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  1. swosho

    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Update: Fixed the voice clips cutting out short during the psi/image cutscenes. Dreamcast owners, please check if you can if it works on the console this time around.
  2. swosho

    gdrive Unlimited SaGa UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @CSK Yeah, it's... like nothing else out there. The series' seasoned players weren't kidding about how you need to look up how to play the game beforehand or have a bad time all-around otherwise.
  3. swosho

    gdrive Unlimited SaGa UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @OldClassicGamer This one is a special case, since the videos in question are extremely insubstantial and their contents can be comprehended from the context even with no sound tbh + the player can check the subbed cutscenes online at any point. Won't be losing any sleep over posting an incomplete undub like this one. Anyway, thanks for your support! Would've been great to eventually crack the problematic FMVs like these, lots of early PS2 games seem to have the videos encoded in this way, and they're oddly picky in regards to how to mux them, too. The game itself is a diamond in the ro
  4. Title ID: SLUS20678 Size: 3.84 GB / 1.62 GB archived [Hidden Content] Note: The start of the Festival of Regina Leone FMVs (1 per character) are not hardsubbed, you can watch those cutscenes subtitled on YouTube. The Memorial Fires cutscenes are softsubbed. FFX-2 promotional video accessible from the main menu was nuked. I gave up trying to replicate the encoding parameters for the videos, especially the impossible funky GOP sequences, which are contradictory to the supposed original encoding parameters. Same as how it is with the Shadow Hearts' FMVs, all of my reenco
  5. @OldClassicGamer Well, shoot. I imagine the FMV cutscenes weren't altered at that stage in localisation, thus we've possibly separately reached essentially the same point in terms of what's left to undub. Guess I'll still try to wrap it up on my end at some point, just in case. Btw, it's only a speculation on my part but if the thing worked with the localisation prototype build's afs (+ its file table?), then it's also very likely it may work out the same way with the Korean afs & its sound table, no language knowledge required.
  6. swosho

    Tail Concerto PS1 Undub

    It may not look like much but the script varies by quite a margin between the OG and localised FMVs, some people would even call the English script a rewrite. More or less the entire thing have to be retranslated to fit the original dub, though at least the language there is super simple.
  7. @OldClassicGamer Dang, I hope that pre-release localised version with the Japanese dub still in place would make its way to hiddenpalace.org eventually. I've been sitting on a W.I.P. Japanese undub for a while now, though I'm still pondering over the best way to hardsub the FMV cutscenes over the existing Japanese hardsub and have it looking at least half-decently. Glad there's a Korean version in the works too, since I've been anxious about making the Japanese version, as the OG dub was always a Korean one after all.
  8. swosho

    Tail Concerto PS1 Undub

    I think it's better and easier to modify the NTSC release, since it only requires to find and adjust the XA sound pointers and their length values + hardsub the FMVs. Not to mention having to play the inferior 50 Hz version is a big enough of a bummer to skip the game entirely.
  9. And there you have it: Had to jump though some hoops to get the videos done. The game seemed simple enough to work with at first but hoo boy that well went deeper down than expected, glad to finally have it completed. Btw, Unlimited SaGa is set up in exactly the same way, so eventually I might undub that one as well.
  10. Title ID: SLUS21263Size: 4.5 GB / 2.1 GB archived [Hidden Content] Incidentally, it appears like all but four Japanese-exclusive voice clips were restored. FMVs are hardsubbed. Requested by @k1ra
  11. All right, tried to map-out the ISO to some extent (parsing ~48K obfuscated files is no joke...) and do some changes manually on my own, before bothering anyone with requests to make a dumping script. Surprisingly, it worked just as expected on the first try and I got seemingly all of the lines undubbed properly in one go. What's left to do is to check out the suspicious sound banks I spotted and hardsub some FMVs. Edit 1: There's still lots of audio pieces sprinkled all around the ISO and some of them are English voice clips, so this might take a while longer. If blindly working on this
  12. Title ID: UCUS98700 Size: 730 MB / 560 MB archived [Hidden Content] An excellent undub by @AlternativeZero and @Canzah lacked only the undubbed character sfx voice clips, this small and simple addendum amends that oversight.
  13. Title ID: SLUS21338 Size: 2.05 GB / 1.22 GB archived [Hidden Content] Took a while to finish this one. The English version had 222 voiced lines cut, so those voice clips had to go. It also had 23 lines added, though they're all fairly generic and were relatively easy to find the close substitutes for.
  14. Nice suggestion! I took a quick peek at the game and it is actually pretty straightforward to undub, if only the devs wouldn't have appended the actual game data at the end of the ISO just to obfuscate the files, with a lengthy ghost TOC for those hidden within the executable, albeit with a lot of repeating entries I haven't figured out. I'm not smart enough to automate the process of extraction and recalculating the TOC, so I'll try asking around a bit later or simply brutforce the entire thing if possible. In case anyone's interested in taking a look at the game on their own: the TOC st
  15. swosho

    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @Lycian14 Honestly, the "heavily censored" statement is blown way out of proportion. The format is not a problem. CHDMAN can decompress the chd image back to gdi and you can manipulate it form there however you like, although I goofed the cue file, so the game probably won't work as a burned cdi image. I'll try fixing the cue file and have another go with the problematic cutscenes a bit later on.
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