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  1. Today I wanna show everyone how you can stream your PS4 directly to your PC using a LAN cable attached directly from your PS4 to your laptop or PC. This is more geared towards people with laptops or Windows based tablets who want to play ps4 games if they don't wanna connect directly to a TV or use remote play through the internet which will cause lag and delays. This method is going to be doing a direct connection from your PS4 to your PC/Laptop. I have tested this myself and had to figure things out. The advantages of doing this is no lag/delays, no dips in quality from streaming and no controller input lag. You will not be connecting to sony's servers which cuts out another point of Delay/Lag (NOTE): This is easiest using Windows 10 because windows 10 has a built in WiFi hotspot option. (NOTE 2): Only Windows 8.1+ is supported due to Sony's remote play not supporting Windows 7 or Windows 8 (NOTE 3): the initial setup will require your PS4 hooked up to a TV as you can not change NETWORK settings while using remote play (NOTE 4): You may have to sign in the first on the remote play program it is a one time thing and you will not need to do that in the future as it is completely offline. (NOTE 5): The WIFI Hotspot in Windows 10 will shut off after 10 minutes or so due to nothing being "connected to it" this is OK as the Hotspot is only used as a bridge for the initial remote play connection and will still function after remote play has started and 10 minutes has passed. (Note 6): The Standard PS4 can only output remote play at 720p while the PS4 Pro can output remote play at 1080p. Both can do 60FPS though. In the remote play pc program settings select the high frame rate option. Steps: 1. Download the PS4 remote play program https://remoteplay.dl.playstation.net/remoteplay/lang/en/index.html 2. Download the latest PS4 Remote Play Auto-Patcher. This will allow you to use remote play offline without having to connect through Sony's servers. Download it here: https://github.com/MysteryDash/Offline-PS4-Remote-Play/releases 3. Install the PS4 remote play program then before you run the program use the Auto-Patcher you downloaded which will automatically patch the program for offline use. 4. Connect your PS4 to your Laptop/PC directly with a LAN cable. (The LAN connection will be listed as unidentified network and say no internet. This is normal.) If you are using Windows 10 continue following this. Windows 8.1 users please follow the guide in the windows 8.1 section below: 5. Right click on the wifi icon on the bottom right and select "Open Network and Internet Settings" click "Change Adapter Settings" right click on the wifi adapter and click properties. Click the sharing tab and check the box that says "Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection" and click ok. 6. On your computer click the notifications/options button on the bottom right of the screen (next to the time and date) and click "Mobile Hotspot" (This is how we are bridging our connections to connect directly to the PS4. You are not actually connecting through the Hotspot) 7. On your PS4 go to Settings and then Network and run the setup with LAN selected instead of WIFI. Do the default/automatic setup. Nothing needs to be changed (If you are using a hacked PS4 you can setup the DNS if you need) and run a network test to confirm everything connects. 8. On the PC run the PS4 remote play program, Adjust settings if needed, Hook up your controller and click start. The program will say searching nearby and in a few seconds will say connecting (If it says searching online for ps4 make sure the wifi hotspot is on as it turns off after about 10 minutes of nothing being connected to it) 6. You are all set! Enjoy playing! Windows 8.1 Wifi hotspot setup guide: This is more complicated getting a Hotspot setup on windows 8.1 due to it not having the function built in as an option but can be done. Follow this guide here to set it up https://lifehacker.com/turn-a-windows-8-1-pc-into-a-wi-fi-hotspot-with-the-com-1593327340 and then once that is done continue onto step 5 above and ignore step 6. Not many people will have a use for this but I find it nice if you wanna play your PS4 games in a more comfortable setting without lag or are on a trip where you don't have access to a TV. If you have any questions or I missed something or need to add anything please let me know in the comments! This is my first tutorial and took a lot of trial and error getting working but I use this all the time. Thanks!
