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Looking for Mega Man X6 (USA) (1.1)


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I had found a hack for this game that I really want to run, but it only works with the USA 1.1 release and it's highly-recommended to get the "redump" version. My searching led here, but while I see it on the catalog, I'm not finding it here for download and I was hoping somebody could help me figure this out.

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Yeah I just realized that searching "mega" on NGR doesn't really work as most people here upload to mega.nz and the search box is turning up that instead of mega man >__<
Ill have a look around and see if I can turn up something but more than likely @Lord Valarion will have you covered as they seem to post most of the ps1 roms here.


Edit: Ok it looks like we have it but i cant see it O.o?


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