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mega.nz Openbor Collection 1 (Variety)

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Your hyper link has a "Please login or register to see this link. " prefix to it just to let you know....

Ok... Damn... This is a mess, ok i'll do my best to explain whats going on here for the rest of us.
So as @Gamerone stated Beats of Rage is an open-source 2D customizable video game engine in the style of streets of rage hence the name.
What is posted hear is OpenBOR it's self and a large amount of the modded games for the engine as pak files.
To use the pak files first download the "0 OpenBOR.rar" file and extract it with WinRAR.
Now download what ever custom pak files you want to play from the MEGA folder, i chose "batman gotham knights.pak" and "Bruce Lee - Revenge of the Dragon.pak" for testing. 
With the pak files downloaded you will want to place them in the 0 OpenBOR\Paks folder then go back to the main folder and run the OpenBOR.exe
You should be grated with a nice little menu of the games you have installed

Now you can use the aarow keys to scroll throw and pick the game you want to play and then press numpad enter to start your select game 

When you get to the start screen press numpad enter as that seems to be the default start button also esc is your default back button.
Now you should be at the games main menu where you can start a new game or go to the options screen and enable gamepad support or change the default keyboard keys


Beside's all working on Pc, These games may or not work on other consoles, and handhelds. Will be need to be converted to work on Dreamcast. I have tried all of
them. Many do work on  Xbox!

This seems to be in regards of that this is a open source engine and the pak files should work with other builds of the engine like the original xbox and the dream cast however, the pc port of the engine was the only one that was posted so it was the only one i could test the pak files with 

Ok i hope that cleared up a few thing for evereone else and if you want help cleaning up your post @Gamerone let me know... like dude theirs a Photoshop CS5.0 crack in here and kami knows what else :P

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9 hours ago, Gamerone said:

Thanks, for helping me @MobCatif you like to clean this up for me I would be thankful.  Well the day I uploaded this, I was on my phone. Been busy lately, that's why I didn't get into much detail.:romance-grouphug:

Well its what i'm here for "Test, sort and upload ALL THE THINGS ^__^/" but yeah i'll consider going through this and reuploading it at some point if thats cool but i kinda have abort 50 GB of othere stuff i need to go throug and upload soo yeah wont be for some time

Also if I did "clean this up" it would more of be a rebuild. So taking all the good paks out of this so finding the paks that are not just simple character swaps and finding all the other files you need to get them all working on all the other consoles OpenBOR is meant to run on

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