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  1. OldClassicGamer

    Magna Carta: Tears of Blood Undub Request

    @swosho I also hope that debug beta version will be shared one day because aside from Mugi owning it, there is literally no information about this version online. Oh, perhaps I did not make it clear enough in previous post, but the only thing Mugi is making in her undub in Korean is the opening FMV. The main dialogue is still going to be in Japanese because of using files from debug beta version which has Japanese audio and English subs and combining them with retail NTSC-U verison. Using those files makes things a bit easier since they are already matching it instead of manually havng t
  2. OldClassicGamer

    Magna Carta: Tears of Blood Undub Request

    Oh man, Magna Carta... It's on my most wanted undub list too. I know Mugi was working on it for a long time. It's not easy to undub this game due to how audio is being handled. Thankfully, Mugi owns some beta debug version which predates the recorded dub so it uses Japanese dub and English text. While this beta debug is not much useful alone to those who want to fully play the game, it is excellent to be used as a base of undub. I remember her sharing nfo file with some info. From what I know, while she did already complete quite a lot including restoring original Korean opening so
  3. Apparently, USA release kept Japanese voices on disc but they have not programmed any options menu to select them. Thankfully, YouTuber XMikexSonicX posted a code how to enable them so I used their code with PS2 Patch Engine to make the ISO with pre-applied code. The only downside is that short mission briefing voiceover will not play at all but I think that when choosing between a default English version of the game and the version that has no voiceover at all during mission beiefing but has it in Japanese during gameplay, we have a winner. [Hidden Content]
  4. Aside from being a board game, even more weird thing is that it was released on PS1 despite it was year 2003. Like, did anyone even want to make this game sell decent? I can understand that graphically it is maybe more suited for PS1 than PS2 but still.
  5. OldClassicGamer

    GRANDIA - English Patched [NTSC-JP] (ver 0.85)

    Since it says version 0.85, I am wondering is this complete translation or are there some things missing?
  6. OldClassicGamer

    [PS2 ISO Request] Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy 7 NA UnDub

    This game has a "legendary" status of being impossible to undub due to how complex files are apparently. However, I heard that Japanese international version could be set up to have English text and Japanese voices if game is started, save file created and then that safe file edited to change some flag from 0 to 1. I am not an expert when it comes to save file editing so I can't verify if this is true, however this was told to me by a logtime veteran in undubbing scene so I think it is possible.
  7. This is an upload of a previously lost incomplete undub of Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories made by Skyblade. It seems that somehow the link to his patch was fully archived on web.archive which allowed me to even download the needed file. I've patched it onto a clean NTSC-U version using ppf-o-matic3 which came included in the archive. Sadly, Skyblade's undub is incomplete and it only undubbed cutscenes while leaving battle voices in English. One person made an update to Skyblade's undub but never released it publically: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_mbb22fn9U I am uploading
  8. OldClassicGamer

    Xenia (XBOX 360 Emulator)

    Calling something "shitty" just because you can't understand to use it is still not justified. I admit, I use Windows my whole life and I would not manage to use Linux but I would never even think about calling it "shitty" just because I don't know to use it. RPCSX3 is factually very good PS3 emulator if you know to use it correctly. Those who are interested in emulation should just learn how to use it. If I was interested in Linux I surely would not complain and would instead go study how to use it.
  9. Someone added new link on this thread: https://segaxtreme.net/threads/magic-knight-rayearth-uj-final-version-region-free.16645/ I hope it won't get lost again.
  10. OldClassicGamer

    Xenia (XBOX 360 Emulator)

    The fact that you turned off the comments in the video already leaves negative impression because if a person is truly prepared to stand by everything they said, there needs to be room for a debate with people who disagree. As a someone who used emulators for like 2 decades RPCS3 is designed exactly how I want to. Full ability to configure and customize everything to my likings and I would not change a single thing about it. You might not prefer such emulators and thats fine - we all can have different opinions. But I really question your decision to make 30 minute long video and then disab
  11. OldClassicGamer

    Greetings Everyone!

    Very pleased to meet another UnDub Enthusiast here I am currently trying to track down few lost UnDUBs for Xbox 360 but it is proven to be really difficult. I won't lose hope that someone out there has them saved.
  12. The only good thing they did recenrly imo is being dedicated to bring Xbox games on PC such as Halo games, even going that far releasing it on Steam. But sadly, like you said, they usually disappoint.
  13. OldClassicGamer

    Drakengard 2 perfect undub

    The UnDUB that currently exists was done by Netqork. His UnDUBs were usually great so it must mean this game was really tricky for him to undub. I wonder what is he up to these days... Either way, I'm all up for updates of incomplete UnDUBs so I hope it gets made once however I don't think it will be done soon as someone has to make it because only incomplete UnDUB was made so far and since Netqork had issues with it, I can only imagine how complicated it must be. But hey, I hope I am wrong.
  14. OldClassicGamer

    Is There Any Way To Extract N64 ROMs?

    Given how some NDS ROMs can be easily undubbed, I was thinking of trying to tackle Mischief Makers since this game does not have much dialogue and mostly just sound reactions and title screen voice. However, I have found not much information about extracting N64 ROMs so I am curious does such tool exists? It seems that N64 is literally the only console that does not have any UnDUBs made so I am curious if it is really that hard to be done or did people simply not try to do it.
  15. On reddit, one person claims to be able to still run it but some claimed they can't. One person said that crack is being made however I still got no response when I asked for source. I hope it will be made as it would be shame to not have this game archived. It had fun idea and it was something like Dreams but before Dreams was even starting development for PS4. It did not deserve to get killed so early on...
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