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MotoGP [UCES-00373]


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3 minutes ago, Spookycam3 👻 said:

@MobCat I heard this game runs faster in the Japanese version then the EU/us version. is this true?

Mmmm I wouldn't know yon4hra.png well this is just the EU version [UCES-00373] the US version is [ULUS-10153] there is not EU/US version
There appears to be 2 versions of the Japanese copy [UCAS-40104] (being more broad asia) and the just Japanese version [ULJS-00078]
Do you know more details abort this or have a link to something i'd be more then happy to download the other versions and cross references this for you :Ohohoho:
A both pro and con thing with the psp is running the iso of the memory card is like 20% faster then running the game of the disk so it may even out the game running slower in some cases but I can still have a look.

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