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Uploading Rules and Prefixes out of date.


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Hi! Is it possible that the rules regarding uploads and posts can be updated as well as prefixes? I read the rules regarding posting and uploading but I did not see anything mentioning about proper tagging for mega.nz uploaded files. I used the prefix "mega" which is currently in the prefix selection box.


I was informed however that the tag mega.nz needs to be used. I have no problem with that, however it is not mentioned anywhere on the rules and uploading section and I had already uploaded/posted over 100 things.  I was also pointed to this topic :

But this is in the archives as well as a little confusing and If it is relevant still shouldn't it be on the main page?

Again I love this site and  I have no problem following the rules but some clarification/updating would be really great so other people don't accidentally do what I did. It makes more work for mods or uploaders to have to go back 100+ posts to change prefixes/tags.

 I do not want to start anything with mods or staff or anyone. I am just trying to make some suggestions about updating certain things. 



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Yeah I noticed this new tag prefix in the pc section the other day. It look like it has only been half implemented yet as in the retro section the old tag and prefix setup is still there.

And yeah prefixes kinda confuses me some times as for a while any of my google drive uploads I i prefixed with gdrive and it has a nice blue box and everything but then a admin kept going through and changing the prefix to just google drive soo yeah IDK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I have been off for some time so I was unaware of the prefix list, however in the mean time dont worry about it.  If it has been just implemented it will be fixed.

The feedback, doubts, clarifications, opinions  and anything that can help improve the forum are always welcome.

@Djdragon44  @Super X  @Lord Valarion  @ckv1212  @Yukiko  @RyouBakura

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