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Question about deactivating account and logging-in (urgent)



Hello there I want to buy a pre-owned 3.60 vita for you know playing pirated games but account of owner contains ps4 games so he want to delete his content but for it to be reality he is asked to update firmware by SONY I know it can be bypassed by henkaku but he doesn't want to download it because he is afraid of being banned so I what should I do, I found a way (Hard reset) but I don't know if it requires forced auto update before logging in to new account what should I do??? :snooty::doh::cry::pray:

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Well, if your worried about a ban from downloading HENkaku you could always put your PS Vita into Safe Mode, and then choose 4.Restore The System it'll take your system back to factory settings, and it won't force you to update all you have to do to start the vita without signing into an Account just watch the embedded video he goes through the factory sign up process, and he didn't update, or sign into an account at all by the time he reached the HomeScreen, I think it's the best option for you.


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