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[Nintendo][RPG] Fantasy Life Online (Japanese only)


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Another Nintendo mobile RPG that will no doubt be topping the charts of Japan this week, and probably inevitably (although not confirmed) be translated into English and other languages.

The only way to play it now will be to use a program like

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, since it is not on any other store but the Japan store.

QooApp Download link:

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However if you are on a Japanese OS on one of your devices, you can download it from that store of course...

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This is the hidden content, please

Fantasy Life Online is a life sim, originally on the 3DS, is a game with 12 different classes (6 combat and 6 crafting) that you take the role on. Some are combat, like a paladin or wizard, and some are crafting classes like a cook or lumberjack.

I never tried the 3DS version because I never had anyone to play without and it looked boring to solo. I'm not sure how related the mobile game is to the 3DS one, but the style and playstyle looks identical at a glance,



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Bringing this game to mobile is a great idea, it fits the casual base well. I played this game solo on the 3DS and had a huge blast. The game was cute and lovable, and I was pretty much addicted to it at one point. But the couple of times I tried online play were even more exciting.

I'm not that interested in the mobile market, but I hope this game does good in the hope that this will encourage Nintendo and/or Level-5 to make a 3DS sequel.


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