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 V8 Supercars Australia 2
V8 Supercars Race Driver 3
TOCA Race Driver 2 (In the US)
DTM Race Driver 2 (In Germany)

Tested and Working:
Mod-chipped Xbox v1.6, EvoX BIOS, using the nkpatcher ISO attacher chain loader.
Mod-chipped Xbox v1.4, EvoX BIOS, using the nkpatcher ISO attacher chain loader.

This upload also includes a pre configured attacher xbe to run on your original xbox, if XISO loading is setup in your bios.
Just copy the game folder with the defult.xbe and game iso to your xbox like you would any other game.
If the game boots to a black screen, then reboots back into your dash, you need to patch your bios.
A tutorial for this will be made soon™
This game series has a sorta confusing naming scheme as it appears to be a re-skin of TOCA Race Driver 2 and is the 5th game in the TOCA series according to 

This is the hidden content, please
This upload has also been tested and confirmed working with Insignia. TOCA Race Driver 2 doesn't seem to have any version mismatch issues like other games (You will still get ping walled if you have bad ping to other players though), but it does require an ACL patch to run as a Folder XBE, said patching i'm trying to move away from.
Said patching or other game modifications are not required for XISOs.





This is the hidden content, please

Password for RAR file:

Edited by MobCat
Updated to XISO
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11 hours ago, charlizard said:

Yeah, I've been trying to find the english pal release of burnout 3...not happening XD 


I have that one.... but I didn't upload it as A: it's the classics version :( and B: I didn't think there was any difference between the US and english pal version and we already have the US version up


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