/theflow-reveals-hes-fw-3-65-3-67-taihen-henkaku-will-eventually-find-way-fw-3-65-3-67/ Confirmation that 3.67 has already been hacked with taiHenkaku, though he said he wont release it until maybe the end of this or next year. He also states that the earliest release he can do is if he works on Enso hack for 3.65 however will still require you to be on 3.60 to install it and that porting Enso "will take some time". It seems that Flow is also waiting for the EoL for the Vita. Though we soon maybe able to finally play Vita games that require FW 3.61+ you should still NOT update your 3.60 Vita until we have a concrete way of hacking above the firmware. You can view/follow Flow's twitter to read more and be updated but please try not to disturb the guy since hes also busy with University: https://twitter.com/theflow0
  5. NOTE: -This is a Nonpdrm dump -If the codes does not work for the first time, close the game and restart it again -Try updating the game to its latest update # PCSE00951 _V0 bARM 99999999 $0200 8417C908 0098967F _V0 EXP 99999999 $0200 8417C90C 05F5E0FF _V0 RAJ SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417C998 000003E7 _V0 MAGNA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417CD18 000003E7 _V0 HASAHA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417D098 000003E7 _V0 AMER SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417D418 000003E7 _V0 KYLE SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417D798 000003E7 _V0 ATY SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417DB18 000003E7 _V0 LUVAID SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417DE98 000003E7 _V0 AMU SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417E598 000003E7 _V0 NATSUMI SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417E918 000003E7 _V0 TORIS SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417EC98 000003E7 _V0 NESTY SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417F018 000003E7 _V0 KANON SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417F398 000003E7 _V0 BULRELL SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417F718 000003E7 _V0 KUNON SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417FA98 000003E7 _V0 REXX SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417FE18 000003E7 _V0 BANOSSA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84180198 000003E7 _V0 FOLTH SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84180518 000003E7 _V0 RAY SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84180898 000003E7 _V0 LISHER SILL POINT 999 $0200 84180C18 000003E7 _V0 FAIR SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84180F98 000003E7 _V0 SEILONG SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84181318 000003E7 _V0 AZLIER SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84181698 000003E7 _V0 IOTH SKILL POINT 999 $0200 8417E218 000003E7 _V0 IST SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84181A18 000003E7 _V0 SONOLAR SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84181D98 000003E7 _V0 GIAN SKILL POINTS 999 $0200 84182498 000003E7 _V0 RUELLY SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84182818 000003E7 _V0 ATOSH SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84182B98 000003E7 _V0 POMNIT SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84182F18 000003E7 _V0 ARCA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84183298 000003E7 _V0 ISHLAR SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84183618 000003E7 _V0 ENYSHA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84183998 000003E7 _V0 ERST SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84183D18 000003E7 _V0 TOUYA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84184098 000003E7 _V0 SCARREL SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84182118 000003E7 _V0 AYA SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84184418 000003E7 _V0 HAYATO SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84184798 000003E7 _V0 MELGITOS SKILL POINT 999 $0200 84184B18 000003E7
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