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mega.nz All Ps2 Fats Repair Guide


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Nice one @Gamerone :AquaThumb: I don't have to many of these user made guides most of the guides I have are the Sony ones oi2qhf5.png but this guide should help people with basic problems like dead fuses and locked dvd players and disk reading issues, all in all not to bad. The only real thing is that as this was written in 2003 ish all the info on buying parts is all out of date so when it sais go here to get one of these you going to have to source that part yourself but ebay is still a good genial option if you just want the part and you don't care abort how much it costs or how long it will take to get here.

Anyways if there is space on NGR for this stuff I can upload the Sony docs if you guys want :nepyah: hell this is sorta my job i could make tuts for fixing most of the Sony consoles but ps1 is what I have the most abort of docs for and I know the og xbox pretty well but ill have to make my own docs for that.

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@fixagel yeah what i have for the PlayStation Sony service manuals 

Soo it's a bit over kill for small issues as isnted of telling you how to tune a laser module it will either a give you the og factor values or b give you a part number to go and order another on if your a Sony rep :P but you can fix almost anything you want with it or at least narrow down what the issues it as try and work a way around it.
I'll track down what I have and post it but is sorta feel like it should go in a ebook section or something...

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