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Requesting cheats of omega labyrinth z PCSH10044


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I don't have either of the games you requested, and this is towards both. Money is usually the easiest thing to find in any game. Simply search for the value you have, spend some/gain some, search for the new value and repeat. It shouldn't take more than 60 seconds usually. It would be much faster to do that than wait for someone to make a cheat that might not even work due to dynamic pointers.

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I'm pretty sure there are a bunch hanging around already, but I'll do a quick one.

1. Open the cheat menu with L + Right

2. Go to "Go Search"

3. Change the  second Range to something like 0x8C000000, that usually works for me.

4. Under value, put the amount of money you currently have. For example "1000"

5. Press "First Search"

6. After it finishes the search, go change your money somehow. Get more, buy an item etc. Lets say you have "900" now.

7. Put 900 in the value and press "Search Again"

8. Repeat steps 6-7 until the results stop going any lower.

9. Press "Triangle" on the search screen to bring up the results, press "Start" on each line.

10. Go back to the first screen and select "Cheat List"

11. Select each line of code and change it to what you want. Say the code ends in 900 because that's how much money you had. Change the 900 to 1000000.


That's about it really. Hopefully this helps.


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