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[5.05] Dumping Games, updates, DLCs, Themes and creating pkg files

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Hi TheRadziu,in orbis modding gives me a param.sfo error,can't continue.But,i have an idea,i changed now the param.sfo from release Street.Fighter.V.PS4-DUPLEX to the SFV arcade edition and it seems the program its making the package. Cannot install now but in a few moments i tell you something if cannot install or if yes.

No,i don't know why,cannot dump the entire patch folder,it's an empty folder,and the program say to me Goodbye.I dumped 6 games and only i have an error with this.Maybe it's because the SFV  patch-update it's like a "dlc patch" and not normal patch?,you understand me?,thank you.



Edit: I forgot to say,game its 2.70 mandatory,and 5.05 2.02 update.

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@johnny2k4 I asked for exact error it gives you. I can't think of a fix without it. full log will do.  I have a small suspicion why build fails, but I need logs to confirm it.

This param is from merged app+patch attempt, right? Because it says its version 2.02. 
Did you try to build basegame dump out of CUSAXXXXX-app without patch merged in? (split=3) 

Right now I have no idea why patch dump fails for you, but once we figure out basegame pkg build we'll move to this issue as well.

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4 hours ago, SoraforHorizon said:

According to a quick google search you have to reach a certain point in-game to acquire the items, have you done so? Also are you installing them to HZD standard edition or complete edition? I would imagine they don't work with the complete edition as they are probably included.

Yeah, I know, Ive done that so many times Im starting to feel like my Horizon Zero Dawn speedrunning career might start any time now. Thanks for replying though, I think I posted that elsewhere (my posts are scattered around reddit, psxhax and this thread here, what a mess), also, it's the standard edition from day1. (Edit: Its actually the limited edition with steelcase but what I meant is that its not the Complete Edition)


4 hours ago, TheRadziu said:

No clue. The only thing I can think of is invalid contentid(s). Did you use the ones from PlayStation Store or from your PSDLE export? Are they the same in both cases?

I used the contentids from PSDLE since these DLCs dont show up on the PS store anymore (they redirect to HZD Complete Edition page instead). TheRadziu, you can PM me here since psxhax doesnt have a PM system afaik.


BTW, I just realized I've got another DLC unlock I can try which is the lifesword from Shadow of the Colossus, lets see if I can make that one work.

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This is the log:

[Debug]    2018-06-02 19:35:19 Create image Process started.
[Error]    Format of the param file is not valid. (sce_sys/param.sfo, unexpected Subcategory(Remaster))
[Debug]    nptitle.dat: NP Title file.
[Error]    2018-06-02 19:35:19 Create image Process finished with error(s).

And if we try to edit the param.sfo to fix this,it says:

[Error]    param.sfo: Param TARGET_APP_VER: Invalid param.

This param is from merged app+patch attempt, right? Because it says its version 2.02. 

Did you try to build basegame dump out of CUSAXXXXX-app without patch merged in? (split=3) 

No no,this is the  param.sfo base version,not merged.

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@johnny2k4 it's most likely because it uses category that wasn't present in 4.50 SDK from which publishing tools you're using. Hopefully, cfwprophet can also mod 5.00 publishing tools with his offline hack like he did with 4.50 tools. Right now i'm also trying to recreate his offline hack but I doubt I'll be able to do so. 

Idk if vortex can support remaster games fully. Maybe they don't even use patch directories, just app?  You'd need to ask him about that. 

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@TheRadziu In orbis you can untick remaster game without problems.I think the problem with param.sfo is for the versions,i think.But really i don't know really.Yes,hope cfwprophet update their tools.
I open an issue on github/xvortex dumper/ ,with this game.

Finally!,doing the param.sfo change (SFV normal for the SFV Arcade Edition it works like a charm),pkg installed,and with the merge updated included!!!,i think,there is a game+update inside in the same folder maybe???,it's everything,sooooo mysterious...hahaha.

But,thank you very much for your great help.Hugs.


