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Nintendo Switch Surpasses Lifetime PlayStation Vita Sales Within Japan


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The Switch has this week reinforced its position as the top portable video game system in Japan by surpassing the local lifetime sales count of Sony's PlayStation Vita.

The Vita had a significant headstart, launching in Japan in 2011, compared to Nintendo's hybrid device which released domestically last March. There's been a recent surge in Switch sales leading into the holiday period and following the release of

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In less than two years of availability within Japan, the Switch has now shifted more than

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(approx. 6,112,100). In the past week, the system sold another 281,222 units. The Vita's current total sits at 5,955,448 units and is unlikely to see a return to form with Sony
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in September it was stepping away from the handheld game business in 2019 and had no plans for a future portable device.

On both occasions, Sony's handheld systems have failed to make an impact when compared to Nintendo's portable hardware. This includes the company's inability to match the sales momentum of the DS and 3DS, allowing Nintendo to then dominate the small-screen video game market with key franchises on Switch such as Mario and Pokémon.


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Honestly don't know what can save them now. Nintendo's practicality really smashed it this round. PS4 went for ultra hardware with the 4K and VR, but it bombed badly. Vita never got away from the poor mini PS4 and niche game corner, sadly.

Switch also had BOTW, a Wii U game, really help get it on the map though, so it did kinda piggyback it in a way. Switch confused me at first, it seemed like just the Wii U with the controller. I wonder how well it will survive on ports now that all its major titles are released?

I still don't think the Switch is a true otg portable, it's just so delicate compared to the tough feel of the Vita and 3DS. Cam dropped [pronoun] once and the joycon rails got bent, that is really weak lol. >.>

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