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mega.nz Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Castlevania: Dracula X) - (TurboGrafx-CD) (Full English Patch)

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Thanks a lot for this!!!


Guys, I've been trying to mount this file and still haven't figure it out... converted the .bin to .iso too and nothing, it says it's says the file format is invalid or unsupported. Any help would be appreciate it!

I'd use PowerISO, Virtual CloneDrive, MagicISO and once I mount the image, appears at a music CD (with songs in it)

Again, thanks!



I managed to play it (didn't know the trick to get the BIOS working, first time emulating PC ENGINE), THANK YOU SO MUCH

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Hey fellow castlevania fans - Would any of you be able to help me out?

I downloaded MAME UI but when I move the Dracula X folder into roms it doesn't show up on the MAME interface :(

Any insight into how you got it working would be so greatly appreciated!!

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Signed up and clicking but nothing happening.  Dead link?


Edit:  Ah, I see I had to post a comment for it to become available.  Thank you!

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Answered my own question.

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