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(Request) 2013: Infected Wars (PCSE00634) VPK 2.0


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I Tested this Game looking for what Codes I could. After completing the 1st Stage, and Loading up the 2nd, the Game Crashed. This is due to either Dynamic Addresses, or needing to Disable the Codes prior to the next Level being Loaded.

Codes so far found are:


# PCSE00634 

_V0 9999 Money
$0200 8AEC1634 0000270F

_V0 999 M4 Ammo
$0000 83CD2D74 000003E7

_V0 45 M4 Clip Ammo
$0000 83CD2D70 0000002D

_V0 99 Grenade Launch Ammo
$0000 83FE5A24 00000063

_V0 9Rnd GrendLnch Clip
$0000 83FE5A20 00000009

_V0 100 Armor
$0000 8A0D7810 00000064


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4 hours ago, Glide400 said:

I tried these codes recently and i can not get them to work. Any clue as to what i am doing wrong? I do have the same version as you.

Addresses are Dynamic. However, Speedfly found the $B200 Codes, which can be used regardless of Region.

Here is the Free Money Code



# PCSD00082 死亡国度 NND 1.01
_V0 开枪后金币7777777//Coin 7777777 after Shot
$B200 00000000 00000000
$A200 00A3AE40 0AC0EEBD
$A200 00A3AE44 51F1F64A
$A200 00A3AE48 0176F2C0
$A100 00A3AE4C 00006041
$A100 00A3AE4E 00004770
$A200 0004FF6E DF67F1EA


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