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About Me

  1. Original translation patch v1.1 for MaiDump ported to PSVita by EvilGoku : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-the-legend-of-heroes-zero-no-kiseki-evolution-psvita.499883/ Mai patch for eboot.bin v1.00 ported by Kleyon to NoNpDrm/FAGDec eboot : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-the-legend-of-heroes-zero-no-kiseki-evolution-psvita.499883/page-9#post-8244113 Previous links will lead you to xDelta patches in case you prefer to patch files yourself. Link to xDelta patch for PFS decrypted NoNpDrm eboot.bin v1.00 have been updated! Changelog: - 1 hexadecimal value was still correspo
  2. Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Tested and working: Mod-chipped xbox v1.6 Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file:
  3. Disc 1 - (GDI) [Hidden Content] Disc 2 - (NOD) [Hidden Content]
  4. Gauntlet Seven Sorrows Tested and Working: TSOP Flashed Xbox v1.4 This game supports English, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages. To set the games language change the language in your stock xbox dashboard. Please note that English was the only language tested. The others should be fine though but as always let me know if they are not Cover Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file: Uploaded per request However the request did not state PAL or NTSC and the PAL one was the only one I could get to boot sooo PAL
  5. Futurama Tested and working: TSOP flashed xbox v1.2 and Mod-Chipped xbox v1.6 Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file:
  6. Disc 1 [Hidden Content] Disc 2 [Hidden Content] Disc 3 [Hidden Content] Disc 4 [Hidden Content]
  7. Genre: 2D Action/Platformer Format: BIN/CUE Compressed Sizes: 442.6 MB/447.0 MB Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar Description Region Differences Download Links
  9. Genre: Action/Platformer Format: BIN/CUE Compressed Size: 288.1 MB Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar Description Download Link
  10. Requested Title Princess Crown プリンセス・クラウン [Hidden Content] Archive Size: 529MB MD5: 8D70BF7BE8FC795F2E5C4572049F84D4 Disc Format: Bin/Cue Game ID: T-14425G Password: [email protected] When entering the password - type it in - as when you copy and paste you sometimes copy the space at the beginning and of course that won't work! Enjoy 😃
  11. Dead or Alive 3 DOA 3 Tested and Working: Mod-chipped Xbox v1.6 Info: This is a straight rip of the original classics version of the disk and has not been patch in anyway. It shouldn't have any issues playing on a hacked NTSC xbox but let me know if it dose Scans: Video preview: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file:
  12. Fuzion Frenzy AKA Fusion Frensy Tested and working: Mod-chipped xbox v1.6 Cover Scans: Video Preview: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file: Because it's the 2000's and we need to put z's in all the things to make our self's sound edgey and cool also we need to try and clone Mario party because that's what people want right?
  13. Thrill Kill 100% complete NTSC-U Uncensored version SLUS-00752 Info: This is the 100% complete AO rated uncensored version, yes it has a M17 rating warning screen but its the uncensored version. This game was canceled 2 weeks before it came out so it's 100% complete. Mr Mario did a good video explaining what happened to this game here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf5bhr5sCVA Also Matt McMuscles did a good video on the backstory and it's troubled development of this game here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb-_I7YcnTk I do have some of the other betas and such but this is the
  14. Jet Set Radio Future Tested and working: Mod-chipped xbox v1.6 and TSOP flashed xbox v1.2 Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file:
  15. Description: Link: [Hidden Content] Key:
  16. Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon Tested and Working: TSOP flashed xbox v1.4 Cover Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file: Uploaded per request
  17. Shenmue II Shenmue 2 Info: Burned and tested. English subtitles along with downgraded audio from the Shenmue II XBox release. Enjoy! Download link: [Hidden Content]
  18. HeXEn Heimdall's Xbox Engineering Disk 2017 Update HeXEn is a really handy tool for setting up xbox and lets you Set up new un-formatted HDD TSOP flash your v1.5 or below xbox Re-install and set up a softmod Install apps like chimp and xbmc Swap video outputs if your tv doesn't support NTSC or PAL Install dashboard like UnleashX and EvoX Run DVD2XBOX and XBpartitioner right of the disk in the xbox admin section And loads more. I mainly use it for TSOP flashing xboxs and setting up new HDDs for mod chipped xboxs The last one is great, just
  19. [glow=orange]Top 10[/glow][glow=blue]Sonic[/glow][glow=orange]Rom Hacks For MegaDrive[/glow] and more.. these are just the best ones to me ENJOYY [Hidden Content] [glow=red]An Ordinary Sonic[/glow] [attachment=2]6BABE26D-8BAA-434D-B5A1-326DFBAFEB78.jpg[/attachment] [glow=black]Sonic Bash[/glow] (good multilayer) [attachment=1]maxresdefault (3).jpg[/attachment] [glow=orange]Sonic Scorched Quest[/glow] [attachment=0]mqdefault.jpg[/attachment] and many morreee i think its like 16 games in total
  20. hombreimaginario

    mega.nz Fade to Black (CDI)

    Fade to Black, CDI format. Someone requested it.
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