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Question about the 3DS anti-piracy measures


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So, apparently, Nintendo brought the Switch's anti-piracy measures to the 3DS. But I don't really understand how it works, so I'm just going to describe my current situation.

I have 9.2 sysnand and 11.6 frankenfirmware emunand on my 3DS. I'm using a Gateway 3DS card to play .3ds and .3dz games (yeah, I know, they're outdated methods, but I just never got around to upgrading to Luma and I don't feel like doing it). The .3dz files have private headers injected. I use freemultipatcher for online play. I have a few .cia games installed, which I also play online with freemultipatcher. Can I get banned with the newly-implemented measures?

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the new changes on their side mainly locks down their CDN network, which kills 3rd party apps like freeshop, villian3ds, ciangel and everything else that you could have used to dl titles from ninty. previously downloaded cia's can still be used online with no issues, it seems like their isn't a full anti-piracy check like the switch, they are just implementing better security on their cdn network. Of course they are still a few titles that check for valid dlc/updates etc but I haven't heard of anyone being banned for said titles, you can still download the cia's the old fashion way and install them via fbi and continue to play online NP :)

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