  2. How to download and install PS3 games from NGR [Requirements] Jailbroken PS3 A computer (ill be using windows 7 for this example but pretty much anything will work) USB memory stick of 8GB or larger multiMAN already installed on your ps3 FileZilla (or a FTP client of your choosing but i would highly recommend FilaZilla) WinRAR 5.21 / 7-Zip 15.12 or newer (I'll be using WinRAR when we get up to that bit) So a few extra things befoul we start. I'm going to be going over this from a very basic point of view so some more advanced users may not get much out of this post. This is also not the best way of doing some of this but it is the most simplest. Also there are two main formats for game dump, "Folder" and ".PKG" and I will be going over both of them but .PKG will be first so if you do need to install multiMAN you can use that as a guide. Sadly I wasn't able to work out how to take screenshots of the PS3's XMB without a capture card and I spent like 2 days trying to at some point i'm just going to have to wright this thing and leave out a few screenshots but I will do my best to explain it all [Install a .PKG game via USB] First of we are going to need to take your USB stick and plug it into your computer, Then go to "Computer" or "This PC" on your computer Then right click on your USB stick and go to Properties, we want to make sure our USB stick is formatted to FAT32 to the PS3 can read it and has enough space for the PKG we want to install If your USB isn't formatted properly there is meant to be a format button at the bottom but its missing on my computer O.o? but my computer is broken soo yeah moving on We need a .PKG game to install so lets download Jet Set Radio from here When you have that downloaded you should just have a PKG file now, you want to copy that PKG file over to the root of the USB stick like this It can not be in any folders or anything otherwise the PS3 wont be able to find it Once Windows or whatever OS you using has done coping that you can remove your USB stick from you computer and put it into a free USB port on your PS3. Any will do but the one on the far right is technically best but it really doesn't matter providing you don't have have other USB sticks already in your PS3 Now you want to navigate to the Game Section and then to ★Install Package Files and we should see our NPEB00924-[Jet Set Radio].pkg file there On ReBug CFWs only: (you can skip ahead if you can see the pkg alredy) In the Game section you want to select ★Package Manager instead then select ★Install Package Files and then select Standard and we should see our pkg file Now you can see the NPEB00924-[Jet Set Radio].pkg file there you can simple select it and a install progress bar will appear. Now we just wait till the PS3 has finished installing our PKG file and when the install has finished you can simple just press back. Now we should be back at the Game section and you should see Jet Set Radio at the top there someone and you can run and play it now just like any other legit PSN game you would of downloaded [Installing a Folder game FTP] For this tutorial we are going to use @Yukiko's copy of CoD Black Ops, hope you don't mind senpai So on Yukiko's thread you want to scroll down to Download: and unhide the hidden content then, download BOTH parts from Mega Once you have both parts download into the same place on your computer, right click on the part1.rar go to WinRAR and then Extract to Call_of_Duty.....\ What we are doing here is extracting both parts to one single folder. As Yukiko has pack this properly you could just pick Extract Here to save our self's from folder inception but most people don't and it takes to long to check every time so I always do the Extract to folder thing out of habit At this point a password prompt will appear, Now go back to Yukiko's thread and find the Password: section and copy it into the Enter password box in WinRAR and then press OK If you get a "The specified password is incorrect." error try unpacking it again and double checking the password to make sure there isn't a space in front of it. And now we wait awhile for this to unpack... Once WinRAR has done it's thing that window will close and you will be lift with a "Call_of_Duty_Black_Ops_READNFO_JPN_JB_PS3-Caravan" folder, enter that folder and you will find a "BLJM60287-[Call of Duty Black Ops Dubbed JAP]" folder and a "cvn-codbofjb.nfo" file. That nfo file is the ReadMe so for now we just want to focus on the new folder we have Back over on the PS3 boot up multiMAN Then go over to settings and select System Information Note down your IP Address we are going to need it for later. If you don't see a IP Address there you will have make sure your PS3 is connect to your local network Now go down to FTP Service and set it to Enable (No Timeout) and reboot multiMAN for good measure the role back over to your computer and boot up FileZilla In the Host: text box at the top of FileZilla you want to enter your IP Address of your PS3 and then click Quickconnect and the the rest of the