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Detective Pikachu Movie Trailer


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"I'v been soo lonely :aquacry:

Well for a live adaptation of a anime this one looks not too bad but I have been burned way to many times so we will have to see when it comes out and all the hype and nostalgia passes 


6 hours ago, RyouBakura said:

I think this only contains first gen Pokemons.

Yeah if they stick to fists gen and maybe second gen i think this will turn out well but most likely they will use what ever gens are in Pokemon go and the upcoming Pokemon have on switch

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I've been showing this trailer to my friends and I'm getting 100% "WTF?" replies haha! Thankfully I know Pokémon isn't like this movie where Pika is talked by DEADPOOL of all people.Heck I would of taken the Danny meme over him anyday.. >_< And just the fact of a new Pokémon game is enough to make fans go nuts I think, and in my opinion a movie like this isn't gonna help much I think, since hype is already massive for 3D Pokémon adventure (that isn't Pokémon XD lo).

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