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Coded Arms [ULES-00124]


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Coded Arms

Tested and working: PSP-3002 Running 6.61 PRO-C∞ CFW using the M33 UMD ISO mode driver






Format: ISO (184 MB)

This is the hidden content, please
(95 MB)


This is one of the few shooters I actually like on the psp and it really sucks it's not on any other platform as it could really benefit for a second thumb stuck but its still really good without that

Edited by MobCat
Re-uploaded to mega.nz
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Yeah for now that seem solid provided you don't try and upload like 10 things a once / in one day
And the only thing thay say abort link life span is that Files are keept for "As long as possible" what ever that means.

The "all my uploads will be dead in the future" is kinda the risk of any anonymous upload site but i have been doing some reshirch into alts from Grive and MEGA as there ok but ecpley for google have a shit upload and download funchtion and im out of space on both of thoes accounts and i'm to lazy to have multeble accounts 
I was temped if i had the HDD space and upload speed / just rented a server in a data center to just make and host my own download sight for NGR but im getting ahead of me self and will just stick with looking more into anonymous upload site

But i guess the TLDR would be that nofile.io and drop.me seems ok for free alts and doraupload as a paid alt but im not 100% on that last one as i think downloads for free users are still kinda shit
Well if theirs a spot on NGR to post my findings let me know

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On 8/25/2018 at 4:30 AM, Lord Valarion said:

Cool with me.

MODS: Do not move any of Mobcat's other dead PSP threads to the dead links section, testing and reupload is in progress

Ok so my testing of NoFile.io is over now if any of my links go dead let me know abort it and i'll re-upload ASAP.

My conclusion of NoFile.io is that is a nice and clean web sight that providing you don't hammer there upload servers files seems to stick but if there not pdf or doc then they tend to go missing after a few weeks. so over all a nice web sight for sending people stuff but no so much for uploading ROMS to a forum and then having people download them for a year from now.

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Update on the above:
I over the years have had many many ways to upload and have had tried many things and platforms to upload too. And sadly will probably keep doing that till the heat death of the universe.
Right now I'm sorta in-between uploading things to anonfiles
Or writing a bot for mega.nz
anonfiles is super easy to upload to and files seems to have an ok lifespan.
mega.nz is trusted by the community however everything else is a dumpster fire... Hence the bot...
But I don't really have the internet speed and stability to do either of them right now. So I'll upload what I can when I can...

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