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MaiDumpTool v233.2zEx

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An update to MaiDumpTool was released last night, the changelog is listed below:

------------------------ Version v233.2zEx: ---------------

● Support for 'stubborn' games, such as dumping root

● Solved maybe some strange bugs?

The direct link to LioMajor's english translated version is listed below:

This is the hidden content, please

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hi guys just wanting to ask something sorry if its daft . every time i try dump a game maidumptool starts the manual for the game then hangs and hard powers off my vita after a few attempts it will start the dump most the time my question is . Is there any specific reason for this happening or is it just a hit and miss scenario with maidumptool ? I'm not really bothered by it just a pain having to restart my vita and reinstall henkaku every time i try dump a game and was interested to know if there's something i can do to stop this thanks for your time

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Hi all - I have downloaded and installed this latest version and it works well. But is there any way of changing the font to plain white ?

I can remove the background picture to make it plain black but I cant change the text to white.

I'm only asking because the background picture and the colour of font used can sometimes make things hard to read.

Any help would be great thanks

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