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  1. animekai

    Zia & the Goddesses of Magic

    no worries guys, here i come with an alternative link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/nosh8180u10m8tx/Zia_%26_the_Goddesses_of_Magic.cdi/file If the links goes down just text me i will upload it again
  2. animekai

    Intrepid Izzy

    dont worries guys, i got it, i'll upload it as many timesas need it, there you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1r29p46ok0lmvvk/Intrepid_Izzy_FullGame_by_CSL.cdi/file If the links are down, just text me and i will upload them again no worries.
  3. This is not a usual game request, Alone in The Dark for DOS PCs back from 1992 is being ported to dreamcast by the Dev Corbachu, below is a video about it: So this port has a github proyect, right here: https://github.com/Corbachu/EITD And i'm looking for some programmer or someone who has builded projects before, because the binaries has to be builded with cmake, i tried to do it myself, but i cant. It is supossed to generate a .bin file, and with the original pc files, i can mount a AITD cdi file, to play on Dreamcast, so im looking for someone who can generate those files for me, so i can make a playable cdi file, if someone is able to help me i will post the credits when the game is ready, please i need help.
  4. animekai

    [Request] The Textorcist

    For the archive, broken games deserve the same archival as working games
  5. Im loooking for this two games on cdi gdi iso or whatever rip u got: Do you got it on cdrom? i can teach you how to rip it
  6. SNES4ALL - FULLSETROMS All USA - EUR - JAP - EXTRAS on CDI - ISO Esta vez les vengo a traer un compilado de todos los juegos para SNES, todos los usa europeos japoneses y demas, en 4 compilados tanto para gdemu en cdi y como para isoloader: This time i came with a compilation of all snes games, all usa, eur, jap, and more, in 4 compilations for gdemu (cdi) and dreamshell isoloader (iso)
  7. cant you wait 10 seconds?
  8. here https://mega.nz/file/HNp2zJaR#bf8QX8aW1y2CMyNNF2PZQIrJUn61oKjD6Gjy46DLQSg
  9. animekai

    [Request] Alice Sisters

    Did someone have this game?
  10. animekai

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    if you still want it, i have the fullversion on cdi https://mega.nz/file/SIhEBT7Q#mE5pWzn4q89E9zeS1dUGGe8uSxRBgIF1rMUifOwag2o
  11. This is the Elansat & Philia games for Dreamcast, converted to CDI and tested on redream gdemu, working copies, FINALLY!!!!
  12. fade to black is soon, get it work as cdi, soon link
  13. animekai

    [REQUEST] Fade to Black

    thanks man, but i got it from another source
  14. i got the escapee working: https://mega.nz/file/icxWSDIa#x4AF3EP21uw5Y_oPiJ1-mBg8r27sZk67A1tZnRAhQfg
  15. animekai

    [REQUEST] Fade to Black

    maybe try dumping it from the pc, use clone cd, or any img clonner, like discjuggler, or follow this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs4Qmn2ZyTo But you can also use dreamshell, gdripper, to rip games, try it
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