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  1. swosho

    gdrive Ape Escape 3 UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @Redrum325 You mean the European version? Shame it doesn't have a secret 60 Hz mode.
  2. Update: Not English-only anymore. Covered the rest of the languages via a patch, linked in OP.
  3. @Coleco_84 Well, there's no real alternatives to PCSX2 atm. Onimusha 2 runs well even on modest hardware. PS3 and PS4 each have their own PS2 emulators as well (the compatibility is roughly 50/50), you can also look into setting up RetroArch on Xbox Series X|S and utilising its PCSX2 core.
  4. Slowpoke hotfix: Restored the Japanese sfx voice clips again after the 2021-04-19 PS3 compatibility update, I forgot to include them the last time around. My bad, sorry for the trouble.
  5. Update: Fixed 7 broken-sounding voice clips, 4 of which would've also caused crashes previously + re-styled the hardsubs and corrected the typos. Should be absolutely perfect now.
  6. @rich8606 Both xdelta UI and XdeltaGUI come bundled with an ancient version of the actual xdelta program. Supply the up-to-date xdelta to them or just use the xdelta's CLI on its own, or use some of the more recent patcher frontends, like Delta Patcher, UniPatcher, MultiPatch, etc.
  7. Update: Switched the insufferable 50 Hz PAL version for the English patched NTSC-J version. A "pure PAL" patch will remain on archive.org in case you need it.
  8. Title ID: T-41302N [Hidden Content] Another perfect copy-and-paste case. Even though there's not much voice clips to begin with in this one, the localised version of the game only has about half of them dubbed.
  9. Update 2021-06-02: PAL begone. Title ID: SLPS-25459 [Hidden Content] Quite a run-of-the-mill action game of the era but it has its moments. Since the PAL version is a poor 50 Hz conversion, this one here is a Japanese version of the game with backported English text. As I wasn't been able to find the word table for that texture, the weapon names in the pause menu remain in Japanese (here are the files you may need if you're feeling like looking into it). I also took the liberty to to un-invert the x-axis camera controls and made the game use PAL save data. Apply this patch if you'd like to revert those changes. If you're using cheats on PCSX2, be sure to rename your pnach to reflect the modified executable's new checksum: 6ECC268C.pnach -> 2176D069.pnach No need to do this if you're sticking with the original camera controls and JP save data.
  10. But why? Not only this one is an obsolete, broken older undub, you've already posted a good recent one that superseded it here:
  11. swosho

    gdrive Eternal Poison UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Update: Finally, the video quality has been improved dramatically, which closes the book on technical issues with this undub. And the image has been re-mastered for compatibly with PS3 ofc. This is the last one of my older PS2 undubs to be updated to resolve the PS3 incompatibility, all of them are good now. Hotfix: Fixed a couple of mixed up combat voice clips.
  12. Title ID: SLUS-20475 [Hidden Content] Say goodbye to the godawful English sfx voice clips, everything's undubbed now. I also took the liberty to un-invert the 3rd-person x-axis camera controls, apply this patch in case you'd like to revert that change. If you're playing in widescreen and/or using cheats on PCSX2, be sure to rename your pnaches to reflect the modified executable's new checksum: 62C92B67.pnach -> 2C61B3B1.pnach or if you reverted the camera controls change: 62C92B67.pnach -> 653A0367.pnach
  13. Title ID: SLUS-21020 [Hidden Content] Undubbed thoroughly, the Japanese subtitle timings were also restored. As you may know, the original Gungrave was localised with the Japanese dub intact, yet the sequel wasn't so fortunate. And so, here we are. If you're playing in widescreen and/or using cheats on PCSX2, be sure to rename your pnaches to reflect the modified executable's new checksum: 83C9749E.pnach -> 8135E3D8.pnach
  14. swosho

    Dreamcast GDI Patches

    Thanks a lot, I'll snag the Frame Gride patch! Seeing the obsolete CDIs phased out heals my soul.
  15. Update: Ditched the PAL version and rebuilt the undub in a clean manner for the NTSC-U version, which has a far less glitchier hor+ widescreen hack available. Also mastered the image for compatibility with PS3.
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