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About Me

  1. A top down shooter. You play as Falkor and shoot all sorts of creatures. Tested on ReDream [Hidden Content]
  2. ElTacoDestroyer

    mega.nz WWE: WrestleMania XXIV (2008)

    [Hidden Content]
  3. Touhou Project Mega thread This thread contains all the official/main touhou games as of august 2018 ish And according to the official games list on the touhou wiki All testing and game play screenshots where taken using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 installed in English All screenshots where taken from a English patch version of the game where possible. And wherever possible all version of touhou where tested running in windowed mode (960x720) except for the later games that run native 1280x960 without stretching or the widescreen venture for the fighting games (1280x720) The trainers game with the games when i downloaded them for the ones that worked i saw no real harm in leaving them in this pack [Touhou 01 - Highly Responsive to Prayers] [Touhou 02 - The Story of Eastern Wonderland] [Touhou 03 - Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream] [Touhou 04 - Lotus Land Story] [Touhou 05 - Mystic Square] [anex86 PC-98 Emulator for touhou 01 - 05] [Touhou 06 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Re texture and hitbox mod)] [Touhou 06 - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil] [Touhou 07 - Perfect Cherry Blossom] [Touhou 07.5 - Immaterial and Missing Power] [Touhou 08 - Imperishable Night] [Touhou 09 - Phantasmagoria of Flower View] [Touhou 09.5 - Shoot the Bullet] [Touhou 10 - Mountain of Faith] [Touhou 10.5 - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody] [Touhou 11 - Subterranean Animism] [Touhou 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object] [Touhou 12.3 - Hisoutensoku] [Touhou 12.5 - Double Spoiler] [Touhou 12.8 - Great Fairy Wars] [Touhou 13 - Ten Desires] [Touhou 13.5 - Hopeless Masquerade] [Touhou 14 - Double Dealing Character] [Touhou 14.3 - Inpossible Spell Card] [Touhou 14.5 - Urban Legend in Limbo] [Touhou 15 - Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom] [Touhou 15.5 Antinomy of Common Flowers] [Touhou 16 - Hidden Star in Four Seasons] [Touhou 16.5 - Violet Detector] [Touhou 17 - Wily Beast and Weakest Creature] Touhou 18 - Unconnected Marketeers
  4. [Hidden Content]
  5. [Hidden Content]
  6. Sometimes I do dumb stuff lol. Here's the original thread: My bad Tested on Gens in Retroarch, Screens are from this rom. I'll port to DC when there's something better than a compilation tool. I know people like those so if you want a shump comp or some such hit me up and I'll make it, but personally I like the single ports. Better presentation. Even with officials, I'd rather gave Golden Axe and Sonic on their own cart then any of those combo carts....they look bad on my shelf. So i do single ports rather than compilations but if y'all want comps I'll make them. [Hidden Content]
  7. Download: [Hidden Content] Description: Looks like a game released in 2020 i couldn't attach the video I do not speak English well I know this game was released on pc engine But it was also released as a Sega Genesis. I have pc engine and mega drive But it's hard to hook up the machine I tried it with retro arc and it plays well Friends who haven't tried it yet, I hope you try it and It's late but I want to say Happy New Year I want to say hello
  8. This is my (currently) small collection of PSX2PSP Eboots I created. Find below an example of what it would look like on the XMB. Taking Requests! Please note I am no longer taking request due to a lack of time to do so. I'll aim to add games here that I've created myself still. But once again I've not created any new ones due to a lack of time. All games here have been tested on a PS Vita 2000 running Adrenaline, a PSP 2000 running 6.61 Custom Firmware. Along with a PSP running 6.61 Infinity. In some instances, such as Dragon Warrior 7, the game may not work without POPS. POPSLoader allows you to launch the version of POPS (the PS1 emulator inside the PSP) from whatever firmware you want. Use this list to find what works best - http://psxeboots.com/pops-compatibility-list And you can download the latest version of POPSLOADER here. Install it just as any other plugin, in fact the POPS.TXT is already in the zip file, copy the file POPS.TXT and the popsloader directory in the seplugins directory. And if you want to make these for yourself, here is a link to download templates, use PSX2PSP to customise and/or make an EBOOT. PSX2PSP Official PSN EBOOT CHANGELOG 30/04/17 - Added initial list of custom games, added a nicer layout. Split into two sections, PSX2PSP for custom eboots, PSN for officially released games which work with no issues. 