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  1. Title ID SLES53414 Size 980 MB uncompressed DL (603 MB): [Hidden Content] First things first: Yes, NTSC 60Hz support is there. So I stumbled upon a Russian fan-translated and undubbed version of the game – the undub was a bit incomplete but the game's archive was expanded nicely, which made it a breeze to restore the English language back and re-inject the Japanese dub, while also fixing every problematic voice clip along the way via some good ol' relinking and a little bit of silence trimming. Thanks to the ViT Company guys for their fan-translation and preliminary undub that made this undub a relatively easy one to make. I gutted all the bloat from the iso along with the 50Hz versions of intro and ending FMVs, so make sure to start the game in a 60Hz mode. Up-to-date widescreen solutions for the European version of the game:
  2. Title ID SLUS21344 Size 2.93 GB uncompressed DL (1.66 GB): [Hidden Content] Made from scratch, 100% undubbed. Unfortunately, the Japanese lip sync data wasn't restored. There's no other action-adventure game quite like this one, give it a try if you haven't yet.
  3. Update: Toned down the outline thickness to match the Growlanser IV hardsub and corrected some mistakes I've been meaning to fix for quite some time. It's all very minor stuff, like a missed comma, "judgement" is now "judgment" (the game is in American English), a single typo and a case of awkward wording.
  4. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    You're right. Somehow, that's the only way to boot the game on PCSX2. Works fine on a real hardware though. If you still have an unmodified Nightshade iso on hand, try grabbing a slus_208.10 file from it and sticking it into the undub iso. PCSX2 can be picky about pre-patched elf executables.
  5. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @AD5 Simply load up the undub iso on PCSX2 (CDVD -> ISO selector, then System -> Boot ISO) or run the thing via OPL on a softmodded PS2. The game should also be compatible with PS3/PS4's native PS2 emulators.
  6. swosho

    gdrive Ape Escape 3 UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Update: 110% undubbed now. Restored the Japanese title screen song and undubbed the Specter's sfx voice clips. Thanks to @zarusama for pointing out the song's omission!
  7. Massive thanks to @anotherswitchanon for reuploading the undub! Happy holidays and sorry for the bother, everyone.
  8. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @vergil2012 Wouldn't have any other Santa! Huge thanks! @AD5 The link is back up, now's your time.
  9. Thanks for checking. Oh well, undubbing the Nightshade from scratch is not much of a big deal but treating the Tokobot took me about a week worth of free time, so down to Dead Links it goes. Edit: Spoke toon! Found a way to actually inject back the edited audio, the fully compromise-free undub will come in a day or three. Revenge of the Edit 2: The current undub is going to stay after all, most of the edits sound broken in-game.
  10. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

  11. @zarusama Come on, the simplified control scheme is not that bad. AE2's dual TOC files are a huge pain to deal with, I shelved that undub indefinitely but will try to come up with a solution by the end of the year.
  12. @zarusama I don't think so, I haven't spent enough time figuring out a proper way of swapping the XA audio to begin undubbing the PS1 stuff. Besides that, IIRC the PS1 original doesn't have the subtitles.
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