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  1. OldClassicGamer

    gdrive Mega Man Powered Up UNDUB (NA)

    It seems that user known as Random Talking Bush ripped textures for the game as seen here: https://www.textures-resource.com/psp/megamanpoweredup/texture/374/ Perhaps, contacting him could help? I could try to ask him. Maybe he can quickly point out how to locate it.
  2. OldClassicGamer

    gdrive Mega Man Maverick Hunter X UNDUB (NA)

    Quite possibly my favourite PSP game ever! Finally, after all those years I will be able to fully enjoy the experience compared to playing the Japanese-only release. I'm also very surprised nobody undubbed this game back when UnDUB Projects were popping up. Better late than never, you did amazing thing by undubbing this game.
  3. OldClassicGamer

    gdrive Mega Man Powered Up UNDUB (NA)

    Thanks a lot for releasing this undub, I have one question though. On Reddit thread, I read that you mentioned you couldn't find textures to uncensor Oil Man. Do you think you could do a quick text swap in Japanese version just how that YouTuber did so that people who don't mind slight Japanese text leftovers can play uncensored version? To quote this YouTuber, he said: I couldn't create a dub of the game, I just replaced the ENG text in the japanese version with edition. also, to unpack the files in the iso try the program ULTRAISO Sounds like a quick swap so do you think it's possible to do it as sort of alternative release? At least as XDelta patch
  4. Very awesome release! Any chance patches for other Crash games exist?
  5. OldClassicGamer

    Looking for Fatal Frame 1 Special Edition Undub

    I have both undubs of Fatal Frame games downloaded from NGR. Not sure if the first one is special edition. Interestingly enough, I got Fatal Frame 1 undub last year in graveyard section. I don't know why was it placed there when the link was working. I can't find the thread now but the MEGA link was working. I think @Yukikouploaded it?
  6. You can play PS3 versions on PC too with RPCS3 emulator. The games are compatible and work good. Don't get me wrong, if complete PS2 undub ever gets made by someone, I'll definitely archive it and upload it but what I am trying to say is that the demand for undubs of PS2 versions is alltime low because undubbed PS3 versions work on PC with RPCS3 in 60 FPS and full HD and owners of modded PS4 can play it on the most definitive way.
  7. Skyblade's old wordpress: https://skybladecloud.wordpress.com/ It's inactive now but I managed to retrieve his files by using Web Archive: https://web.archive.org/ But just letting you know, you won't find there anything that I didn't upload already. He never finished this undub and I provided what he made public. If you want to play undub of this game in its full glory, go for PS3 version undubbed by Flared. It works on RPCS3 as well so you can play it on PC. It's a waste to be looking at PS2 versions at this point since PS3 and PS4 undubs exist.
  8. OldClassicGamer

    gdrive Castle Shikigami 2 UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    With this undub being released, we can now enjoy all three main games with Japanese dub and English text. The first game had a terrible PS2 localization in the West (being released as a fake sequel of another game and having insane changes) but thankfully there is 2017 Steam release that is faithful to the original and now the second and the third one have undubs available
  9. OldClassicGamer

    Truncate ISO Game can it be Completed ?

    I remember before RGH was popular on Xbox 360, many people flashed their DVD drive to make it be able to read backup discs. ImgBurn offers choice to truncate ISO that is being burned since some Xbox 360 ISOs (especially newer) were larger size than Dual Layer DVD. For which system did you ask is it possible to truncate?
  10. OldClassicGamer

    gdrive Unlimited SaGa UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @swoshoI'll try asking around if someone has any tools to suggest regarding FMVs but yeah, like you said, it's all subbed on YouTube plus context is understandable With Scarlet Grace, I am not sure how it goes for the original Vita version, but expanded PC port is very easy to be undubbed. Literally just a swapping as described here: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/SaGa_Scarlet_Grace:_Ambitions Can't believe Square Enix couldn't simply program the main menu option to select audio language...
  11. OldClassicGamer

    gdrive Unlimited SaGa UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Even if beta, thank you so much for releasing it. I strongly stand by and prefer beta undubs than no undubs at all because the experience is definitely gonna be still more enjoyable with beta undub than with English dub With that said, I still hope someone can figure out how to solve locking issues so that all FMVs can be hardsubbed and game still fully playable but regardless, this is a great release and it comes around perfectly just when Square Enix announced SaGa Frontier Remaster
  12. OldClassicGamer

    Magna Carta: Tears of Blood Undub Request

    @swosho I also hope that debug beta version will be shared one day because aside from Mugi owning it, there is literally no information about this version online. Oh, perhaps I did not make it clear enough in previous post, but the only thing Mugi is making in her undub in Korean is the opening FMV. The main dialogue is still going to be in Japanese because of using files from debug beta version which has Japanese audio and English subs and combining them with retail NTSC-U verison. Using those files makes things a bit easier since they are already matching it instead of manually havng to do it for each audio file. I don't think anyone would undergo making a Korean undub because it would require knowing the language to some extent in order to be able to compare Korean audio files with English audio files and undubbing community is mostly unfamiliar with Korean language.
  13. OldClassicGamer

    Magna Carta: Tears of Blood Undub Request

    Oh man, Magna Carta... It's on my most wanted undub list too. I know Mugi was working on it for a long time. It's not easy to undub this game due to how audio is being handled. Thankfully, Mugi owns some beta debug version which predates the recorded dub so it uses Japanese dub and English text. While this beta debug is not much useful alone to those who want to fully play the game, it is excellent to be used as a base of undub. I remember her sharing nfo file with some info. From what I know, while she did already complete quite a lot including restoring original Korean opening song and some hardsubs, the undub is not quite yet ready to be released. She is quite a busy person so I am not sure when will she complete this undub but at least I was able to share some info that there is an undub of this game in the making.
  14. Apparently, USA release kept Japanese voices on disc but they have not programmed any options menu to select them. Thankfully, YouTuber XMikexSonicX posted a code how to enable them so I used their code with PS2 Patch Engine to make the ISO with pre-applied code. The only downside is that short mission briefing voiceover will not play at all but I think that when choosing between a default English version of the game and the version that has no voiceover at all during mission beiefing but has it in Japanese during gameplay, we have a winner. [Hidden Content]
  15. Aside from being a board game, even more weird thing is that it was released on PS1 despite it was year 2003. Like, did anyone even want to make this game sell decent? I can understand that graphically it is maybe more suited for PS1 than PS2 but still.
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