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How to fix add-ons suddenly no longer working in SAO Hollow Realization (and maybe other games too)

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So, I haven't played the game in a while. I tried to get back into it today, but I had a surprise: I got the error "Add-ons did not load correctly. Please download it again from the PlayStation Store".  I'm using a NoNpDRM dump of the US version with all DLC downloaded from NPS.  Turns out it was because of the latest rePatch-reDux0 (the one that makes compatibility packs work). It looks like the two don't go well together. If anyone else has this problem, just disable rePatch and it should work.

That being said, having to disable rePatch because of this issue and re-enable it whenever you want to use it is inconvenient. If dots-tb sees this, addressing the issue would be highly appreciated.

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