info will be auto filled out for you Now on the Remote site: side of FileZilla (which is your PS3 BTW) you want to navigate to dev_hdd0 Then simple Drag'n'Drop the "BLJM60287-[Call of Duty Black Ops Dubbed JAP]" folder to the GAMES folder Not the game folder If you don't have a GAMES folder for some reason you can make a new one by right clicking on dev_hdd0 at the top and click Create director and then type GAMES like this The game folder is where the ps3 stors your legit pkg installed games the GAMES folder is where all the folder games and ISOs(i think) are stored onto your ps3 Ok so after you have Drag'n'Droped your CoD folder to your GAMES folder and FileZilla copys all the files have successful transferred across to the PS3 we can close FileZilla and go back to the PS3 Now you Should still have multiMAN open so go across to the Game section and scroll to the top and select Refresh After the little arrows have finished spinning around your games list will re-render Now when you scroll through your games list you should see a Call of Duty®: Black Ops game has now be installed so you can select it to load the game Your PS3 will make a beep and verify some data and the kick you back to the PS3s XMB main menu this is normal Scroll up in your game list and near the top you should now see a blu-ray has been magically inserted into your PS3 if you go to that blu-ray it will now say Call of Duty®: Black Ops and you can now run the game just as you would if you had a legit blu-ray inserted into your PS3 And with that I hope i covered everything, kinda annoying i couldn't screenshot my PS3 and this took way longer to make then it should of but yeah hope it helps you and feel free to leave a comment if you have any issues Special Thanks to @RyouBakura for helping me recovering this thread after my browser crashed
  3. Thanking the bus driver in Fortnite became something of an in-joke for players for some time, until it was finally introduced as a fun little feature in 2018. It's simple enough to do, but if you're wondering, this page explains how to thank the bus driver in Fortnite on all platforms, so you can be the polite and respectful citizen we know you all are. Thankfully it's a simple one! To thank the bus driver, you just need to press whatever button brings up the Emotes wheel for you on your current platform - and, of course, you need to still be inside the battle bus. You'll spot people doing it from the moment you get into the bus, which looks like this: Here's a rundown of all the different inputs for the various platforms. How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite on all platforms: Thank the bus driver PC - Press 'B' on the keyboard while inside the Battle Bus. Thank the bus driver PS4 - Press 'Down' on the D-pad while inside the Battle Bus. Thank the bus driver Xbox One - Press 'Down' on the D-pad while inside the Battle Bus. Thank the bus driver Nintendo Switch - Press 'Down' on the D-pad while inside the Battle Bus. Thank the bus driver Mobile and Tablets - Press the 'Emote' button in the top right corner of the screen while inside the Battle Bus. Here's the little bit of on-screen dialogue you'll see to confirm you have indeed successfully thanked the bus driver: When you've done it, you'll notice the name will appear in orange as opposed to red in that bottom left corner. Note that those above controls will be different if you've re-mapped the button for 'Emotes' at any point - either way, it's the same as the Emote button in-game!
  4. How to Reveal Hidden Content Oh no! A wild Hidden Content box has appeared! No worries, it's easy to defeat. If you need to reveal Hidden Content, there are two simple ways to do so. Method One Reply to the topic, it's as simple as that. Please do try to type at least one complete sentence. It helps motivate people to contribute more, which means - more stuff for you! Method Two If you are too busy, shy, or just plain lazy, that's okay, there is another way to reveal Hidden Content. The Almighty Method Two has your back! See the colorful little "Reaction" button circles at the bottom right corner of the post? Yeah, those! All you need to do click one of them. The Heart is a "Like", the Up arrow is an "Upvote", and the Down arrow is a "Downvote". Click any one of these Reactions and the content will be revealed! Clicking the Green or Blue Reaction is highly recommended (that is, if the link was legit) for maximum happiness and good feelz . After *CLICK* or REPLY, look what happens next! Muhaha! You have defeated the Hidden Content box! Now, try clicking the > Reveal hidden contents button. Sweet~! The Download link is now ready to be looted. Now, some folks may wonder why we have Hidden Content boxes at all. Well, the reasons are because it 1. protects the link better 2. lets the uploaders know that their time, effort, and contribution was appreciated and recognized. The boxes aren't by any means there to annoy people, they are there to help ensure that the content has the best chances of staying up for you.
