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  1. If I didn't already have this on the PC I would of definitely tried it out! Oh and, Origami best girl. Have a nice day!
  2. Ravenstorm

    Hi from hell

    Hi from the Sky! I've been to Hell already this year I think I'll stay up here a while~
  3. Ravenstorm

    giveaway Free Steam Keys

    The game doesn't show in library for some reason after you accept it.
  4. Ravenstorm

    game Games from Web&Me

    My epic game library backlog is already starting to rival my Steam one soon!
  5. Ravenstorm

    Hi from germany

    Hi from USA. It's always exciting to meet people from other countries besides the one I live in~
  6. Ravenstorm

    news PSA: Brickers Abound (External Links)

    Oh yea, I always normally expect the worse when it comes to homebrew..hehe..
  7. Ravenstorm

    news PSA: Brickers Abound (External Links)

    Wasn't this just for Wii?
  8. Ravenstorm

    gdrive Bulk Rename Utility

    To be honest I never met anyone that actually used it haha. I only recently found out about it a few years ago. Would of been nice to have known earlier. A lot of people may never even of thought to look for it. I ..used to MANUALLY rename 100s of files...then I saw this one day. Thinking, why didn't I look for something like this sooner?! I can't be the only one who did this, could I? I hope not, haha... This section needed some life anyway. Admittedly the gigantic GUI intimidated me at first, but I got used to it. Even though I used it before sometimes I forget how to exactly order the changes. The preview helps me with that.. Then I discovered the command line version and have been happy ever since.
  9. Ravenstorm

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum hope to see you around!
  10. Ravenstorm

    gdrive Bulk Rename Utility

    Great utility I use it quite a bit. I prefer the command line version though since i can instantly organize folders with a batch file as i drop files in them.
  11. Ravenstorm


    Welcome to NGR nice to meet you @FordMondeoMan
  12. Ravenstorm

    ps vita bricked?

    I had this happen before. I held power for a really long time, several times, and it FINALLY turned on. I had the exact issue, thought my Vita was gone for good. It seems to happen when I used the web browser too much.
  13. Ravenstorm

    game Games from Web&Me

    Darn, missed that Assassins Creed Brotherhoood..south korea only though =(
  14. Fire Emblem Three Houses (Blue Team 4eva)
  15. I'll try it. The companion system sounds awesome, that definitely the will be the winning point for me.
  16. Heh people just won't let WW2 stuff die. Even me, playing Azur Lane with WWII ships thinking them as waifu material (Javelin best waifu ship btw)...somehow these horrible atrocities turned into entertainment over the years. It's kinda messed up. >_<
  17. Most anime go maybe 13 episodes, so it's easy to complete multiple anime in a few months. I'm still watching GeGeGe Kitaro though, one that does go on for quite a while. I'm on episode 64 now. Still loving it. Thanks to My Anime List app, I can easily keep track of anime that I drop and restart now.
  18. Ravenstorm

    my top recommended animes personally

    Never too old to get back into newer anime. Animation and art quality has improved immensely over the years. It's a perfect time to get restarted! @trolltyg Isekai Quartet anime was surprisingly funny, highly recommended if you watched Tanya the Evil, Overlord, Re;Zero, and Konosuba. The Helpful Fox Senko-san is a really cute one too, if you like slice of life. Just don't read the comments anywhere.. Also, anyone know of a new anime streaming source? Kissanime and Gogoanime has turned into crap lately with their forced ads and pop up blocker penalties..
  19. Ravenstorm

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Looking at a naughty picture of Toki. Isn't she just so naughty looking here? :3
  20. Ravenstorm

    humour Famous NGR quotes

  21. Ballsmander Ballsasaur Balls Catchem Hitmonballs Disney's The Little Balls Balls Lightyear Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Balls Next Gen Balls ElBallsDestroyer @ElTacoDestroyer I couldn't resist the perfect setup there. iBalls The power of balls (friendship) conquers all. Would you like balls (fries) with that? Nothing is certain, but death and balls (taxes).
  22. Ravenstorm

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Getting my free Annual Credit Reports. Equifax decided to not work online, so now I'm worried about fraud.
  23. Ravenstorm

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Cheerios and Coffee
  24. The game of life is taking over my life lately. Struggle to find work, get a car, and juggle 2 sickly parents while trying to keep my center, lol.
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