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  1. swosho

    gdrive Armored Core UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Update: AC1, Project Phantasma, and Master of Arena now won't be getting stuck onloading screens.
  2. Title ID: SLUS-21206 [Hidden Content] Everything's undubbed, subtitled FMVs. Bleu's SFX voice clips had to be slightly downsampled, and EN-exclusive 677 voiced lines have been made silent to match the Japanese version.
  3. Update 2021-11-25: Corrected the broken sound banks. Title ID: ULUS10410 [Hidden Content] Since I had no access to the game's ToC, some compromises had to be made: ※ All the dialogue voice clips have been compressed... furthermore, 23 of which were marginally truncated, 7 have silence and pauses trimmed nearly completely, and 3 are cutting out a bit too short. ※ 51 of miscellaneous and SFX-type sound banks have been slightly downsampled. ※ One JP-exclusive voice clip wasn't carried over.
  4. @inushiro001 I've replied to you on reddit already, but to reiterate: Sorry for overlooking the PAL version, I'll try to undub it when it'll be time to do some minor polish on this undub.
  5. swosho

    gdrive Eternal Ring UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @OldClassicGamer Crimson Gem Saga and PS2 Dragon Quest VIII come to mind... The voice acting in Eternal Ring is quite a comedic goldmine because of how amusingly bad it is on frequent occasions, but ofc it doesn't aid in enjoying the game unironically.
  6. Title ID: SLUS-20015 [Hidden Content] The voice acting has been made mute to match the Japanese version of the game. Other than that, the opening and ending narration FMVs were undubbed, while the scant sfx voice clips are the same between the versions.
  7. swosho

    Power Stone Collection for PS Vita

    There's no such thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ However, the game runs near-flawlessly at 960x544 using GePatch plugin.
  8. Title ID: SLUS-21165 [Hidden Content] There wasn't much to undub here besides the grating sfx voice clips. On a side note, the game used a JP ISO of Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits as padding data, so the image without it is now less than third of it's original size.
  9. Title ID: SLUS-20016 [Hidden Content] Two voice clips had to be left mute. Seven JP-exclusive voice clips weren't carried over, though they appear to be unused in the Japanese version as well. Also, the subtitles aren't too accurate at times.
  10. I had a copy in my stash: [Hidden Content] rePatch folder only, the game is not included.
  11. swosho

    Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Request

    The song's already in the game data, right? This should be an easy thing to do, I'll look into it.
  12. Pro tip: enclose the links inside the [hide] bbcodes to prolong their longevity
  13. Title ID: SLUS-20249 [Hidden Content] Unlike the audio language toggle code discovered by AceKombat / XMikexSonicX, this undub also addresses the briefing audio, thus making it complete.
  14. Title ID: SLUS-20014 [Hidden Content] Undubbed completely.
  15. Xtreme is fine, the cutscenes there have textboxes just like in Grandia 2.
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