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I am coming to you guys and gals after trying everything my untalented brain can think of. So here's the deal- my goal was to take my fat vita from enso 3.60 to 3.65. I had luck with going to 3.65 so I started the the sd2vita process. Somewhere in there I managed to do all the things theFlow said not to do. Did I forget to make a backup of vitashell and molecular shell? yes. Did I format my sony memory card? you bet. That has lead me down the path to PSVIMGTOOLs and QMCA. I have installed both.
QCMA runs well. I have entered my username and AID (the numbers from the folder created under PS VITA), and it registers me (though it will not auto-register me). I have "installed" vitashell using the easy installer to that vita. I then go to the vita content manager > copy content > applications > ps vita > and vitashell is there! NOW HERE IS THE PROBLEM. When I go to install vitashell it tells me "could not copy some content items". Then it says "You can only copy applications that your account is the owner of". Why is this happening? Is it an issue with the AID?
- Fat Vita
- 32GB Sony MC
- Enso 3.65 installed, confirmed in settings.
*Disclaimer- I know this situation is EXACTLY what all the guides warn you NOT to do...this is an SOS to you all hoping for an olive branch :)
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Nevermind, I figured it out! I was using a windows version of PSVIMGTOOLS  through Wine on Linux. Something just didn't work quite right but using the Linux version worked great. Also had to make sure I was logged into PSN to make a successful transfer. I got vitashell back!

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