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  1. MobCat

    mega.nz Halo 2 [PAL]

    yeah some stuff got messed up after the fall of NGR direct and moving around GB's of roms alll over the place, fixing it now but going to take a bit.
  2. never mind it is broken for some reason ill fix it soon as i can
  3. @Ravenstorm as its a rar file and sometimes 7zip doesn't play nice with them i would unpack it with winrar kinda a pain 7zip will do everything apart from one file...
  4. Click on the blue DTL-H2000.BIN link....
  5. I love it @Ravenstorm, All of it ^__^/
  6. MobCat

    mega.nz Halo 2 [PAL]

    Re-download the rar file and try again. it should be the full game. All of the games i upload to NGR has been tested and working on real hardware. if it doesn't work let me know and well see if we can work something out
  7. MobCat

    Asphalt 9: Legends NGR Club

    I set up a club in Asphalt 9 for NGR Iv been playing it on switch as its not to bad out side of all the microtransaction popups >__<' It is currently set to restricted so you have to send a request and i have to approve it so just let me know what your name is on switch and i'll add you. This is because you can only have 20 people in your club and I didn't want it to fill up with randoms. So yeah just send a request in game (when searching for the club remember to search in the Australia location. it did it automatically and I didn't think to change it sorry) and comment here what your name is and i'll add you
  8. MobCat

    google drive Spy vs Spy [PAL]

    Everything uploaded to NGR should be tested and working before uploading. Everything I upload had been tested and working on real hardware. If you have any problems running the game please let me know
  9. I added tags and prefixes to your post you can do this your self next time by clicking the Add Tag button and adding the appropriate information.
  10. Satisfactory, idk why I got so sucked in, it's a buggy early access mess but I guess I just like chillen out and building stuff
  11. MobCat

    mediafire RaceX Acclaim Tech Demo

    Prototype / tech demo more then unreleased game but thanks
  12. I don't know what that is without contest sorry O.O
  13. Rewritable disk and games consoles is sorta a mess... I would stranded DVD+R 4.7GB disks if you have any
  14. You know you can just move the folder to your xbox via ftp and play it right off the hdd right? (Copy the burnout 3 folder to F:/Games) If you really have to burn a disk for some reason I would look into Qwix http://www.avalaunch.net/qwix/ It's a very simple tool that let you turn a folder xbe game into a iso, then use imgburn to burn that iso to a disk at the lowest possible speed your drive can burn at. http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download
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