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Hi All! (Free Toy Inside!)

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...You know, like the old-school cereal boxes?!

What's up, everybody? :D

New to the Vita (Bought my vita when Henkaku came out) and loving it so far.

Not much to say about me so I thought I'd do something useful with this thread and offer the link to a sound clip I cut myself that i use for when a download completes on my PC. Some of you may get a kick out of it... ;)8-):mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Here you go!

This is the hidden content, please

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Yours may be dusty, but mine was bought used in only 90% good condition. Few minor scuffs on screen (can only be seen when screen is off) and minor/medium scratches on the back. It's killing my OCD (I keep all my gear MINT) but I was honestly looking for a PSP Go as an upgrade from my Phat PSP for CFW and came across this Vita with 8GB card for less that the average price of a PSP Go! I searched online to see if the Vita was hackable and found Henkaku had just released a few days before! Talk about timing!!

I did buy Tearaway and God of War Collection carts cheap on ebay as well. May pick up a few more. Not going to claim I don't abuse the use of backups a lot but I always buy what I play more than just as a passing interest.

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