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Quake Xmas Jam 2018 is live!


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Quake Xmas Jam 2018

So yes 22 years later people still make mods for quake.. even me :nepyah: so yeah dumptruck_ds has upload hes map pack of 21 new christmas themed maps for quake. This pack dose not add any new weapons or monsters just good old demon slaying goodness in a winter winder land 


To download the pack and get it working head on over to the

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 and click the quaketastic.com
once the zip downloads you want to unpack the contents of that zip to a new folder called xmasjam2018
now you want to make a new .bat file, name it something like xmasjam2018.bat then enter and save the flowing command
[replace with the name of your quake engiens].exe -game xmasjam2018
Now run the bat file and you should be good to go
The recomand source port engiens to use for this is Quakespasm or Mark V i did test it with fitzquake and darkplaces but the transparency wasn't working 


Now this is cool and all but not everyone has a copy of quake lying around so I got you :KannaWave:
I packed everything you need all up and tested it for you because I :<3: you guys. This also means you get a full copy of quake one aswell 

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So as I said this is a full copy of quake 1 (minus the DLCs) and the xmas jam 2018 map pack all in one running on the 

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engine (They have the worst website)

To play quake just run the quakespasm.exe
To play the Xmas Jam 2018 map pack just run the xmasjam2018.bat (it's right at the bottom of the folder)

Anyways happy fragging and have a awesome [insert your end of year holiday you do here] :Ohohoho:


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