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Port Pc games



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Well it's more complicated then that, I mean emulating is one thing, and we still don't have that down all the way, but porting is another thing entirely on a different level most scene devs won't even touch those waters not just because it's insanely difficult to get their feet into, but also hugely impractical it's not worth the trouble in the end, especially seeing how we don't even have a proper SDK not to mention there are company's who've porting PC games to the PS Vita before using the right SDK, and still after optimizing it the best they could have FPS issues regularly Example. Bordelands 2

Bottom Line as much as we would love to see this happen it won't.

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SDK like playstation mobile on 3.18? why do you need a sdk?xD The ps4 exploit that runs linux, isnt that possible in ps vita?or android?

Again, it's more complicated than that. The Vita uses an ARM-base CPU, which is used on most phones, while a PS4 uses an x86-64 CPU. While there are Linux-based OSs that can run on either/both architectures (e.g, Android for ARM and Ubuntu for x86-64), applications (and therefore, games), can't be run interchangeably between them, without first having been given support by a developer.

Another possibility would be to use emulation, but considering how relatively low-powered the Vita CPU is, the best you would be able to emulate would either be basic programs, or much older software (and even then you would still have problems being able to emulate the proper hardware to be able to run 3D programs[e.g, games]).

Add to the fact that we're not even sure if we can install a whole new OS to the Vita (although technically someone could possibly make a native x86/-64 emulator/virtual machine homebrew app).

As for the SDK, I have limited knowledge in this area, but AFAIK it would be useful in this case because an SDK (which means Software Development Kit) like this would include a set of libraries and tools that can make the process of porting stuff to the Vita a heck of a lot easier. If you really wanted to, (again, AFAIK) you could just rewrite the whole app even without the SDK and make it work with the Vita, but that'll obviously take longer and take more work than just having a proper SDK.

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