  5. NoNpDRM Information What is NoNpDRM?: In a nutshell, this plugin allows you to bypass DRM protection on any PS Vita content. (More Info found Here) What's the advantage of NoNpDRM over MaiDump or Vitamin?: NoNpDRM is a application free, "Drag and Drop" type of tool. Meaning you simply drag files on to your Vita, refresh the live area, and then you can play right away! Is it dangerous to go online/Possible to update NoNpDRM games?: Not at all! You can play online with people/parties with no worries. (No Ban Reports that have been backed with source. Only thing to really be concerned with is Trophy Hacks) Yes, you can update NoNpDRM games using the official update button on the Vita/Bubble. Can I still mod/use the NSFW/Translation Mods that have been posted for MaiDump games?: Yes! There's a different method, but yes you can. (More Information Here) Is Enso Required to run?: Although on the GitHub it does not say it's required, I would recommend using it to prevent issues, as some users have had issues with out it. Now on to the good stuff! NoNpDRM Plugin Installation Step 1: Download NoNpDRM from here: https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/NoNpDrm/releases (The latest of this writing is 1.1) ***NOTE***: This step may be different for you, so read carefully. I personally used SD2Vita and have it mounted as ux0, and my "tai" folder is in ur0, check where yours is before just copying and pasting! Step 2. Move the "nonpdrm.skprx" file downloaded above into your tai folder, again, mine is in ur0. Step 3. Open your config.txt found in the tai folder, and add "ur0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx" under *KERNEL. Like so: (*Note* My Config might be different than yours, only add the nonpdrm line for this tutorial, all the others are not a part of this tutorial) Step 4. Reboot the Vita! You're done! That's all it takes to install the plugin. (If your Vita gets stuck on the Molecule Logo (if you have Enso installed), that means you've configured the config.txt incorrectly. Hold the Power button for 30 second, enter the safe menu, hold the L trigger when you hit Restart, and try again.) As I said earlier, there is no app, or bubble that represents that it's been installed. On to the next part, installing a game! NoNpDRM Game Installation For this example, we're going to use Limbo found Here. (Thanks @SaffronXL for the rip!) Once that's downloaded, extract it using 7zip/WinRAR. ***If you see an empty folder, you have to disable "Hide Protected Operating System Files" in Folder Settings.*** You should now see an "app" folder, followed by "PCSE00268" inside of the "app" folder. Now, to install the game, simply drag the "PCSE00268" folder into the "app" folder on your Vita. https://i.imgur.com/VDtuNhz.gifv Now, wait until that is done. Once it's done transferring over, back all the way out in VitaShell (Minimum Version 1.70 of VitaShell REQUIRED) until you see all of the Partitions. (os0,pd0, etc., etc.,) Hit Triangle, then hit "Refresh livearea". Let that complete, and it should say "Refreshed 1 Item(s)" If you get a menu that says "Refreshed 0 Item(s)" - That means the NoNpDRM plugin isn't set up correctly. Go through the settings and config.txt to verify everything is correct. And you're done! You can now leave VitaShell, and you'll see the game on the last page of the LiveArea! That's the meat of it! A couple games are different with Patched and Content, but you just drag those into the content and patch folders, exactly like you did with app. Misc Links NoNpDRM Megathread: If you come across any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below, or shoot me a PM! I'll gladly help anyone having issues!
  6. hey guys i was asked if i could make a small guide for those of you who are struggling to get PC Engine games running on there vita and since this will be a fairly short and straight forward guide i thought i would also include the PSVita PKG Downloader/Converter batch file i wrote for myself to download/extract the following: Vita Games Vita Updates Vita DLC PS1 Games PSP Games PSP DLC PSP MINIS PSP NEO GEO PSP PC Engine PSP Themes i did not create the programs it comes with, i only wrote and tested the batch file itself. PC Engine Guide (NPS Browser): PC Engine Guide (PSVita PKG Downloader/Converter): If you have any questions please let me know thanks. Download Link: PSVita PKG Downloader/Converter Update: Updated PSVita PKG Downloader/Converter To Include zRIF Options: If you want to download updates using Vita Game Update Checker use this as a guide:
  7. Warlord Blade

    tutorial Topic TAGging Guide.

