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mega.nz Delisoba Deluxe [NTSC-J TNW]

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Delisoba Deluxe (Rhea/Phoebe Compatible)

デリソバ デラックス



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Archive Size: 93.8MB

MD5: 26A307F71B2BDE26F8C0C3B27CF6B846

Disc Format: CDI

Game ID: 610-6803

Password: [email protected]

Tested On: Sega Saturn Model 1 - Switchless Region Mod - Rhea ODE


When entering the password -  type it in - as when you copy and paste you sometimes copy the space at the beginning and of course that won't work!


All credit for the upload should go to user "zhbl19820929" from PPXClub as they originally uploaded the file to the baidu file host.

All I've done is get the file from there then convert it into a Rhea/Phoebe compatible format and test it on my Saturn.
Once tested I uploaded it to mega.nz so that any people who have difficulties in downloading from baidu can get it from mega instead.

Enjoy :D

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Thanks to you i can play it at last........Never going to open my sealed copy!

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