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Rate the last movie you watched


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Had to delay this thread since I got forced by my wife to watch some truly terrible movies, one of which had 50 shades in the title and was an hour and a half I will never get back.


Fortunately I found time to watch a movie of my choice so I will rate Escape Plan 2

Going to be generous and give it a 7/10.

I liked the first one and as usual, the sequel is just not quite so good.

The plot is more of the same but there is a nice pace to the movie with some good action scenes.Stallone is, well, Stallone. Basically it is exactly what it says on the tin. You don't watch a Sylvester Stallone movie for superior plots and acting. Where it falls short is pretty much  with the plot. They tried to be a little clever and introduce plot twists etc and failed. The movie was still very predictable but not a bad effort. If they do a third one (and since Stallone seems to love doing sequel after sequel I suspect they will) then I hope they keep the formula but go back to the more simplified plot the first movie had or else get actors with enough acting skill to carry it off. 

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Antiporno by Sion Sono

Il give it 6/10.

I have see some of this director Suicide Club, Nokiro's Dinner Tablet, Love Exposure, which I truly enjoy and was thrilled by it, specially Noriko's and Love Exposure (saw the 4hr film, I read there is one version that last 6hrs and im tempted to watch it), however this one was a bit surreal and kind of psychological which make not so much sense to me so pretty much fast foward several of it... I dont belive is bad just probably not into the mood to watch that kind of movie, ergo the rating of six out of ten. I would recommend it ? no really, but if you want something diferent or more into psychological movies then sure go ahead.

Not sure how to explain the plot of the movie without giving away THE spoiler xD 

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Avengers infinity war


This may seem like a controversial decision. But this outing just seemed way to average for the hype it elicited to the buildup for this film. The cast was present and accounted for. The fight scenes were fine if not a little boring. Robert Downey seemed so lifeless in his role this time around. All of his lines had the enthusiasm of drunk depressed hobo. Speaking of hobos Cap hardly had enough screen time and his fight scenes were boring. The only thing that actually made this movie good was the slight cameo from the guardians of the galaxy. Chris Pratt nailed it as Quill as usual. Thanos on the other hand wasnt a very good villain. Ultron had a sense of humor and was Tony starks Achilles heel. Loki was convincing. Honestly Josh Brolin should have stayed as cable. Honestly the movie was inoffensive and besides not following the comic to no one's surprise it isnt terrible. It isnt good either.

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