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  1. [Prologue] hi guys, i just want to share a little from my experience here at NGR. i'm pretty much certain that most ppl in this community are experienced user for the vita scene. but for noobs and idiots like me, a simple error when installing or launching a game, or an error when simply just viewing a file, fells like a heart attack. as you can imagine, that is not very pleasant. after trying so much effort but none of them seems right, i came spamming the chat box here (>_<), & asking questions that at a certain point, i was pretty sure very annoying to some ppl. even tho
  2. Bian Zoldark

    PS VITA ERROR NP-6158-0

    only one more........ just close or delete this thread. i dont want people to troll or necro in here. thanks \^_^/
  3. Bian Zoldark

    PS VITA ERROR NP-6158-0

    make sens..... i used amphetamine & vitacheat, plugins. I'll try to disabling them. EDIT : dude, you're right. its the plugins that trouble the girls....... geezz !-_- EDIT 2 : i think its vitacheat that makes the girls cried thank you so much dude
  4. Bian Zoldark

    PS VITA ERROR NP-6158-0

    can anyone here provide a solution or workaround for error code NP-6158-0 ? this crap just happened after i rebuild my trophy data from ux0: & ur0: and only for a specific game title => Criminal Girls 1 i tried reinstall the game vpks, mai & nonpdrm versions. i tried re-install henkaku & reinstall enso, even the firmware OFW 3.60 itself. but still the same. i looked into wiki for vita on error code but found nothing. i'm running on psvita tv on usb hdd 500gb, adrenaline, usbmc, maidumps, and other plugins worked just fine. any help or suggestions are muc
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