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Downloading and Installling RPCS3 + Firmware - Guide and Best Settings (14/July/2017)

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Downloading and Installling RPCS3 + Firmware


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Installing RPCS3: Download the emulator from the link above, open the rar file with winrar and move all of the content to a desired installation folder example "C:\Emulators\RPCS3" run rpcs3.exe so it can create some user config files

Installing PS3 Firmware: Download the firmware file from the link above, it should be a ".pup" file, open RPCS3 go to File/Install Firmware and go to the location where you downloaded the .pup firmware file, choose it and RPCS3 should now start installing it, after it is done you can delete the pup file if you want

Installing PKG Games: Open RPCS3 go to File/Install .pkg go to the game's pkg file, choose it and RPCS3 should start installing it, after it is done you can delete the pkg file if you want





PPU Decoder :

  • Interpreter (Fast)


  • Recompiler (LLVM) (takes from 1 to 5 minutes to recompile each game when you load it for the first time, but is faster and more precise! So this setting is recommended, it's better to wait five minutes and have a faster game! This only recompiles ONCE PER GAME!)

SPU Decoder: Recompiler (ASMJIT)

Additional Settings: Bind SPU Threads to secondary cores (Tick this if you have an i3 Processor, otherwise leave it unticked), Lower SPU Thread Priority (Tick this if you have an i3 or i5 Processor, otherwise leave it unticked)

Firmware Settings: Automatically Load Required Libraries



Renderer: Vulkan

Graphics Device: Choose your most powerful GPU if you have multiple

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Framelimit: Auto (don't set to 60 or 30, this might speed up or slow down games that have a fps limiter already set in place)

Additional Settings:

  • Tick Write/Read Depth Buffers if you plan on playing Demon's Souls (If a AAA game is having graphical issues tick this and see if it is fixed)
  • Tick Invalidate Cache Every Frame (This improves shadows on a few games, if you have a slow PC untick it and tick only if you have graphical issues related to shadow)
  • Tick Use GPU Texture Scaling (At the moment it only works with OPENGL and we're using VULKAN in this Config, but might as well tick it already for when this gets updated for VULKAN, if you're getting graphical issues related to textures, untick this)
  • Use Vertical Sync (This is optional, turning it off might give you a FPS boost, but you might have screen tearing)
  • Stretch to Display Area (This is optional, this overrides the aspect ratio and stretches the image to the window size so it's not recommended)

Resolution: 1920x1080 OR 1280x720 (Other resolutions might not be supported by most games so choose between these two depending on your PCs power CPU/GPU)

Debugging Settings: Leave these unticked they're only useful for developers



Audio Out: If you're on Windows use XAudio2, if you're on Linux use ALSA (OpenAL is faster but has worse quality)

Audio Settings:

  • Dump to File: Leave this unticked (This will place all the game's audio files in a folder in a raw wave file)
  • Convert to 16-bit (Tick this if you're having audio issues and see if the issue is fixed)
  • Downmix to Stereo (If you're on Windows tick this if you're only hearing part of the audio, like only voices but no music. If you're on Linux Tick this as it is required with ALSA UNLESS you're using surround speakers)



Controller Handler:

  • If you have a Ps4 controller choose Dualshock 4
  • If you have an Xbox360 or Xbox One controller choose Xinput
  • If you have a Generic USB or PS3 Controller choose MMJoystick

Keyboard Handler: Basic

Mouse Handler: Basic

Camera Input: Leave this unticked as this does nothing yet, but for future reference, this is optional, choose what you want

Camera Settings: Leave it unticked as this does nothing yet



Console Language: Choose whatever you want, but in certain games you need to change the console language to the game's language for them to boot

Console Region: If and when available set to Auto

Homebrew: Leave this unticked unless you plan on running homebrew stuff



Network Status: Leave as Disconected (This only fakes a network status it doesn't actually do anything but that, RPCS3 DOES NOT SUPPORT NETWORK CONNECTIONS YET)



Emulator Settings:

  • Exit RPCS3 when process finishes (Optional, this closes the program if a game is closed or crashes)
  • Automatically start games after boot (Tick this, otherwise when you boot a game the game window won't open)
  • Start games in Fullscreen mode (Optional, pretty self explanatory)
  • Show framerate counter in window title (Optional, tick this if you want to see your framerate (fps) in the window title (in the top bar of the window))

UI Configurations: Choose Current Settings

UI Settings: You might want to save current settings if you made changes to the UI




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