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@johnny2k4 use ftp payload/exploit & check if sandboxed game have patch directory or not, that should determine if game uses external patch or not. 

btw I gave up on making offline hack myself, just sent 5.00 tools to cfwprophet, hope he will make it himself, and until then I just blocked tools from any connections, does the same as offline hack.

And remind me, what exactly did you edit in param.sfo? 

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How can i see this?,in mnt/sandbox/ you want to say?,i don't understand,in user/app/?


In param.sfo i didn't change anything,i get the param.sfo from the game SFV (Not the arcade edition) and then rebuild the fakegame using this old param.sfo,and it seems its working ok.But,it seems the update 2.02 it's merged,i can see blanka character when selecting heros,but,it's so strange this. Game info show me 1.00. But in game is 2.03.

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It should do the job but it also might not work because of unknown reasons, but certainly NOT because you dont have this dlc unlock on your PSN account. Read my notes about DLCs that I added at the end of the tutorial
Only way to know is to check it  yourself ^^ 

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On 6/5/2018 at 2:09 PM, SneakyDelphox said:

Trying to rebuild the 1.32 patch for Uncharted 4 but i'm kind of stuck.

[Error]    Format of the elf file is not valid. (sce_module/libc.prx, already converted from elf file to self file)

Hey, seems like you used Fake PKG Generator v3.12
We kinda broke Fake SELF patch in that version and I'll release fixed version in an hour or so, just need to do some tests first.  Look for update on my twitter account.

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As I've started backing up all my purchases (I don't trust PSN to stay alive forever), I've tried to create a fpkg of a dlc (without content) and orbis-pub-cmd.exe in the newest 'hot fix' version crashes, where in the previous v3.12 release it didn't. To create the fpkg I'm using the "ez_fake_dlc.py" script.

python ./ez_fake_dlc.py "EP0082-CUSA01615_00-BLAZEEDGE0000001" "Weapon: Blazefire Saber (FFXIII)"
Creating an image...
0        20        40        60        80       100
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./ez_fake_dlc.py", line 87, in <module>
    subprocess.check_call(['orbis-pub-cmd.exe', 'img_create', '%s\\fake_dlc_temp\\fake_dlc_project.gp4' % current_dir, '%s\\fake_dlc_pkg\%s-A0000-V0100.pkg' % (current_dir, contentid)])
  File "C:\Users\spArc\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\subprocess.py", line 291, in check_call
    raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['orbis-pub-cmd.exe', 'img_create', 'E:\\PS4DUMP\\DUMPER\\Fake_PKG_Generator\\fake_dlc_temp\\fake_dlc_project.gp4', 'E:\\PS4DUMP\\DUMPER\\Fake_PKG_Generator\\fake_dlc_pkg\\EP0082-CUSA01615_00-BLAZEEDGE0000001-A0000-V0100.pkg']' returned non-zero exit status 3221225477.

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I have backuped up all the original PKG files and have the licenses on the console. Is there some way to extract a working passcode from the RIF files so that those original DLC PKGs can be decrypted/unpacked and repacked ?

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I don't understand some things in DLC Dumping (with Extra Data):

9. Double click on Image0, when it opens drop contents of your DLC directory inside (sce_sys directory + anything else (files or directories) it has)

What the "contents " you mean. I don't see any content - just empty space and possibility to create folder. That's ALL !


Why in game/patch section need to make step 8. Run genpg4.exe (its in gengp4 directory from ps4 dumper archive), now using this tool open CUSAXXXXX directory from your USB

But in DLC section - this step not exist.


p.s. Sorry for English

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1. you need to drag and drop everything from your DLC folder. On this step you're (re)creating fpkg file.

2. Game/Patch uses genpg4 because thanks to that you can skip most of the steps of creating fpkg, allowing you to simply open the project file it made and build fpkg. DLC dumping/faking does not use it and forces you to make fpkg by hand just because it doesnt support DLC structure. It simply crashes/errors out if you try to load DLC directory in gengp4. I did post an issue on dumper repository and it's developer is aware of this, but right now there are no updates from him. 

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