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Blue Stinger - (USA) (CDI)


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Blue Stinger (ブルー スティンガー) is an action survival horror game released in 1999 for the Dreamcast game console developed by Climax Graphics and originally published by Sega, with publishing rights outside of Japan obtained by Activision. The game was conceived by then-Climax CEO, Shinya Nishigaki.


Sixty-five million years ago, a meteorite crashes into the Yucatán Peninsula, subsequently wiping out the dinosaurs and paving the way for humans. Now, in 2000, an island emerges where the meteorite is thought to have landed, and is granted the name "Dinosaur Island." A biotech corporation then takes up shop on the island. In 2018, Eliot Ballade, an elite member of the ESER (Emergency Sea Evacuation and Rescue) forces, is vacationing near Dinosaur Island when something falls from the sky and leaves the island sealed under a mysterious dome of energy. When a mysterious, ethereal being called Nephilim shows up to chase Ballade, he takes it upon himself to solve the enigma of Dinosaur Island.


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I have the gd-rom of this game and definitely recommend it. Another good one is Carrier which I kind of hated on in a video I made of it but I'm starting to realize I was a bit harsh on it. I think my biggest problem with Carrier is that it has a lack of weapons but maybe that was intentionally done to create suspense. Anyways we all know the king of weird horror goes to Illbleed. If you haven't downloaded Illbleed yet go get it. It's not only a great horror comedy game but it might actually be one of the best games on the Dreamcast or in my opinion at least the top 5. In my heart it's the best game on Dreamcast. I still have my gd-rom copy of it. 

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