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  1. MobCat

    game Games from Web&Me

    The Dream Machine: Chapter 1 & 2 is free on steam for the next 6 days.. https://store.steampowered.com/app/94300/The_Dream_Machine_Chapter_1__2/
  2. MobCat

    Taxi 2 [PAL][English translation v1.0][GDI]

    Yep such is the life we lead... I would recommend if you want to re-upload then make new mega account, upload only 5~10 things to it, make new mega account and so on. mega deletes hole accounts at a time so if they delete the account you only lose like 8 things not 50 GB worth of stuff. Then your links will stay up for like 2 months to a year depending on traffic and you re-upload to many accounts all over again. If a link is reported dead and it is indeed dead and not the reporter just being dumb, then I leave the report open for 2 weeks to allow the uploader to re-upload it then I remove
  3. MobCat


    @tlgamer uploaded it here and the link seems to be still fine however no official post was ever made
  4. 750GB per account per day upload. Think it was 10TB download but don't remember I hit the upload more. However if your talking about you can't download one single file because its "ran out of quota" then this is 2 things. Either the file has indeed been downloaded a lot and google has capped it, you can bypass this by "staring" it, going to your star list and making a copy of the file to your drive and downloading from there. The other and more likely reason is that google has flagged the file as "bad" soo not a virus but they don't like it. soo the original owner / uploader can downlo
  5. Link is back up please use the report feature as I get to many comments on post to check them all, thank you.
  6. MobCat

    mega.nz Area 51 [PAL]

    @PlagueBringer22 Re-uploaded to mega, Thanks for your report I'm actually surprised how long this google drive link stayed alive for
  7. MobCat

    mega.nz Fuzion Frenzy [PAL]

    huh, thought I had a tutorial up for this but cant find it now. Well you have the rar file unpacked you should have a checksum file and a folder full of stuff. This folder is the game. You copy the game over to your xbox via ftp. E\Games\Fusion Frenzy [PAL]\ Then in your dashboard under games you should see it there. Sometimes you have to reboot for it to show. If your trying to emulate an xbox. Don't. Also need isos for that and you can make them and iv thought about uploading them but yeah don't.
  8. MobCat

    mega.nz Xbox BIOS Checker v5.0

    @alromh87 file re-uploaded. Thanks for reporting it
  9. Prefix are for file hosting so people can at a glance see where it's hosted and if its gonna be a pain to download. Thank you for your upload We also had a thing where google drive had a blue bubble and mega has a bright red bubble but yeah I don't remember what they all where...
  10. MobCat

    CCAPI (ConsoleControlAPI)

    CCAPI is an API used to peek and poke memory of the ps3 over the network. It is a grate tool for hacking games. @phillybluntz530 if you wanted to really look into it, once you get it all setup and talking to your computer you should have a look at NetCheat. basically cheat engine for the ps3 https://github.com/Dnawrkshp/NetCheatPS3 But there are a lot of stand alone trainers made for games like gta 5 that use CCAPI and work grate too. As i said CCAPI is just an API what you do with it is sorta up to you.
  11. MobCat

    mega.nz Voodoo Vince [MIX]

    @fewstr @kalki @Greenzapper Game has been re-uploaded sorry about the wait
  12. MobCat

    game Counting down from 10,000!

    idk if this counts but im spicing it up
  13. MobCat

    mega.nz Xbox BIOS Checker v5.0

    Errrh what captia are you talking about, I don't think we have any of those O.O You click the little hart to "like" the post, the download link unlocks then you click it then its up to mega on how they want to give you the link.. Also also, if we did have captias we wouldn't be able to control what was in them, that's on googles side. Also also also, yes I know how hard it is to find this stuff, why do you think i uploaded it in the first place >__<
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