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I'm new to all this, and very bad at everything. Regardless, I'm excited to be here and to (hopefully) contribute in some way in the near future. I've been interested in games and art for as long as I can remember, and I dream of becoming a game designer in the future!

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    • By Okonomiyaki-Chan
      Hey everyone! I'm Okonomiyaki-Chan, Oko/Okonomi/whatever-you-want for short. I'm from Ohio, the land of corn, corn, and more corn. I've been a gamer since before I was in elementary school and am currently pursuing a major in Asian Studies focusing on Japanese language and culture so that I can work on localization and translation. I'm also a terrible artist who is trying to get better (I promise!).
      I hope that as I develop my language skills I can become a bit more useful to the community and start working on translation projects that I've been interested in.
      I hope we get along!
    • By Titchlet
      Hey there awesome people of NGR! I'm Titchlet, Titchy or just plain Clara and I'm from London, England. I've been gaming since I can remember and only recently seriously got into modding my stuff before that it was just a passing hobby. 
      I can't wait to learn from y'all and hopefully help out in return and just get involved in general. Hope I don't drive anyone crazy here in my new home lol
      Thanks for having me 
    • By Luziano
      Hey folks, my apologies for not making an introduction, how rude of me,  my name is LuzianoZOMBI3, or just Luziano, my real name is Luis, I am an average gamer and a doujin CD collector (only got some), I started playing video games since I was 3-4 years old during the N64 and PS1 days, and it was a fun and awesome experience,I also like doujin music and I am a Hentai/Eroge lover, call me a weeb and a pervert but it's true, I hope I can be friends with y'all and hopefully I can get to know you.
    • By The Admiral
      Hello there everybody!
      I'm new here. I saw this forum from my friend Zetsubou and I thought about making an account.
      As for me I like to play some fighting games, Horror games, Resident Evil series and Battlefield games. To be sure anything is fine as long as it's fun.
      I also used to watch some Anime but kinda abandoned that due to lack of some good titles or just lack of effort to search something up.
      I like some good horror movies with nice plot too or any movie that isn't as bad as Paranormal Activity or Fast and Furious.
      Well... I hope I'll get along with all of you ladies and gents.
    • By GosuSan
      Hello everyone!
      I am Gosu, 26 years old, residing in Germany. I am here to enjoy Homebrew and to inform myself and others about what is going on in the Vita-Scene.
      (My PCH-1004 is my one and only Handheld besides my PSP that is just lying around.)
      I also like writing Tutorials, assembling Lists etc, so I might do something along those lines as soon as I really "arrived" here in the Forums.
      When it comes to Tutorials, I always try to only write about things I really understand and am comfortable in what I do.
      Well, that's pretty much it,
      I wish you all a happy Easter!
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