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[PS1] Unpatched ver of Dino Crisis


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Kinda a wired request but im looking for a clean unpatched copy of Dino Crisis for the original playstation to test the libcrypt anti-mod thingy
If you have a shit mod chip then the game will boot and display a few componly logos and then befoul it gets to the main menu display this error

Using spyro hear as a demo as i couldn't quickly find a decent quilty demo of what Dino Crisis dose but its more or less the same

From what little info i can find abort libcrypt and Dino Crisis  still floting around on the net this game is ment to be the definitive test for libcrypt. There are there are 3 versions of Dino Crisis, PAL NTSC-U and NTSC-J and libcrypt is ment to show up more for USA and Japanese games but not PAL games so one of those would be nice but so far every copy of Dino Crisis i have found on the net so far works fine when its not meant to and idk if thats the mod  chip or the copys of the game and im kinda running out of CD-Rs so really want to burn something thats granted not to work :P

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