01/05/17 - Fixed broken example image, added Mega Man X6 to PSX2PSP List. 03/05/17 - Added Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete to PSX2PSP List. 30/05/17 - Fixed incorrect link for Einhander. Namco Museum Collection has been uploaded but MEGA is currently experiencing problems. 09/09/17 - Added Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone & Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 15/07/18 - Updated to show that requests are no longer being taken. Content I create for my own use I will still share here however. This has been explained in the edited post.
  9. Well even with Marvelous's decision a few days ago to bring an English version of the game to the PS4 and PC, we we still went out on completing the patch seeing as how we were already knees deep and almost finished. The RAR file contains the patch with instructions on how to install it, written by @happydance. You require the NoNpDRM version of the game, which you can get from NPS. This is the full translation and has been tested out thoroughly. However, we'd still like some user input on any errors, if they exist. ^Best dialogue, 10/10. Oh yeah, and a huge thanks for @TheQuietOne for putting the project together. Edit: personal thanks to the YouTubers that streamed the game, DRAGKUDOƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ and fei CHANNEL. Watching someone play the part I'm translating helps a lot. Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
  10. Genkai Tokki: Moero Crystal in English. Updated to version 2.0.1803 This is a RePatch folder. To save space, you can delete the same name CPK files from the \app\PCSG00695\data folder. Also, if you have a PATCH update and DLC ADDCONT applied, I recommend deleting those as well. The main CPK files of the RePatch folder have the ver.1.03 PATCH files and the 3 DLCs available already directly applied. So if you keep the PATCH and ADDCONT files, they might cause conflict. This modification uses the Switch assets to convert the game from Japanese into English. Technical Information: What is in English? » Menus are translated. » Images are translated. » Full story is translated. » Tutorials are translated. » Videos are translated (using the Switch videos). » Items are translated, with description. » Skills are translated, with description. » Characters and enemies are translated, with descriptions. What is still in Japanese? » Trophies » Digital game manual, bubble title and such. » some DLC components are still in JP (the "8人娘裸フラッシュ下着" and "電撃PlayStation コラボ『お助けアイテムセット』" DLCs only released in the JP Vita version and aren't available in English on the Switch version. Since I do not know Japanese, and since they do not match with the Switch information, they remain in JP). Expected bugs and issues: » There may be some inconsistencies in text, some IDs may have changed in the Switch version, so some text may be switched around. Needs further gameplay and testing. (I personally haven't found any issue of sorts on my few hours of gameplay). » There are some text graphics that are still in Japanese (ex: text graphic that informs to "Hold Vita vertically" and "Battle Start".) These are minor, and maybe I'll fix them later. » The DLCs present in the game were implemented using the Switch files. However, I haven't really progressed in the game enough to make use of such DLCs, so they are untested. This really needs further gameplay test, so please, if you find a crash or a bug, let me know. Changelog: Version 2.0.1803: » Fixed a few graphics (tutorial and misc.) » Fixed some files related to the rooms that were still in Japanese. These should be in English now. (Thank you Vesthal). » Fixed all the text that was going out of screen due to the Switch bigger screen. 99.9% of the text should now be within the Vita screen size. There are still around 10~20 dialogs in-game that are still big and might go a little off-screen, but I tried to reduce that issue as much as possible. Still needs further gameplay. Feel free to send me a message or ping me if you think I can help on something, or if you find any crash or something. I may not reply immediately, but I usualy do it asap. Big Special Thanks to froid_san (happydance) for all the help! Download [Hidden Content] Final Notes Download, enjoy, and if you like it, leave a "Like"!
  11. ElTacoDestroyer

