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Persona 5 Dancing Star Night (JP) - Free DLCs + Voice Remix


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I've submitted these to NPS already but I figure I might as well post here so people get them quicker. This includes all the currently available free DLCs, saving you the hassle of dealing with account switching shenanigans, but I also bought the Voice remix playable song since I had some leftover money. No P3D versions of these at the moment, since I don't have P3D yet, but I'll be getting those as soon as I get the game.

They're all in this pastebin:

This is the hidden content, please

In case they're needed, these are the licenses:

This is the hidden content, please

Drop them in ux0:/license/addcont if you're having issues. This is my first time dealing with NoNPDRM DLC so bear with me.


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