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Ok im gonna ask a stupid question here. Ive checked around and am hoping against hope here. I have a 5.50 ps4 and its the old model im just an idiot who didnt think theyd exploit it that quick. But here goes is there at all any way to downgrade? I dont have the money for another HDD or PS4. If not does anyone know a way i can keep an eye on the one who does the testing for this? Cause if I cant which is likely id like to keep an eye out for an exploit for 5.50 cause I really want the freeshop if it exists. Or a way to get some games. Thanks and please dont belittle me for asking something dumb.

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In short: no. As of now at least. And any site that says otherwise and promises some "programs" or "hacking methods" to downgrade your console is run by castrated weasels.

As for keeping an eye out for exploits, that's kind of hard. Hackers rarely like to post their progress, because then they'd have to deal with annoying idiots pestering them to hurry, asking to post more updates, and all other sorts of nagging. (thanks, Twitter's gaming community)

I'd say your best bet is to simply wait. If you can deal with not playing online on your PS4 that is. I don't really know much about the PS4 scene, but seeing how fast it's moving since January, there's hope.


2 hours ago, Axeo30 said:

Thanks and please dont belittle me for asking something dumb.

You're confusing us with other gaming communities that shall not be named.

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A hacker has post a while ago that he found an kexploit for 5.55, so there is hope for you, but until and if it get release your best bet would be to either wait and never udpate or find a console with firmware 5.05 or lower.

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