    § OVERview: This forum SOFTware uses Topic tags to GROUP Topics which have the SAME tags. § INFORMation: When a tag is CLICKed, the forum will SEARCH the DATAbase to find MATCHes of that tag on OTHER Topics and SHOW the RESULTs. § USage: ● On the “Create New Topic” web-page, in the “Tags” section, ● In your Topic, under the “Started by”, click the PLUS button, INput the text. When there are MANY pieces of text TO be ENTERed, USE TWO commas to SEPARATE the text. § NOTEs: 1. When MANY tags are INputted using this method, the forum will REcord it as a SINGLE tag — to FIX this, click the “Save” button Again 2. IF the text INcludes a comma, the forum will RE-move it — RE-place the comma with a SPACE 3. The forum will CONVERT the characters to LOWer case when saved 4. BASIC tags for a Topic: a. File HOST └ IGNORE the DEfault Topic PRE-fix tags when creating a Topic — it is OUT-dated └ IF the DOWNload URLs ALL use the SAME file host — USE that file host as the Topic tag pre-fix └ Use the domain of the file host, EXclude the “.com” └ IF the file(s) are hosted on MULTIPLE hosts — use “multi” as the Topic tag pre-fix, include the INDIVIDUal hosts as separate tags b. OFFICial content name └ REfer to Wikipedia └ IF it can NOT be found on Wikipedia — use GameFAQs └ IF the content is part of a SERIES — one tag will be the BASE series name and AN-other for the SUB-title/REST of the NAMEd title └ IF the title has a NUMBER/ROMAN NUMERal — ignore it └ IF the content is a RE-boot/RE-imagining/RE-make — do NOT include the year it was released └ IF the content is a album/movie — do NOT include the year it was released c. Edition └ OMIT the word “edition” from the tag d. Platform └ AS it is on the official PACKaging └ Include the OWNer of the platform e. File EXTENsion └ Include the period in the tag f. TnW g. REGion └ FOR DISC-based games, use ntsc/pal └ For CARTridge-based games, use eu/us/jp/au/ko h. Languages i. Genre 5. Forum MODerators MAY ALTer the tags to REfine it. § EXAMPLEs: Note: 4a. google drive | mega.nz | nofile.io └ multi,,google drive,,mega.nz 4b. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 IS Resident Evil,,Revelations 4c. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is Street Fighter,,Arcade 4d. PC is microsoft,,windows | Switch is nintendo,,switch | PlayStation 4 is sony,,ps4 4e. .bin | .iso | .mkv 4f. tnw 4g. ntsc-j | ntsc-u | pal └ eu | us | ww 4h. english | japanese 4i. racing | rhythm. § CONvention: Topic tags are STRONGly ENcouraged. It is VITAL to BUILDing a robust AND flexible system to group Topics which contain SIMILAR content across the database. — Warlord Blade
  8. § OVERview: This Topic NOTIFies you mega.nz has RE-enforced their bandwidth limit Against third party software AND presents the SOLUtion. § INFORMation: Mega.nz ALLOWs free users to download 5 GB EVERY 6 hours. Their system uses your IP address to track your bandwidth usage. § PROblem: MegaDownloader shows the speed as 0 KB\s for the downloading file. § REASON: Mega.nz has REVISed their platform to EN-force their bandwidth limitation against third party software which PREviously allowed users to circumvent it. § Solution: 1. Download AND install CyberGhost VPN 2. LAUNCH CyberGhost, click the THIRD tile: “Protect Network/Wi-Fi” 3. AFTer you have a connection, launch MegaDownloader to START/REsume the download └ IF necessary, SWITCH to ANother IP to CONtinue. — Warlord Blade
  9. Warlord Blade

    tutorial MENTION Feature.

    § OVERview: The Mention feature is a method to GET the ATTENTion of a member. § INFORMation: The person BEing mentioned will RECEIVE a Notification of that post instance. § USage: In the editor, type the @ symbol, a space character AND the member’s user-name WHEN the drop-down list appears CLICK on the member’s name. § NOTEs: 1. This feature will NOT recognize the text when it is pasted — it MUST be TYPEd into the editor 2. There is NO BBcode equivalent to this feature 3. There MUST be a space BEfore the @ symbol └ EXCEPT when it is used at the START of a line 4. The items in the drop-down list can NOT be hightlighted using the ARROW keys. § CONvention: USE this feature INstead of quoting members’ posts. — Warlord Blade
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