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  1. MobCat

    CCAPI (ConsoleControlAPI)

    CCAPI is an API used to peek and poke memory of the ps3 over the network. It is a grate tool for hacking games. @phillybluntz530 if you wanted to really look into it, once you get it all setup and talking to your computer you should have a look at NetCheat. basically cheat engine for the ps3 https://github.com/Dnawrkshp/NetCheatPS3 But there are a lot of stand alone trainers made for games like gta 5 that use CCAPI and work grate too. As i said CCAPI is just an API what you do with it is sorta up to you.
  2. MobCat

    mega.nz Voodoo Vince [MIX]

    @fewstr @kalki @Greenzapper Game has been re-uploaded sorry about the wait
  3. MobCat

    game Counting down from 10,000!

    idk if this counts but im spicing it up
  4. MobCat

    mega.nz Xbox BIOS Checker v5.0

    Errrh what captia are you talking about, I don't think we have any of those O.O You click the little hart to "like" the post, the download link unlocks then you click it then its up to mega on how they want to give you the link.. Also also, if we did have captias we wouldn't be able to control what was in them, that's on googles side. Also also also, yes I know how hard it is to find this stuff, why do you think i uploaded it in the first place >__<
  5. MobCat

    mega.nz Enter The Matrix [PAL]

    Apparently this [PAL] game only works on a PAL console.
  6. MobCat


    No, Link stealing is against the rules... If you download it, test it, repack it and then re-upload it then at that point it's your game. But don't just link to someone else's files. There is no way to know if they change the link at some point or whats in there files if you don't test it your self. Also you have no control over the status of the link too. So if it when down you would not know or be able to fix it. This is also one of the reasons why we have passwords on our files. If you steal the file then you also have to steal the password, witch links back here. Same thing if yo
  7. MobCat

    mega.nz Enter The Matrix [PAL]

    @mremu999 Yeah as far as I know people only download this game to check out the 1080i mode on the xbox. And I think that mode is only supported on NTSC games. Some games are multi region by default. This must be one of the games that dose not have the code in it to run in NTSC 1080i mode. All my testing was done on a PAL xbox in SD mode so HD modes where never tested... I also live in a PAL area so I don't have any NTSC tvs to test this with.... Yes, I know modern flat panels will do both NTSC and PAL but my xbox is hooked up to a crt and the hole setup is stuck in 2003 and that's how i like t
  8. MobCat

    mega.nz NBA Jam [MIX]

    Link up again
  9. MobCat

    mega.nz Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne [NTSC-U]

    Hay @watyermelon your download link is down Is it possible for you to re-upload or do you want it move to the graveyard?
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