    mega.nz Blink-182 - Greatest Hits (USA)

    [Hidden Content]
  12. ElTacoDestroyer

    mega.nz Hostel (Unrated) (2005)

    4 of 22[Hidden Content]
  13. [Hidden Content]
  14. ElTacoDestroyer

    mega.nz The Amityville Horror (2005)

    [Hidden Content] ISO Size: 1.39GB Tested and Working on: 6.61 PRO C ∞ Synopsis: From Michael Bay, the producer of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," comes the true story of Amityville. In November 1974, a family of six was brutally murdered. Now, a year later, an unsuspecting young couple, George (Ryan Reynolds, "Blade: Trinity," "The In-Laws") and Kathy Lutz (Melissa George, TV's "Alias"), and their children move into the house that was the site of the horrific event and is now haunted by a murderous presence. What follows is 28 days of unimaginable terror. With demonic visions of the dead and relentless screams of terror, this is the haunted house story that isn't just a movie - it's real. ~Scans~ [Hidden Content]
  15. [Hidden Content]
  16. SNES4ALL - FULLSETROMS All USA - EUR - JAP - EXTRAS on CDI - ISO Esta vez les vengo a traer un compilado de todos los juegos para SNES, todos los usa europeos japoneses y demas, en 4 compilados tanto para gdemu en cdi y como para isoloader: This time i came with a compilation of all snes games, all usa, eur, jap, and more, in 4 compilations for gdemu (cdi) and dreamshell isoloader (iso)
  17. [Hidden Content] Description: Format: .RAR Bin/Cue Fx-Unit Yuki <---External Link RAR Size: 530 MB Size on Disk: 740 MB no password
  18. Genre: Vertical Shoot Em' Up Formats: BIN/GDI/CUE & CHD Compressed Sizes: 37.8 MB/25.6 MB Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar CHD Compatible with Flycast, Redream & Reicast Description Download Links
  19. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Tested and working: mod-chipped Xbox 1.6 Scans: Download: [Hidden Content]
  20. Halo 2 Tested and working: Mod-chipped xbox v1.6, TSOP Flashed xbox 1.2 Info: This rip was made with DVD2XBOX of my personal copy. So all the base file are the PAL ver but DVD2XBOX dose some weirdness to the xbe to make it reason free. No other content was modified just the xbe so it should run on all xboxs Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file: We have the Japanese copy of halo 2 upload which is awesome and that dose run in English if you don't set your xbox up right but no bog stranded English copy of halo sooo now we do And if your looking for halo 1 we have that too And the Japanese version as well
  21. Halo: Combat Evolved AKA Halo 1 Tested and working: Mod-chipped xbox v1.6, TSOP Flashed xbox 1.2 and sooo many more random xboxes. This is my copy from back in the day of xbox LAN parts where I would go around and ripp it to most of the xboxes , most if not everyone had the game but it was just easier to boot it of the HDD then messing with disks. I still want to find a copy of the original non classics print of this game but its sorta hard to find in the wild in this part of the world Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file: If your looking for halo 2 we have that to, and you can find them here Or the Japanese version here
  22. Deus Ex Invisible War Tested and working: TSOP Flashed xbox v1.4 Info: This game has been MIX region patched by kami knows what (probably DVD2XBOX) However the original source of this game is NTSC-U (USA) but because of this patching it should work on all original xboxs. Cover Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file:
  23. But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS Kita e. White Illumination Pure Song and Pictures (北へ。White Illumination PURE SONG and PICTURES) is a Mil-CD album. It is a character image songs of Kita e. White Illumination. Track list CD tracks 1. Kita e. (3:55) 2. Natsu no Omoide (4:08) 3. Koi no Dancing (4:40) 4. Mahou ni Kakeru Mahou (4:32) 5. Watashi Makemashitawa (2:52) 6. RG (4:56) 7. Sapporo Susukino Ame no 25ji (4:36) 8. Dynamite ga 5man ton (4:15) 9. Taikutu to Yuuutu (4:57) 10. Sweet Dream (5:12) 11. Daisuki (4:09) ► Running time: 48:12 Mil-CD contents Kita e. Stroke animation movie DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  24. Quantum Redshift Tested and Working: Mod-chipped Xbox v1.6 MIX region games are meant to work with both NTSC and PAL however region select isn't a issue on the xbox and English was the only language test Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file: And with that NGR now has the only original xbox game I know of that starts with the letter Q Yes, that is the only reason why I uploaded it but it's actually not a bad game
  25. Azurik Rise of Perathia Tested and working on: Mod-chipped Xbox v1.6. Also tested on a TSOP flashed xbox but i don't remember witch one Info: This game has been MIX region patched by kami knows what (probably DVD2XBOX) so I am unsure of it's original origin (I'm guessing NTSC-U though) but it should work on all original xboxs. Cover Scans: Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR file:
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