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  1. Ravenstorm

    Super Mario Bros. 3

    Best Mario Game ever made.
  2. Ravenstorm


    Welcome @JaxRipperalways nice to see a new face around here, even if it is a terrified one.
  3. Wait, this is.. RECENTLY?! Whooa. You're gonna be busy. Last here would be GreedFall GOG edition.
  4. Ravenstorm

    Just wanted to give a heads up

    Wasn't Starcraft Ghost canceled? Or is it some kind of test version? I remember really being excited for it...it's really too bad.
  5. Ravenstorm

    mega Star Ocean The Second Story Undub

    Quite possibly my favorite game of all time. The only downside was the terrible dub, but now...! I kinda want to replay it!
  6. Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Sword Art Online Hollow Realization
  7. Ravenstorm

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Ribs and a double cheeseburger. And coffee!
  8. Ravenstorm

    mega Dawn of mana Undub

    This uploader typically requires you PM them for the password.
  9. Sounds like most people fix it with reboot, rebuilding the database, or disable offending plugins that don't work with certain games. Source: https://wololo.net/2016/07/30/henkaku-fix-error-c2-12828-1/ Another Source: https://fixoserror.com/error-c2-12828-1/ ^ Seems more up to date.
  10. Ravenstorm

    yandex The Fifth Element (1997)

    Dazed and Confused.. a movie I never got around to watching and forgot about. Now I have reason to look into it!
  11. Ravenstorm

    yandex The Fifth Element (1997)

    She was no doubt the best part of the movie. I feel silly I didn't even realize it was her. O_O I love all her Resident Evil movies and also Ultra Violet lol
  12. Funny for me it was never about the gaming, it's about being online and having an infinite amount of stuff to look at or read about. I think the internet really messed stuff up since people are online for practically everything now. For me the social aspect of the internet is crumbling though. It doesn't seem like people seek active friendships like the 2000-2010s. All posts I see everywhere is people just promoting themselves in selfies, streams, Facebook shares, tweets, etc. Forums are dwindling down because people just want quick instant satisfaction with zero effort.
  13. Ravenstorm

    yandex The Fifth Element (1997)

    This one of the most confusing and odd sci fi movies I've ever watched.
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