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mega.nz Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Castlevania: Dracula X) - (TurboGrafx-CD) (Full English Patch)


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On 2/9/2021 at 6:12 AM, fishman said:

Thank you for this but is there a guide im missing.  I was hoping to run it from retroarch like a normal pc engine rom but I believe its more complicated.  What should I do to make this work and with what please? thank you.

I have unzipped roms, used retroarch and chosen cue files and tried all the cores i could but none work so far.

I am having the same issue with cd based rom lords of thunder but all non cd pc engine and turbo grafx work fine.


UPDATE: all working. i needed all the system bios and place them in bios and in the folder unzipped. then it started working.

Could you help a fellow in need? I have retroarch setup on my Nintendo Switch. Where do I put the folder with the bin file? Should I create a Pc Engine CD emulator playlist or running from Turbographix 16 will do?

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I've been eager to play this game for a long time but was never able to get it in Canada. Here's hoping I can get it to work through RetroArch Plus on my phone. Wish me luck!

EDIT: So far at the moment, the file appears unplayable. What I'm trying to do is play this through Retroarch Plus on my phone. If it helps any, I'm using the latest addition of LaunchBox front end for android

I've read guides online that talk about putting the 'syscard3.pce' file in the system/bios folder in the main Retroarch folder, but there wasn't a folder like that.

All I have for folders are - 'cheats', 'config', 'playlists' and 'saves'.

I've tried putting the file in 'config' but no dice. In that folder lies the OPT files for the emulator cores so that doesn't fit. The closest I've been able to get is -

Make ROMs folder
      -make 'TurboGrafx - CD' folder in 'ROMs'
      -make 'Castlevania Rondo of Blood' folder in 'TurboGrafx' folder

      - put ISO, CUE and pce files in Castlevania
load up files as one would for Launchbox, and it recognises the file, scrapes the correct images from online and lets me change settings.
the moment I try to play, it crashes. Either I get a black screen that I can exit out from easily, or it reverts back to the launch page.

I've attempted to load it through Retroarch itself, but no dice. After choosing the core, then choosing the CUE file, Retroarch tells me there's no items to pick. I seriously don't know what's going on.

Tried making a bios folder to put a copy of the .pce file in and nothing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Technical difficulties
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Update: turns out you CAN'T make a folder and name it 'system' within Retroarch Plus for android. I was able to make a new folder and name it 'syste' but if I tried to finish the word it wouldn't work. Even making the folder on my desktop, naming it system, then copy-pasting directly into Retroarch plus folder didn't work. I was able to paste the new 'system' folder into the main directory of my phone no issue, but i was prevent from dragging and dropping the folder into the retroarch folder.

Downloaded and installed Retroarch for my PC, downloaded the Beetle PCE core, loaded up Rondo and blood and boom! It works.

Gonna try and get regular Retroarch to work on my phone. Wish me luck.

downloaded a separate emulator for PC engine and set it up with Launchbox and success!
It's playable and I'm happy :3

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